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Puzzle Pirates Cheats

Puzzle Pirates

Submitted by. olivia

This cheat is for getting easy money. go get a job for bilageing with the navy and start
your job. after that just start doin somethin else at your home or somewhere else. that 
you dont have to do it coz even you dont do it still pays you. though keep an eye on it 
every now and then coz everytime you get payed you have to select to go bilageing with 
the navy again to get money. It usally gives you around 20-28 or more if you are lucky.

Submitted by: Pirate King

On the log in screen go to "sage" ocean and try get a temp ban there. After u get they 
tell u to retype a statement write in there: "And With The yohoho it will be like 101010 
v" with out the " and inculde CAP letters and spaces. It give u all games free-i know i 
should tell u that cheat but i dont care.

Submitted by: austin

If you want to buy a sloop just sell things that you don't want or go around asking rich
people for poe sloops are 9k and 20dubs then if you have enough left over go buy 4 or 6 
dubs for a officer badge if you don't have one then go on your sloop and stock then get 
a crew and set sail.

Easy money:
Get in a sword fight with able NPCs and bet 26 pieces of eight. Make sure you know how 
to sword fight.

Submitted by: Nasser al-Jahal

if you came on and saw in multiplayer games puzzle pirates, better
for you to download it. after creating an account you'd probably think of getting
some money, so I came to tell you the money cheat. first, go to the notice board 
and look to voyages (map will be found on the top-right of your screen and find 
the notice board) then go to a ship by clicking apply (better for you to choose 
a big ship not sloop) and keep on playing puzzle that the captain tells you. 
Then your ship will have a battle. after one of the ship grappled the other, you'll 
be sended to a puzzle, just do nothing. after a while you'll lose the game, but your 
teamates will try to defeat the enemy. If your team won, you will get an indivitual 
booty (about 300 coins) but if you lost, you'll get nothing, so beware.

Easy money:
Create an email address every day. Then on Puzzle Pirates access your "Ye" panel and 
go to the "Invite A Friend" tab. Enter the email address you created. Go to that email 
account and create a Puzzle Pirates account. Your main profile will then gain 1500 
pieces of eight and your new profile will gain 500 pieces of eight.

Submitted by:mike
to double your poe type /pay poextwo then type in the money that you have then quickly 
press yea ain in a few seconds your money will double(note: the x in the code means times)

type /pay poeduplocate then type all the money you have to get twice as much, and then 
the poe will come right back but it will be doubled

Submitted by: Josh

To get three times your poe type /pay poexthree and quickly click 'yea' and 
your money will be doubled! (x = times, plus you can't do more than three

Submitted by: Rhodin

In order to win Y!PP forever, all you need to do is change your pirate's appearance. 
You can buy the potions or just make a new pirate. Make a female pirate with long 
curly hair or a male pirate with dreads. The hair should be dark blonde (between red 
and gray) and the skin color should be brown (Between light tan and dark brown). 
The name's not that important, but try to work "Rhodin" into it. >.> 
Play, be noticed, and win.

Submitted by: Swordblade01

How you get lots of money and prizes in the game is first download the game if 
you havnt already then when you choose an ocean if it already isnt one, change 
the ocean to cobalt. Then make a guy and it doesnt matter what he/she looks like. 
Then with the /, type in /who swordblade. If he is online, click on the bottem 
left and go to "tell" type in his name in the first box then send him a tell saying 
"Cheat" you will get a reply from him and will suddenly get lots of items and money. 
You might even get very rare items!

Submitted by: Domokun
Find a Sleeping Pig or a Turtle on an island somewhere. Then stand next to it and 
say "Harr! I want my Booty!" one hundred times. The pig will stand up on 2 legs 
and give you 100,000 poe. Not many people know this.

Submitted by: CodeCheater

Easy cheat. all you have to do is hold alt and then press F3,F5,F4
Then a box will pop up type X4a229 into it you poe will x4 it self ever time.

