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Platform Racing 2 Cheats

Platform Racing 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

How to get Bee Body, Propeller Hat, and Candy Head:
These items don't randomly be the race reward.

Unlockable      How to unlock
Candy Head      - Do Candy Land against 3 players
Bee Body        - Do Zerostar (after Candy Land) against 3 players
Propeller Hat   - Do Hat Factory. No matter how many players your against
Bird body       - Play the It's New York level against three players
Unicorn head    - Play level 1 against three players
Football helmet - Go to soul temple with 4 people

Hint: Get Unicorn:
Submitted by: James

To get Unicorn head go on the very first level with 3 other players, to get
bird body, go on "its new york" with 3 other players.

Hint: Yellow Blocks:
Submitted by: derek

When u get to all the yellow push blocks go over and ther should b two on top 
push them to right till ends are touching dont push past or the other players
can get past only do this if u r in the lead or close to it not if ur in last.

Submitted by: cheeso

Make a account with the words bonus and hat in then go to any place and you will 
unlock the ability to fly with a cowboy hat note:you will be able to keep the hat.

Submitted by: Thomas

This isn't much of a is more like a glitch.
On mario bross remix go with a teleport and if u have good acceleration than u can
go towards the wall at top and u will see all the bombs??.
Do a super jump and there should be a gap, go with ur teleport and use it throw
that gap wile holding down the right.
Than u can skip aaaallll of the stuff down in the underground.

Submitted by: King of Fun (PR2 Character)

wanna see bright lights in PR2? then here's your chance, try making a level with
many finish lines together, then try to move with your eyes looking at the finish
lines, then you'll see what i mean by bright lights.

Submitted by: anthony

If u have 3 hats kong,proppeller,and exp hat, u must go to a level which is "get a 
crown"u must have on ur 3rd hat u earned weather it is kong proppeler or exp,were 
the one thats last and finally,.... play the level and where it says "winner of the 
game wins" crown and ull get a crown!

Submitted by: Rodriesk

To get Helmet Head, play Soul Temple against 3 players.

Submitted by: ahmed

Put water on an edge of a block without anything on da top on level editor squeze up
and u will be out!

Submitted by: blake

To do this make a diagnol line of blocks in da editor with water around it go in a 
corner and push ^> simoltainously and u will be through :)

Submitted by: kingdooms

Go to soul temple then with three people u can win a helmet head oh and candy head 3 
people on candyland.

Glitch for Candy land:
Submitted by: Jake

Ok u need propeller hat for u get super jump and at those big like waffle blocks 
bombs are under there hit those bombs get u hat float down y u still have super 
jump and use it to get up if u need help pm me in the game my name on game is 

Gun Glitches:
Submitted by: cheat wizard101

For a gun glitch u need to put an up arrow block and a long line of blocks with one 
opening turn away from where u want to go in the opening at the top then shoot and u 
should get through. If u want to see my glitch go to one of my maps my user name in 
speedman910 look for the map gun glitch and it should show u it.

Teleport glitch (mario remix):
Submitted by: Tailz

Ok so on mario remix get a teleporter and go to the huge wall with all the bombs in.
do a super jump and you will see 2 bombs missing, use your teleporter through the gap! 
you will blow up and land somewhere were you can skip ALL underground!!!

Easter egg:
Submitted by: menidia5

Go to the level easter bunny.then pass the level 4 times with the four hats. Propeler
hat, santa hat, exp hat, and kong hat. once you are passing in ur fourth time with ur
fourth hat it will say the winner of this race will win a eater egg body or bunny ears.
If it doesnt work try passing it with atleats 3 people in the race and win four times 
with the four hats. An rate 5 in ur first and my friends got it like that.

Submitted by: Tailz

Speed: 100
Acceleration: +10
Jump: high as possible

Hints - Item bonuses:
Update by: StickGuy
Submitted by: billybob

Unicorn Head             - Win "Newbie Land 2" against 3 other players.
Sun Head                 - Win "Mario Bros. Remix" against 3 other players.
Football Helmet          - Win "Soul Temple" against 3 other players.
Bird Head                - Win "Razor Blade" against 3 other players.
Bid Body                 - Win "It's New York!" against 3 other players.
Bird Feet                - Win "Black Light" against 3 other players.
Candy Head               - Win "candyland" against 3 other players.
Bee Body                 - Win "ZeroStarr" against 3 other players.
Propeller Hat            - Win "Hat Factory" be yourself or against other people.
Basketball Head          - Won randomly.
Santa Hat                - won randomly.
Exp Hat                  - Won randomly.
Stick head               - won randomly.
stick body               - won randomly.
stick feet               - won randomly.
invisably head/feet/body - won randomly.
Crown                    - Earned from F@H.You need 50,000 points.
Cowboy Hat               - Earned from F@H.You need 100,000 points.

