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Ramps Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes to activate the
corresponding cheat function. 

Code                 Effect
waterloosunset     - Multi-sphere
ziggyplayedguitar  - Space Gravity
fivefootone        - Tiny Spheres

Level codes:
Submitted by. David K

Level  2: ifeelheavymetal
Level  3: blazzaboo
Level  4: ringostarr
Level  5: hailhailrocknroll
Level  6: marqueemoon
Level  7: milkwasabadchoice
Level  8: samusisfemale
Level  9: lettertoelise
Level 10: wassailingsong
Level 11: shadowinvain
Level 12: danabnormal
Level 13: cruiserscreekuh
Level 14: mallorylikespolkadots
Level 15: mysterymeat
Level 16: punklolita
Level 17: coffeeandtv
Level 18: lifeduringwartime
Level 19: sitdownstandup
Level 20: keepfishin
Level 21: keepfishin
Level 22: dancethemantaray
Level 23: thislevelhasnoramps
Level 24: iamtheeggman
Level 25: needahand
Level 26: grooveisintheheart
Level 27: bigdaddyc
Level 28: suckerfish
Level 29: twitsatsea
Level 30: youseemstarshaped
Level 31: onefootinthegrave
Level 32: theresnootherway
Level 33: shakeappeal
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