Note: this dose not work with mac
Note: if the screen close, try it again till you get money. if it still dose not 
work reload puzzle pirates. and if it still dose not work, get a life.
note: doingthe /pay cheat dose not work and will never work

Submitted by: TheRack

Make your ship go faster! On the Midnight Ocean, navigate to Capnrackham's 
distilling stall on Spring Island. Then Click on the tab near the fount desk, 
Click the Icon that has 100 proof beside it. Next, in the box in the bottom 
right screen, type 17 and press the button to the side of it. If you get an 
error message, try typing in a lower number. You can also do the same for 
the options with 40 & 60 proof. Once you done that, on the sunshine widget 
on the right, click the second sunray, and then click the top button in the 
row of buttons.

When you are playing carpentry, dont pay too much attention to just one area, 
because the other ones will start to fall out, and this will also lower your 
score, reducing your chance of more poe.

Betters stats:
For this cheat you need a whisking potion with at least 2 uses left. 
Use your potion to go to Carnivasseri island in the Sage ocean then become a 
After becoming a citizen you log off then log back on. when you log back on, your 
stats are changed slightly. Then the next day your stats should be even higher. 
Note: Please leech this and spread it everywhere you can!

Submitted by: Cheatermen

this code just will work if are in the Hunter ocean,and if the Dmkille are online.
Type "I watt poez"three times and type /pay Dmkille and go very fast to say ok to 
the window (remember very fast!)(and the money that you want to win)Ex.:If u put 
/pay Dmkille 1000 u will get 1000 poe and + the times that you have saied 
"I watt poez"if said "I watt poez"one time and type /pay Dmkille 1000 u will get 
only 1000 poes.

Submitted by: anel

if you want 10 time more money just write /pay arminb 1000 and you get 10 time 
more or if you want put more it is work i am rich now!!!!

Submitted by: Dimitri

This is the REAL cheat to double poe. One day I was playing, when I found a small dot. 
If you push that dot, you will get this text: ''There is one secret bot account that 
doubles your money. Write ''/pay illander (number of poe you have)'' and you will get 
all back in double!!!
I tryied with 10 poe, and it worked! Then I sended 100, 1000, 2000, and now 
I am VERY, VERY rich!!

Submitted by: john

this realy realy works I have 1000000000 poe off this cheat you tipe i need mony 5
times then tipe pay legodude all your money then click ok realy realy fast or it wont 
work if you dont you it will never work so press OK! the you will have 5 times your poe! 
it realy works!!!!!!

Submitted by: joe 

DO U WANT TO TO GET 100k!!! well all u have to do is see if swiftyman is online by 
typing /w swiftyman and if he is on u r lucky type in /pay all u have got and u 
get 100k back!!!

Submitted by: Hris

if you realy need money jusy type /ineedmoney 4 times and then type /pay hristolord 
(a number of poe) and then you click ok rely fast or it will dont work i mace it and 
now i have 100000k OK. 

Submitted by: Entitynein

Mates, if you're looking for a cheat to multiply your poe, 
you're in the wrong place. No cheat exists to do so. All of these 
entries encouraging you to type /pay [username] are scams to get you to 
send money to their pirate in order to rip you off. The only way to 
actually earn money is to work for it... sorry to burst your bubble. 

Submitted by: Dog

I used this cheat alot to get money. First i tried using 1000 to get 10000. 
Then i used 2000 to get 20000.

Submitted by: Carlo

if you want to double double your money just easily type this(/pay luphi (number 
of the poe you have) then press enter then your money will be double or it will 
be x5 it's easy believe this,you are rich now!!!

Submitted by: bengimen

if u want 5 times your money type in speak /pay nader and type in the amount 
of money u have

Submitted by: RJ

If u really want 1000k type in /pay rjeezyfbaby (the amount of poe u have and 
they he will give u 1000k back.

Submitted by: Cho

Do you think some of these Cheats work? NO! Do not listen to those cheats. Just 
listen to this one. Poe is hard to get, but this cheat works. You have to type 
in an authorisation code. Which is actually the number of Poe you have. This 
is how it works. The code box is where you actually talk, type in /pay pirategunner 
(the amount of Poe you have, or the "authorisation" code) and press enter or send. 
A Box will come up. Choose yes and then wait a few seconds. Then type in 
"Yohoho23x5PuzzlD" and press enter again. Log out and then log in again really fast. 
Note that sometimes your money will disappear, don't worry about that just do the 
code again and follow the instructions and that money will appear again, but you 
have to get the same amount of money or it will say that your authorisation code 
is wrong.

