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Pocket Tanks Cheats

Pocket Tanks


* This cheat is valid for all weapons but works best on weapons whose explosion
  time is considerably large(i.e.whose effect takes sometime, instead of momentary
  explosion) like pin cushion,colorbomb,popcorn,hail storm,napalm, sprinkler and 
  so on.As soon as you fire a weapon make a move (either backward or forward), you
  can fire the weapon again as soon as the move finishes.Again move and again fire.
  Thus you can fire a weapon four times.
* This works best when weapon is such that its scoring power is not badly affected 
  by change in accuracy of the aim i.e.which can attack the enemy tank from a 
  distance or has good spread over a wide area like color bomb,spider,napalm, 
  pineapple ,pin cushion,five shot, and so on.
* If you are fast enough,and if the effect of the previous weapon is still going on,
  after making the move you can even adjust the angle or power of the repetitve 
  weapon to be fired.
* You can score very high from a single shot(+repetitions!!) if you are in a accurate
  aim position and placed such that making a move doesn't make you move and affect 
  your position i.e.when you are caught in a trough.The first weapon fired hits 
  accurately,the repetition hits accurately (because the "move" didn't make u move),
  the next repetition hits accurately and so on till ur moves become zero.
* This can also be used to decrease the points of the CPU tank: As soon it fires,
  make it move by the move button (yes,u can move the CPU player during its turn 
  as per your wish!!) ,reduce its power to 1,and fire the repetition which falls 
  on itself(due to low power thus reducing its points, repeat for more reduction).
* u can also cover the opponent with mountain of mud using repetition of mudpie. 

When the CPU player has fired ther weapon,u can make it move by the move button
to any positio  u like. This can be used to move the opponent to a position where 
ur aim is set.. or even move it such that its weapon falls on itself.

This works when it is possible to go close to the opponent .
This can be done on a PLAIN TERRAIN mostly. Move close to the enemy tank, make 
your move carefully so that ur final position is such that u partially overlap 
(not more than half of tank's body) the enemy tank. Then point the turret towards
the lower body of the enemy tank. Then fire the PINCUSHION with 0 power and bang 
u get about 600 points,with PINEAPPLE,u can get 700 points,with spider and other 
"scattering"weapons too,u can get many points.

This works irregularly. When the weapon shop is displayed , take a look 
and make decision of which 10 weapons to take. Then as soon as u select ur 1st 
weapon,keep clicking on the 2nd weapon u want to select (even while CPU is making
its choice) keep clicking on the 3,rd,4th,..decided weapons on u will get most 
(even all) of them.

5.U can score 200points from pincushion if u are very close (distance shorter than 
the spark created by pin cushion approx 1cm or even 0 distance(it wont hurt u) ) 
and fire it.

with wheelmouse) After firing a powerful weapon,if u want to preserve it for more
use,then do this. After firing, point the cursor to ur weapon in WEAPON LIST and 
scroll the mousewheel to change the weapon to any less useful weapon u have like 
bouncy dirt,well digger,digger etc. The computer takes this weapon as the fired 
one and deletes it from the list for next chance while the powerful weapon is 
retained. this can also be done on CPu's turn to waste its powerful weapons in 
leiu of weaker ones.

7.LONG MOVES-while making a move keep ur cursor on the "move" tab of the screen,
u can keep moving forward or backward as long as u keep scrolling the mousewheel
up or down. 

Bouncy Dirt and Fission Bomb combo: 
Cover one side of the interior of a large crater with Bouncy Dirt and hit the tank
with a Fission Bomb while it is at the bottom of the hole. 
Note: Try using Mountain Movers and Crater Makers. 

Pile Driver and Hailstorm combo: 
Hit the tank with a Pile Driver followed by a Hailstorm (or Napalm). 

Ground Shocker and Popcorn combo: 
Fire a Ground Shocker directly below your opponent's tank to make the ground 
very rough. Then, fire a Popcorn nearby and the bullets will bounce and multiply. 

Hide underground:
Fire a Digger at a steep angle so your tank slides down into the ground. Use a dirt
weapon to seal yourself in.

Submitted by: krunal

Dear, friend i find these cheat & i said u that in the playing game if you throw 
the wepon than you can again throw that wepons how i said you.
First you thorw the one wepon & after that you put down your scroll you have change 
your wepons for e.g you throw the mud pie & you want to again thorw it just scroll 
down choose you want not. the second cheat is in game you move your tank to any way 
for many of time just click on move & scrool down than u reach to were u want to go 
without take second move u also move your enemy tank if he thorw its wepon than you 
put your scroll up or down really it works.
If have difficulty contact my id 

Submitted by: Suraj Mittal

First select the weapon you want to use, do not unselect it, then fire the weapon 
with the help of space, after firing change the weapon, now u fill find that the 
weapon u fired will be instead of the weapon u changed. ENJOY POCKET TANKS.

Submitted by: Ryan Boice

This little tip requires the full deluxe version of PT with all of the weapon packs.

This is great: Use the FUNNEL (the weapon that puts your opponent tank in a funnel 
of bouncy dirt. Then hit them with the TRAIL BLAZER (a pretty pitiful weapon on flat 
surfaces). As the TRAIL BLAZER bounces it releases little bombs that are only worth 
1 point. However, when properly placed with the FUNNEL it contunues to bounce for 
quite a while and can rack up 300 - 400 points! I went from loosing a match by 300 
points to take the lead with 100 points to spare. Oh, this was found completly by 

Powerful Weapon:
Submitted by: niraj

The very powerful weapon of the game is funnel and other spread weapons combo. the 
spreading weapons like trailblazer, fission bomb, gyro glue, color bomb, fireworks, 
repeater, lava et al will give the maximum damage, using fission bomb in funnel i 
accidentally scored more than 350 points.