GOOD TIP mario bros remix place: 
Submitted by: tappajaa10 (pr2 name)

Go in mario bros remix (u can train this first against 1 ppl) and there where is the 
yellow block, go in down and use (propeller hat or jetpak) and go finish.

Major Shortcut in Newbie Land 2:
When you jump on the item box, hopefully you will get a Teleport. Then when it come the
time to go up, just use the Teleport to go trough it! You will already be on the other 
side and get the the finish much quicer!

Zerostar glitches:
Submitted by: chuck noris777

1.On zerostar go till you get to the 2 rows of hrren vanish blocks and 2 rows of mine
blow up 1 mine on the floor then go in the little space wait till green blocks come 
back then walk right you will glitch through the ground 2.when you did the first one
keep going till you find the room with 2 mines one floating 1 block up and one on the
ground go to the floating one and get in the space then slowly come out when out hold
 down still hold down and hold right then let go down and you will go through the ground
again also my platform racing 2 name is chuck noris777.

Another glitch
Submitted by: Submitted by: chuck noris777

make your skills 100 speed 31 acelaration then go in a box that has 9 blocks on the floor
and 10 blocks on the walls inside the box go to one side hold a super jump then turn let 
go super jump and hold right and you will be through.

Candy land new glitch:
Submitted by: chuck noris777

This is a new glitch on candy land make your skills 100 speed 41 acelaration get a speed
burst then hit the rotate block at the end of the first part of candyland and go left up
the little staircases then when on the big hill thing on the first part of candyland go
down 2 steps use speed burst then hold up and right and you'll go through the celing also
you need propeller hat.

Submitted by: h man cool

I dont think this will help but on candyland at the start press the right arrow key you 
will get a little speed boost.

Submitted by: Kullen1555

do the place glitches 4p 5 times by Kullen1555 and rate 5 first time and do 4 more times 
and you will get crown.

Double jump:
Submitted by: mikaela ifurung

If u get a super jump from the "?" box do a jump or a super jump.

When it comes to the part where there are 8 mines to the side, blow up one of them. Then
go to where the blown up mine was, wait for all the green blocks to come back up, and 
blow up against the next mine. You should go flying into the floor right below you!

Mario bros remix Brick Cheat:
Submitted by: Faisel

If you get sword then if you can see the bricks near the finish line then get sword and 
break them and if that does not work then get laser gun and shoot then walk through and 
you can see the green things.

Razor blade:
Submitted by: Chipmunk Kid17

Go to the first ice blocks then jump on the first one on the left then quick jump to the 
right and go threw the basic blocks.

Razor blade:
Submitted by: muikelo

Use 100 speed and 50 acceleration and max jump what can and propeller hat when you're 
under stairs push green blocks off then go again up and fly and you get in blocks.

How to get down in zerostar?:
Submitted by: flying guy

To get on down in zerostar set your speed to 95 and acceleration 50 and Jumping 26 and 
pick up 1 smiley block and push on wall who is hole on up and sametime jump and control
left and you did it and next push on wall what line you want and next you can continue 
race or did it again and have fun on this glitch to you not know how did it i can show 
it on platform racing 2 how to do it and pm for me to want see how did it my user is on
platform racing 2 is:3673.

Wall hack:
Submitted by: Joshua

Go to ZeroStar or the zero place. and go to where those 6 bombs are. blow the very bottom-
left one up. and then walk slowly under all 5 of em. and then, hit the botton-right one 
while walking slowly, and you will be through walls.

Complete stick outfit:
Submitted by: Akastar

Go to search and type "conamidos" in the search bar.Play the dead stick race 4 times and 
rate 5 the our times.You will win a complete stick outfit...

How to cheat on cheat engine 5.0:
Submitted by: shy guy
Email :

use cheat engine 5.0 and get hex tool number '26843545' then you see 2 addresses then 
double click all two addresses and you see all down then double click values and change
value to -1 then you need have stats: speed:2 acc:100 jump:8 then cheat it and you have
very high jump.