Submitted by: martis

This cheateiscool type in /pay residentevil 1000 and hy will pay you back 20000.
It worked for me now i fave 900000poe and 9000dub

Submitted by: weejt7

first thing if u want to tripple ure cash!!!!!! when u log on write "poexthree" no " 
and the amoutn of ure cash then click on ye and booya 3 times ure cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Glassheart

Ahoy Mates,sorry to burst your bubble but all the "cheats" is a bag of balls, they 
are all scams to steal yer money because when ye type in /pay (username) its like a 
trade, all yer doing is givin thousands of poe to some asshole who is in the same 
situation ye are, NO MONEY. Now yer planning on doing the same, rite? don't, because 
yer ruining some1 elses fun. I suggest ye us Action Replay, an authorized product 
that has cheats to every game on the pc and its updatebal so if a new game comes out, 
u have the cheats, TRUST ME, if you dont beleave me by now,im on the ocean Hunter 
and my name is Glassheart,feel free to ask me questions. Thank ye.

Submitted by: frgag

If you want to become the richest pirate ever, type, /pay ellej then the amount of money 
you have. youll get triple amount of money! i have 69,905 POE. 39 dubbloons.

Submitted by: Zachery

Puzzle Pirate Ultimate Cheat
Ahoy! im Zach, i got a tell from a friend who descoverd a cheat, he told me to type /pay 
Ballsonfire (all your money), thats all you do, if you are on the Viridian Ocean, 
It worked for him and me, i got about 200k in one go !! try it !!
Submitted by: skar400

this is super money cheat for puzzle pirates!all you need to do is write in 
/pay jonsmither____(number of your money)and you are rich!

Submitted by: Galala

Here's the thing...These are ALL scams. They're all trying to make money off of you. 
The whole /pay (NAME) [allyourmoney] thing is just a scam. You basically give them your 
money. It's not a cheat at all. It's like sending an email only in a game with POE.

Fast money from free stuff:
When you start the game you get som free stuffs - crates and bedrolls. Evry1 needs these 
to play the game so they buy as many as they can. If you make a new char every 5 mins you 
can sell them at the docks on an island called Midsummer by shouting that you are selling 
and then delete it and make another and sell the new ones again. Also you can sell the 
free house they give you for playing because people collect them. I did this for 2 hours, 
and made 25600 peaces of eight so now i do it every weekend. The ones who go on ships to 
make money only make a few hundred an hour so I save a lot of tim and work.

When you are playing carpentry, dont pay too much attention to just one area, because the 
other ones will start to fall out, and this will also lower your score, reducing your 
chance of more poe.

Submitted by: Skyler

This is a way to get double the poe! type: /pay twl then the money you want me to double 
for you. then log off. then come on, and you will have double!

Submitted by: Sparkster

Type /pay sparkspark as much poe as you want and when i get the message il will send 
you back double the money because i am rich in the game im only on sage so send if 
you want double the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Ak

If you want money fast, go to voyages and pick a boat that is a war brig or above. 
then wait till it is in a war and if u win u will get 100-300 poe. when it parks at 
the dock wait till the captain proposes a "cut o' the booy!" and u should get around 
120-500 poe. i got 528 poe once.

Submitted by: Abska

All these /pay name are WRONG! But if you type/pay and a random word 
(works best with timelord)it actually works as long as its not a possible name.

Submitted by: Justin

to get 10 ties the amont of ur money type this in /pay_justinroc(the amont u have)

Submitted by: Karajean

rofl, you guys are funny. So, as a seasoned player I'll give you a few tips of me own. 
I am highly disappointed with Nasser al-Jahal's suggestion. This is called 
"straightlining" and you will most likely be planked and definitely be given a '-', 
aka no poe whatsoever by the crew. (If any of these words are confusing, search for 
the on  ). As noted before, all the "/pay" 
'cheats' don't work. They're just scams. The only one that would actually work in 
reality would be the one where you create a bunch of different email addresses and 
"invite" yerself to the game, accept, and get 2k. however, I suggest that you don't 
do this because the OM's WILL eventually block you from the game. What's the point 
of riches without the ability to play? 
Once again, the ONLY way to get money is to pillage (properly and respectively) with 
other crews, work with the navy, and puzzle. That's the reason yer playing the game 
anyway. (henceforth the name 'PUZZLE pirates'). This is super long, but true. 
Fair winds :) ~Karajean of Cobalt

