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Revenge of the Shinobi Cheats

Revenge of the Shinobi

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Open the "Stage Practice" Mode on the main Screen, where you can practice any 
level that doesn't have a boss. Hold down the A, B and C buttons, and press 
START at the Opening Screen.

30,000 Bonus Points:
If you want to earn 30,000 bonus points, make sure you end a level with eleven 
times more shurikens than the number of lives you have left.

Extra Lives:
One the second stage of level four,fire at the base of the first conveyer belt.
A special Musashi symbol will appear. Hop onto the conveyor belt and let it carry
you to the end. You lose a life but you gain 2.Keep doing this until you have as
many lives as you want/need.

Infinite Shurikins:
Go to the Options Screen, move the pointer up to Shurikins and set them to 00, 
wait about 30 seconds (without moving the pointer). You will here a sound and 
the ''00'' should change to an infinite symbol. Start the game and you will 
have unlimited Shurikins.

Mystic Shield:
When you have the Weapons Upgrade item, walk and you'll notice the shinobi holding 
a light on his wrist. This light is the Mystic Shield. It will protect you against
small projectiles like ninja stars and bullets, but not against bigger ones like 
the grenades the soldiers throw. Note: The shield is only activated when you walk.
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