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Pokemon Volcano Cheats

Pokemon Volcano

Submitted by: RM 

Get all the gym badges and then go in the grass or the water for a while until you find

Easter Egg - act temporaly with cloned pokemon:
Lose with the weaker pokemon and then choose one of the others and then won the battle
look to ur party and u willhave 2 of the same pokemon. 

Pokemon that don't evolve:
U can pu the pokemon at level above that they evolve that they don't evolve even if u 
try to find something to evolve them. only avaliable for the first weeks of this games. 

Easter Egg - find arboks in the wild:
In the wild u have 15% of chances to see an arbok even at level 1.

Pokemon easily:
First go to Renato then seach for pokemon n grain (#4) and you will always fight 
a diglet that has very low life but give a lot of exp, thanks to it my torterra 
is level 80 and my charizard is level 79.

Get a free pokemon without fighting:
Submitted by: Ash Kechum

Follow the steps:

1)Download cheat engine. (search on google or yahoo).
2)Log into pokemon volcano.
3)Open cheat engine and target pokemon indigo.
4)Type in this hex code (to be put under hex) AFF12NDN39B98ERYD3
5)Ok now you need to do this very fast so its better if you open about 6 internet 
  explorers (or fire fox's) and go to youtube and load some movie (it will make 
  the game slow) now.
6)Go to maps and fight any pokemon when it is loading the fighting menu quickly go
  to cheat engine and tick the hex box. Then copy the hex code and press first scan.
7)Select the third option and press toggle breakpoint.
8)By now the game should have finished loading.
9)If not wait till then and close all the other browsers.
10)Now do one attack (If you are fighting a pokemon with a high level use a pokemon
   with high HP.(screen should freeze).
11)Go to cheat engine and rightclick the highlighted option and press dissassemble 
   break point. Now go to the one that says exe000000(pokemon id) and change its 
   value to (the pokemon id you want) then press [F9].
12)It should say pokemon was caught.
13)Go to your zone and walah you have the pokemon you wanted.

Level up pokemon easily:
You start this help cheat by going to partyland then you go through eliot cave into
rock town city then you go through the gate to bird town and go up on the veg patch
then you circle in that area and you will find lots of easy to kill pokemon there 
you may even find a giratina there like i did.
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