Submitted by: a cheatmaster

go to hunter when davyjoneslkr is on, become hearties, give him all ure poe and 
doubloons, he'll then pay u back 100,000 poe and 10 dubloons. hes a moderator so 
be nice. i have 100000 poe and 5000 dubloons. My name is pinkycr

Submitted by: cheat master 9090
go to ocean hunter, then become hearties with davyjoneslkr, he is a monitor, then give 
him all ure poe and doubloons and he'll pay u back 100,000 poe, i now have 5000 
doubloons and 1,000,002 poe.

Submitted by: deondre

ok this is a crazzy cheat
i tried this yesterday and got 10 times more the poe type /pay Souljaboii wat ever 
money u want times bye ten i sent 1000 poe and got 100 000 poe back its crazzy and 
i kept reapeting its crazy and i heard of one that sends u boats back but im not 
sure wat its called ill tell u guys wen i get more info

Submitted by: siratthebox


(nb: this one needs idiots with poe)
1. Enter cheatbook website
2. submit a cheat telling the cheater (a.k.a. victim) to '/pay' all their poe to 
your pirate and say that you'll double their poe.
3. Dont send them anything back.


1. get good at the puzzles
2. get with a decent crew
3. get pilly-ing


pay cash for dbs


(this one needs you to have at least 30poe)
"/pay siratthebox (all of your poe)", and I'll give you double your poe back!


(need some poe to start with)
Get good at poker.
How easy was that?

Submitted by: Won't tell. :P 

Puzzle Pirates CHEATS
Message : 1. Make a new account with 3 open pirate spaces. Make pirates out of em, 
and take all the free loot they give you. Trade it to your main pirate, delete your 
3 pirate looters, and start again!(Then when you're finally tired and done, sell them!)

2. Open a game of spades on a free day and wager- and team up with one of your alts
(Your alts need money too!). Put another of your alts on the other team's side. 
Then, when somebody comes, as soon the game starts, and you can "Dismiss" the game, 
Dismiss the alt on the other team's side (not your side), and delete it, so he can't 
report him.

3. Make a raffle for something expensive- something worth around 20k. Make the ticket 
cost around 500-750 P.O.E. each. Then, take a yellow-name alt. Say that he bought like, 
20 tickets or the most of em all. And make another alt with the same thing as well. 
So they won't accuse you of scamming. (Just write it down. Don't explain it to everyone.) 
THEN, when you have like, 10-_____________k, announce that one of your alts won. 
Ignore the "boo!! u stink u tok my money", and.. take it. XD

4. The fun part! Make a play, and charge people to see it. :P Simple as that. Make it 
around 30 minutes to 1 and a half hour. And make it GOOD. :P

Hope this helps! =3

Submitted by: the cheatmaster

if you want unlimted money type /pay redcode116 amount of money and when ur finished 
you can get billions of money

Submitted by:

Type /pay davyjoneslkr (all ure poe) (he is a moderator so u want to pay him all, 
moderators pay back ure money double) i used this hack and made millions. 
my name is karaku

Submitted by: Luna

All you have to do is type /pay mistyice3 (amount of poes) to get quadruple the 
amount of poes you paid back! But, you have to do this in Sage ocean!

Submitted by: Girl

Okay all you have to do is look for Oceanprince at Quetzal Island than type /pay 
Oceanprince all you have than he'll pay you back 5x your money back to you!!! 
I do it all the time!!!

Submitted by: Ian

Go to the ocean Sage, and if you like to get 15k an hour, your in luck. type /pay 
Blackbears and he will auto-find you and each hour, you will receive 15k, but you 
must send atleast 10k to him. I made about 251k from this. Trust me, my characters 
name is Luigi on Sage ocean.

