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Resident Evil Cold Blood Cheats

Resident Evil - Cold Blood

Cheats, Installation Instructions, How to play, Survival Tips:
Submitted by: Crimson_Lilly

Hello there RE fans! I wrote this now since I have finished playing the game all by myself 
without using any cheats. The game is very hard at certain points and I had died plenty of 
times. Now I discoverd the cheats and I decided to share them with you. I hope this is useful.

Resident Evil: Cold Blood is a game made by fans for fans! It is extremely well done and really 
captures the attnetion of the fans! The game is set in the Resident Evil universe where you must 
survive against mutants and zombies no matter the cost! Just like in classic Resident Evil games 
you will encounter many zombies and mutants that are there to make your life miserable. You will 
solve puzzles that sometimes make you cry of desperation. Playes will fight with Nemesis, Mr. T, 
Tyrant and many more enemies from the RE series.
The game can be played with just one player (hardcore fans will cry of joy) and it can be played 
with friends in cooperative mode via Internet or LAN network.

Installation instructions:
First of all you need a working copy of Half Life1 or Counter-Strike 1.6 both Steam and Non-Steam 
versions work. You first need to install HL or CS and then download Resident Evil:Cold Blood beta2 
and install it in the main directory of HL or CS. If you dont have Steam you will be informed that 
you dont have it and you will be asked if you want to continue installation. Click on "yes" and 
install the game. Example "D:\games\cs16". The RECB installation program will create a folder 
named "recbb2". Windows 7 and Vista users should find and install the patch for Win7 and Vista 
(google it). Or they can try the compatibility mode set to win98. If you have done everything 
as said above the next thing to do is to find "hl.exe" and create a shortcut of it on your desktop. 
Right click it and choose "Properties" and in the field called "target" add this line "-game recbb2" 
without the quotes. Click apply and start the game. When starting a new game it is important to 
know how you want to play because RECB can be played both single player and in multy player.

How to play:
Click on 'start game' and a new menu will open. It has 2 tabs. In 'server' tab you are choosing 
what type of maps you want to play. Maps that start with 'crimson_...' are player vs player type. 
Here you play as either a zombie that hunts brains or as a survivor. The 'recb_...' type of maps 
is different. They are connected with a story and can be played just by 1 player or by many 
players that have to complete certain tasks in order to finish the map. Its just like the original 
Resident Evil with puzzles and action. The second tab is called 'game' here you can choose different 
options that apply in game. Choose what you like here but if you are playing alone I recommend you 
to turn on "allow players to do..." and turn off "disable standing on monsters..." both are crucial 
if you play alone!!!
In order to play with friends you need an Internet connection or you can make a LAN party.

 When game lods you will be brought to the "character selection screen". Read wisely the statistics 
for all characters and choose the one that fits you best. I recommend you to choose one that has 
flashlight since there are a lot of dark areas and no one wants to get stuck between monsters that 
are unseen. Once you select a character you will start the game. Press the "`" key just below the 
"escape" key. Pressing it will display the game console. In that console you can type many useful 
commands. First of all you need to type "sv_cheats 1" and "developer 1" without the quotes and 
press Enter key! Then type "restart" and again press Enter key. Then the game will restart and 
now you should choose a character. Again I remind you to choose one that has flashlight!
If you need guns type one of the following commands in the console:

give weapon_9mmar
give weapon_9mmhandgun
give weapon_357
give weapon_baseballbat
give weapon_beretta
give weapon_cleaver
give weapon_eagle2
give weapon_flashlight
give weapon_glock18
give weapon_glock23
give weapon_hammer
give weapon_handgun2
give weapon_knife
give weapon_m4a1
give weapon_M24
give weapon_M79
give weapon_maglite
give weapon_mk22
give weapon_pipe
give weapon_ragingbull
give weapon_rpg
give weapon_shotgun
give weapon_spade
give weapon_sparkshot
give weapon_spas12
give weapon_type68

(can be knife, bat, pipe etc.), 1 pistol(revolver, glock18, desert eagle etc), 1 shotgun
(spas12 or pump shotgun) or automated gun(MP5, M4A1) and 1 grenade launcher or sniper. 
Most of the weapons have ironsights for more accurate aiming and others have optical crosshairs.

LIST IS NOT FULL! If you are low on health items or other items type one of the following codes:
give item_greenherb
give item_redherb
give item_blueherb
give item_firstaidspray
give item_radio
* Unfortunately I couldnt find the cheats for doorkeys or other special items that are 
needed in order to proceed.

Sometimes there are unreachable areas and you need a second person to help you. If you are 
playing alone then type this cheat in the console "sv_gravity 80"
This will make you fly and go to places otherwise you have no other way to go! A perfect 
exampple of this is in "recb_desperation" level where there is a room with a button higher 
than normal and you can not proceed without pressing it. If you want to stop flying type 
this in the console "sv_gravity 800" This will make everything go back to normal.


Survival Tips:
Configure your keys so you can reach them fast especially the health item keys and ironsight keys.
Aim for the head or legs since some of the weapons can blow them up and. Such weapons are the 
revolver, desert eagle, mk22 or the shotguns.
Keep in distance of monsters and zombies.
Use health items wisely!
If you are stuck somewhere you can backtrack and search for newly opened areas or level changes.
Read CAREFULLY what is written on your screen. Sometimes you pick up keys that have tag names 
for a certain door or other items that need to be used on specific location.
Use the flashlight! It is very useful and you can hit monsters with it.
Enemies cant harm you if you are up on a ladder BUT you can hit them with melee weapons to 
preserve ammo.
If you have unchecked the "disable standing on monsters..." option you can stand on enemies heads. 
Very useful if you manage to do it because enemies cant do damage to you but you can still hit 
them with melee weapons or shoot them.
Preserve ammo whenever possible!!!
Dont rush in rooms! Enemies can hide behind doors!
Always look around! You can find items that are well hidden from plain sight.

Thats about all I could think of. I really hope that I helped someone!

And finally... Thanks to the Resident Evil: Cold Blood teaam that has made such an awesome game 
that made me smoke again and lose my sleep! *BOW*
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