IP-to-IP Internet game activation:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file
before proceeding. Also, run the game first to have it create its directories and 
files. In v1.3, use a text editor to edit the "pt.cfg" file in the "/My Documents/My
Games/Pocket Tanks Deluxe" directory. Change the value of the "NetworkIPSupport" 
line from "0" to "1". The result should be an option for "IP-to-IP Internet Game"
in LAN Game mode. 

Easy wins:
At the Weapon Shop, if a Digger appears, get it. Also, get as many underground weapons
as you can (for example, Worm, Homing Worm, Hotfoot, etc.). When the battle starts, 
fire every weapon except for the Digger or underground weapons. Then, select the Digger
and change the angle of the shot so that it goes diagonally into the ground. On your 
next turn, move into the underground tunnel and start firing your underground weapons.
Your enemy cannot hit you because you are underground, but you can still hit your enemy.

Super Star:
If little or no dirt is under your opponent, the Super Star will not do optimal damage.
However, if your opponent is on a high dirt platform, the Super Star will do massive 
damage. This weapon is perfect for when your opponent uses a Pedestal.

Super Phase Missile:
Submitted by: raic

For this to work enemy must be standing on a lot of dirt. You fire phase missile with
high power so that it misses the opponent and starts circling around him, it will go 
faster and faster hitting him in the end for 120 dmg instead of 20.

Easy points:
If you are on a valley or on the other side of a mountain, set the angle diagonally 
upward toward your opponent, set the power to 80, and use a Turn & Burn. If done 
correctly, you should now be near your opponent. Fire an X-Ray Cannon, Gamma Blaster,
Lodestones, Laser (or Super Laser), Bazooka, Late Bloomer, Minigun, or Potholes directly
toward your opponent at a high power. You will get massive points by doing this. Also, 
if your opponent's weapons have too big of a blast, or something that fires particles 
bound to hit the opponent as well as you, it is going to be difficult for that opponent
to gain points. Or, after getting next to your opponent, if you have any dirt weapons 
(Dirtball, Big Dirtball, Dirt Slinger, Rainbow Dirt, Mud Pie, Tar Ball, etc., preferably
Cruball or Mud Pie), and your opponent has nothing to safely remove the dirt, use them. 
Then, fire any weapons that go through dirt. If you hit the opponent with Flower Power,
X-Ray Cannon, and/or Gamma Blaster, you will get a massive number points. 
Also, not only will your opponent not be able to attack under dirt, but he will have 
to blast his own points away to get out of the trap.

Super Spinner:
Submitted by: Elliott

You must have pocket tanks deluxe with the gold weapon pack. move close to the enemy 
and position your barrel so the tip is in the middle of his tank usespinner and you 
usually get 3000-4000 points but i have gotten 5000 once.

5k point combo:
Submitted by: Wh1t3 W01f

When you are in a game and u have the option to get jump jets(turn and burn or backfire
will work to) or the spinner use the the jump jets to get close to your opponent and angle
your turret to go inside the enemy tank and fire the spinner. If done correctly you should
get 5000 points from a single shot. Happy Cheating. W01F

Hedge Weapon:
Submitted by: Jutharius

The Hedge Weapon actually can do massive damage. This hint works better if your opponent 
is on a flat surface. After you get your angle set, set your power to where the hedge 
weapon will hit just a little bit behind your opponent. The Hedge weapon will then hit 
your opponent as it grows causing massive damage. I did this just a few minutes ago and 
my score went from only 100 points to a little over 600 points.

Hidden tank colors:
Normally there are only eight colors. However if you use a text editor to edit the 
"pt.cfg" file in the "\Documents\My Games\Pocket Tanks Deluxe\" directory, you can access
two hidden colors not seen in the color selection screen. Color 0 is black and color 1 
is white. The time the game is loaded, the selector will be in the middle of the screen
with the color you selected . There is full support on either color; there will still 
be an arrow, your color choice will show up in the weapon selection screen, etc.
Note: This does not work in AN Game mode.

Sniper jump:
Submitted by: akshay katira

GO to option and turn explosion kick to maximum now start the game it will be your first 
turn if you are playing against computer, now the best way to beat computer is to get 
close to it as it backfires wepons like pineapple, spider etc on it so choose sniper let 
power be zero now adjust the angle as mentioned downwards, the sniper will be fired on 
yourself and you will be thrown away. As it was the first volley it doesn't matter having 
-100 as we have scored no points. If you have adjusted angle between 90 to 140 tank will 
be thrown forward if between 90 to 40 it will be thrown backward the thurst also depend 
on position of tank if / position than forward if \ position than backward

Funnel and Power Grid combo:
Submitted by: Martin EPMO

Use Funnel on enemy tank, then shoot the Power Grid. The grids should bounce off the side 
of the Funnel and you can get 150-300 points.

Schorching Lava:
Submitted by: Soulblaze

If you want to make about 450 points in just two turns (well literally in one turn)then just 
put your enemy tank in FUNNEL and throw LAVA in it and you will get more than 400 points

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