Submitted by: Your guide in cheats

Money Cheat
Please don't listen to the cheats above.. this is a REAL CHEAT..what you're going 
to do is type : /pay machisse (amount of money you have) 
Dont believe that these cheat works?! the "MA" in "machisse" means maney(money) and 
the "chisse" means "maker" in pirate talk..!
What does this cheat do..? well it actually dosent double your money..but it makes 
you earn 50 poes a day

Submitted by: killa

i buy all my dubloons...i dont need yours, how ever for every time you send me 900 
pieces of eight i will send you two dubloons...just type /pay freemoney 900 and i 
will tip you two dubloons no strings attatched.

Submitted by: teniesha

ok this is a supper cool cheat all u need to do is type /pay Larzy (the amount of 
poe u have) then send it and something should pop up click yes and the next time u 
logon u will have double the amout of poe! this is not a scam.

Submitted by: amfffd

dont type what other cheats say like "/pay..." theyre fake and if you put the 
money, you are going to send it to the one ho put up the cheat , its an account

Submitted by: mikalicous

type pay mikalicous 1000 and get triple back

Submitted by: zoeycaz09member

All of those are simply lies! As a player, I would like to inform you that /pay 
(someones name) does, and would not work. Don't try. The only one that DOES work 
is /pay Artist. She is a computer player. You must be on Virdian Ocean, but don't 
get her confused with the real Artist! If you accidentally pay it to the real Artist, 
all your money you gave will go away. If she is not "on", you must try when she, as in 
the computer player, is. IT WORKS! I've tried it. Now I'm filthy rich! :)

Submitted by: Piratejack

Go destilling, and just right click until finish at a working place, you will get 
the rank of booched but u get experience and poe for it

Submitted by: Aramisse

Hi money seekers,
I can quintiple your money. All you have to do is type in /pay sunnyshiner(amount of 
money you have) and send it. Then log ogg and on again.You will see that your money 
got quintiplied.Trust me, this is not a scam.I swear it works.It made me 500K!!! 
It;s really not a scam.People just say that so you won't get 500k or more!!
Trust me, Aramisse

Submitted by: jerdiferer

If you want double your money just type /pay jerdiferer and you get double money
(your rich this works really)

Submitted by: Cheat Poe

In Viridian Server, for you have NaN of poe (Unlimited Poe), you have to type: 
/Pay DoubleMoney xxxxx
The game have a command for Ocean Master for obtain Unlimited Poe and this is.
The command only can use one time for day.

Submitted by: g4pirate
Ok, first you must say hey to piratesown7. Even if he is offline still say hey. 
Then type in /pay piratesown7 _ _ _ _ the amount of money u want to be quadrubelled. 
I did this cheat i got 1000000000000000000 poe i am the richest guy.

Submitted by: Mrmover

Go to Mbx's tailoring stall on Lima Island on Viridian Ocean at L L, and TRY on all 
his real expensive clothes, HE LOVES IT. Go into the stall as a Greenie and ask a 
bunch of really dumb questions (He loves it!) (He must be in the stall at the time)

Submitted  by: Melissa

to double your poe type in /pay poegiver zzzz
zzzz= your poe amount. then click okay really quick or it wont work!
i guarentee it doubles it

Submitted by: tag

ok look are you tired of spending days on pilliges just to get a few 1000 poe well 
here's a cheat that really works just type /pay tager4 ___(all the poe you have) and 
then log off and then log back on and bam you will have twice as much poe

Submitted by: Puzzle pirate name: Thugster

Go to the dock on any island an say /pay Atkins 1000.Then just click yes that you want 
to give it.Then when he comes online he will look that he got more money and will give 
you even more!!!! I tried it it works!!!!

Submitted by: depirate

This will give u 12000 first log in and right away type this (/pay depirate 3000 ) 
then wait about 5 log in days and u will get ur poe

Submitted by: bob

This cheat is the best one
You must be on the new ocean (malachite)
Then type in "yohoho is coco and loco" then do /pay cyberdemon all your poe. and it 
will x4 your poe! im seriouse this does work. its one of the best cheats out there. 
also once u do that do /wer.

Submitted by: the man

type /pay Blazetan 1000 if he is online and u can X2 yer poe

Submitted by: BW

This will give u 10000 first log in and right away type this (/pay Whitewyvern 3000) 
then wait about 3 log in days and u will get ur poe

Submitted by: Briggs

The castaway feature is a secret theme mod, based on the popular movie Space Pirates. 
by typing '/blackspot castawayjoe' the castaway space pirate theme is engaged. 
All effects are decorative and have no effect on gameplay, but allow for an entirely 
different mood.

Submitted by: Quaziro

For this you need about 1000 poe. You must go to an Inn and click the bots with white 
names. Click "Buy this old salt a drink" 100 times. You will get a trophy called "Map 
and Brew". If you zoom in closely on the map using a paint program you can see a pattern 
that will lead you to a treasure chest. Preform Treasure Haul at this point for at least 
10 minutes, and you will haul a chest containing a skeletal monkey, worth up to 12 billion 

Submitted by: Christopher

Having problem with money?????Here's a cheat.First,type "money the best" three times then 
type in "/pay Beckham (amount of all your money) then click ok really fast.
Your money will times 5.I have 9999999 poe.

Submitted by: cracker

say /pay poexfour to get 4x your money

Submitted by: RedPirateGuy

This cheat gets you 50,000 poe in atleast 10 seconds! type /pay Gillham all your poe 
and within 10 seconds BAM 50,000 poe. Enjoy your cash.

Submitted by: davyjones

type /pay Nancydew(all your money) nancydew is a monitor, and you will recive ^
30poe extra of what you have.
simple, no this isnt one of those cheapscake scams, good luck, if your really nice 
she might give you 40 extra! believe me its worked!

Submitted by: Luka

a.k.a. victim to '/pay' all their poe to your pirate and say that you'll double their poe.

Submitted by: james

type pay atholl then all your poe. you will get like 100,000 poe back eveytime.

Submitted by: timothy

All you do is simply go to the hunter ocean and type /pay Poebox all your poe 
and he will give you a war frigate. this cheat does work, Poebox is the pirate 
name of the maker of puzzle pirates and when he sees how generous you are he will 
pay u an exstra 20k - happy sailing.

Submitted by: levan101

This cheat is to triple how much money you have all you have to do is 
type: / pay valan (how much money you have) and click send your money triples!!!!!
it worked for me and now im rich

Submitted by: JagexMod

If you want to store your money and get intrest without buying a chest,
type /pay jokoflopo 
and then type how much PoE you want to store.
you get a 20% intrest each week!
so when you store 1.000 PoE, the next week you have 1.200 PoE!
Be free to try it.

Submitted by: snake

You need to be on ocean hunter any where.type in /pay slath 1000.I tried it i got 
900000poe an i got 3 boats from it u need to try it now

Submitted by: Anominus

Please, do not listen to the people who say /pay (username)however much poe you have. 
It will not give you back 3x more the poe or whatever it is. Im trying to help you, 
the selfish people who say that are trying to get your money. If you type that, it 
pays them the money, you won't get anything back. Those people don't care about your 
money, they want it for themselves. Trust me.

Submitted by: reownedkid

type /pay tinadoggy 1000 and get 10 dubloons back, works! added her as my hearty and 
she gave me a dubloon, gave her 1000 and she gave me 10 dubloons!

Submitted by: Kevin

Type /pay lilliputter and then all ur money !
like this : /pay lilliputter 1000
then they ask : are you sure you want to pay "the number of money you typed in" piece 
of eight to lilliputter ?
choose OK within 5 seconds !!!!
then wait 20 seconds and look at ur money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by: Cameron

Ok so i got 100,000 poe off this cheat and you can to. heres how, type in /pay nebasusaki 
( amount wanted to give) then in 30 seconds you can have 100,000 in that instint. if i 
were you i would try this cheat it really works.

Submitted by: Bimsr

This is crazy right here! Thier are many ppl who can give u free poe...Its kool..
Im Bimsr in the game.. i gave about 500 poe to some dude called GRAFFITI. now he 
gave me bak that poe.with an extra 500 poe..ITS TIGHT..
so to get more free poe.. just type in /pay Graffiti (how ever many poe) and SHAZAM...
u just got ur poe doubled...

Submitted by: Jordan Rima

Heres a cheat that will work for sure!I've done it alot and i have over 200 doubloons! 
All you have to do is logon to your acc. then when online type /pay Bloodseeka (Amount 
of money you have) then enter!Guess what it does to your poe!You get back 20 times more 
then you put in there!!!!!!!!THX!!Im online most of the day so keep them coming so you 
can be one of the richest sailors in Hunter Ocean!!!!!!!

Submitted by: hilly

To get fifty times your poe type /pay poexfifty then type in the money that you have then 
quickly press yea and in a few seconds your money will increase
(note: the x in the code means times)
eg: typing /pay poexfifty 1000 will increase you poe to 50'000.

Submitted by: Adict

Ok, now this is a REAL cheat go onto Hunter ocean first. Then ome to me Yoyodude ask me 
to invite you to my house. The give me any amount of money. DONT SCRWL DOWN YET WHOEVER 
YOU ARE IM TELLING THE TRUTH ON THIS ONE!!! Like i said any amount. Then i will give you 
double and im doing this because i know if you are on this site right now you must be 
really poor.

Submitted by: XQ Colley

Look, dont listen to all the pay/ cheats. Theyre just flat-out scams made by selfish 
people who's in the same situation as you: No POE Whatsover! There is no way to multiply 
ur money besides pillaging! Just trying to save the gullible people out there. Fair winds, 
Warhax Of Terra Island, Cobalt Ocean.

Submitted by: bob

Hello my name on the game is jack spannow this code gets your poe times five 
type /pay jackspannow your amount of gold and press enter.

Submitted by: Et

Type /pay Sparowss 1000 and get x5 the money! thats right x5 the money ull be saying im 
rich im rich o and keep doing it for more!

Submitted by: eirikooi

guess what i have tried typing /pay poex500 and lots of others like that but finally 
after trying over 100 of them i finally found one which works!!!! just type /pay poex1323 
and it times your poe by 500!!!!! that means if you type /pay poex1323 10000 you will have 

Submitted by: stardrifter

To double your money go on hunter ocean and type /pay stardrifter (the amount of poe you 
have)and next time u log on youll have double the poe.

Submitted by: cheatguy

these /pay normally do not work, use your brains, doing /pay davyjones will send a pirate 
davyjones your poe and you wont get it back. However names like doublepoe can work after 
all who wants a pirate called double poe? So therefore /pay tentimespoe followed by your 
amount will give you (yes youv'e guessed it) 10 times your poe back. It does take time as 
the game needs to generate that extra poe from poe sinks such as people buying portraits 
but when its got it and your turn comes you will get it. So be patient. It only took me 2 
days to get 10mil poe through several of the /pay tentimespoe so I know it works.

Submitted by: action replay

All the /pay blabla cheats dont work there just people trying
to steal your money if anybody has stolen your money just type
/pay goba (all your poe)then send then right /(persons name who stoll your money)GMMMB 
(then right how much money they took from you) and you will get that much from that person. 
GMMMB stands for Give Me My Money Back.

Submitted by: d

Lluckypioneer is a bot with a glitch he caused a poe sink in puzzle in puzzle pirates the 
thing is he can only win his money so if u pay him it glitches and pays u 100k m0re so all 
u hav to do is type /pay luckypioneer all ur money he has a glitch cause when he got created 
they didnt put a space in between the two words (example fit steve)

Submitted by: Agarrett

Lol, hilarious. Right after some people say /pay is a scam, people say, type /pay nancydew 
all your money. She is mod!!! I tried REALLY WORKS. Lol what do you think /PAY means? PAY not 
GET. LOL. Everyone who said those cheats are complete noobs if they actually think it'll work. 
In fact most every cheat for mmorpg are complete scams. ALL OF THEM. Exploits, Codes, Trainers. 
All scams, in fact, instead of looking for cheats, you could be getting the money by yourself 
right now. Your Welcome, Somi, Former puzzle pirates player and SO (Might play again soon.)

Submitted by: Lordpower

IF u wan some money , earn it ur self. the /pay is a scam and it will drain all ur 
HARD EARNED MONEY!!! So if u really neeed poe , work with the navy or even job with a crew 
but now got flotillas and smh ( sea Monster Hunts ) and those pillages earn u big booties. 
So if u got a qns feel free to " tell " me when i'm online . The name i gave is my puzzle 
pirate characters name so tjhat u can Send a " tell " to him if u needed it. Bye bye!

Submitted by: the cheatmaster

for beginers go to midnight ocean and type /pay redcode and u will get thousands of money

Submitted by: elizabeth

Hi this code really works all you have to do is type in /pay,thebigfish (no spaces) and 
you will get 100poe its simple.

Submitted by: natalie

ok now all of these people tell u to pay them allof yuor poe right? well there is this 
glitch i found and waht u do is tell the player piegood (dont know why its that person) 
Hi I like pie. Do you like Pie? I like Pie cause Pie is good! (type it just liek that. 
then send her some money and if yuo type it once u get back your same amout if u type it 
twice u get double and so on (if u dont belive me start with 1 poe!! i guarentee it 
will work!!

Submitted by: Jamie

Ok,theres loads of cheats for free poe which are scams,but this one is not.When you log 
on type /pay Craigmoorehi 527 poe random but it works.take about 30seconds to come back 
with 5270poe.It only works 5 times a day.

Submitted by: Mike Tucker

This cheat is really easy: First type in /pay strawz (any amount of gold) 
For Example: /pay strawz 500...if you do it correctly you should see the 500 turn into 1k. 
you can do this with any amount of money and its one of the easiest cheats there is.

Submitted by: ixdee

This cheat really works. if you want to get your doubled type /tip psv ...(the amount of 
your dubloons) and quickly press ok. i've done it many times and so i've got 100 dubloons 
in 10 minutes!.

Submitted by: Damon

f you are looking for money here is your place. All of the following did work, because i 
tried it and im rich. I noticed that you have missed one out which started to work on the 4th 
of August 2007. All you have to do is type, /pay Cafcknight ( how much you have ) then 
automaticly it sends you back 2x the poe you have. It really works! I tried it with 1 poe 
thinking it was a scam, but then i got 2 poe back. I have tried it with 50k and i got 100k 
back. I noticed that the maximum amount you can enter of your money is 129k. I am happy to 
help :) i hope you get rich soon!

Submitted by: awryt

Money cheat
Message : hey guys iv'e read all theese cheats and they dont wotk but i have found one when 
you go on type /pay orite 150 click yes when the game had crashed they refreshed the database 
and i sneeked it and found a cheat when you click yes you end up with 3 times the money you 

Submitted by: Gabrielle

First work on the Navy......then when you get enough money like 20-200......then play at a 
inn,then in the parlor games,find poker and play if u dont know how to play click help.....
then find a table which says 20-200 then go play there.....its up to u to get lots of money
note: poker-easy money but easy loose.

Dark Orbit:
* When you are in 2-1 base, type in the following codes.
* Also, you must have spaces.
* Also, when the equipment cheats are activated, there will be full cargo in the cargo spaces
  for the equipment type.
* These cheats are not temporary.
* After you type in all the codes you want, log off, and then you will have the effects 

Code            Effect
boss ship     - you will have a goliath.
generators    - you will have fastest engines and strongest shields.
invincible    - you will have the maximum number of the strongest laser cannons.
minion heaven - you will have 15 iris drones, with the strongest laser cannons in them.
leveled       - you will be level 15.
money machine - you will have 200mil.uridium and credits.
extra man     - you will have al the best extras, along with 12 extra slots.
god           - you will NEVER die.

Money maker:
Submitted by: Katie Farmer

Have an account on the viridian ocean, go to an island with a bank and an inn. first, 
you must have at least 5002 poe.go into the bank and type in the number of letters in 
your pirates name, then go into then inn and as soon as you get there, go straight 
back to the bank. Then type in /pay capingrant 5000 (thats the poe your going to times) 
then /pay capingrant 2 ( multiplied by 2) capingrant is the ocean's way of creating poe, 
he is the only one on the ocean who can make money. not many people know this so try 
not to spread it much, you can do it with as much money as you like, up to 564K
(for some unknown reason) you cannot get banned from this.
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