P.S.don't use this so much or you get virus and have fun =D

Armor Bonuses:
Submitted by: Mysterious Unknown Person

Some armor gives bonuses!
Bird set           :Increased jumping.(Increased Propeller Hat effenct if wearing it)
Vampire with skates:Increased speed and acceleration.
Invisible set      :Slight boost at beginning of a race.
Black snake(foot doesn't matter):Increased speed and beginning boost.
Candy Head:Enimies' stats lowered 10% in candy land.
Girl with Ballarina Shoes:Increased speed.
Big Belly Body:Increased speed at the cost of decreased speed and acceleration.
Stick Set:Increades jumping and speed.
Sun head:Increased chance to get telelport.
Unicorn head:Increased acceleration.
Football helmet:Slight chance at getting teleport.
Bee Body:Increased Propeller Hat effect.
Crown and Cape(head and foot don't matter):Sometimes reflects an attack back to the attacker.
Flower Head and Black Snake Body(foot doesn't matter):Stats doubled.
Bee Body,Candy Head,Bird Foot,and Super Flying Cowboy Hat:Super Speed,Super Acceleration,Super 
Jump,Super Fly,10% chance to fly or jump through wall,increased exp,and 1% chance to automadicly 
win when the race starts.

Slip, swim and speed hint:
Submitted by: John1097

In Slip, swim and speed keep going until you reach the place where you can jump above the place 
to start then keep going to the black thing then jump off.Watch out!There are mines down there!
Land on the water and you might be ahead of everyone!
P.S.Break the stone blocks for a shortcut and happy blocks.(the other way has sad blocks.

Recommended Stats:
Submitted by: ChampionerX

Are you having a hard time finding the best stats? Use my recommended stats!

# Speed: 59
# Acceleration: 50
# Jump: 56

Cheat at razor blade:
Submitted by: wolf1099

stand between the second to last block and the last block at the cheat spot hold down then 
hold right you and always hit the exp block at the beggining first have to be level 19 or 
up stats have to be 

speed:39 or 40

Unlockable All Items:
Submitted by: mrcoletech1234

Main Head       - Comes with it.
Guy Head        - Comes with it.
Creepy Head     - Comes with it.
Flower Head     - Comes with it.
Girl Head       - Comes with it.
Tiny Head       - Comes with it.
Vampire Head    - Comes with it.
Baby Head       - Comes with it.
Snake Head      - Comes with it.
Basketball Head - Won randomly.
Stick Head      - Won randomly.
Invisible Head  - Won randomly.
Cool Sun Head   - Play "Mario Bros Remix" with 3 people.
Unicorn Head    - Play "Newbieland 2" with 3 people.
Giant Bird Head - Play "Razor Blade" with 3 people.
Helment Head    - Play "Soul Temple" with 3 people.
Candy Head      - Play "Candyland Cam" with 3 people.

Main Body       - Comes with it.
Solider Body    - Comes with it.
Dress Body      - Comes with it.
Bug Body        - Comes with it.
Fat Body        - Comes with it.
Vampire Body    - Comes with it.
Mayor Body      - Comes with it.
Belt Body       - Comes with it.
Snake Body      - Comes with it.
Invisible Body  - Won randomly.
Stick Body      - Won randomly.
Giant Bird Body - Play "It's New York!" with 3 people.
Bee Body        - Play "Zerostar" with 3 people.

Main Feet       - Come with it.
Girl Feet       - Come with it.
Sneakers Feet   - Come with it.
Cleats Feet     - Come with it.
Skates Feet     - Come with it.
Tiny Feet       - Come with it.
Sandles Feet    - Come with it.
Fancy Feet      - Come with it.
Fancy Feet 2.0  - Come with it.
Invisible Feet  - Won randomly.
Stick Feet      - Won Randomly.
Giant Bird Feet - Play "Blacklight" with 3 people.

Kong Hat   - Log on on Kongregate.
Exp Hat    - Won randomly.
Party Hat  - Won randomly or play on New Years.
Santa Hat  - Won randomly.
Crown Hat  - Earn 5,000 points in F@H .
Cowboy Hat - Earn 100,000 points in F@H.

Razor Blade: Easy Exp Block:
Note: You must be level 19 and/or have stats at acceleration 30, speed 39 to 40,
and jump 40. Stand between the second to last block and the last block. Then hold 
[Down] + [Right] to always hit the Exp Block.

Candy Land Cam:
Submitted by: Baaaa

On Candy Land when u pass the Waffle Mountain go in the bricks go up then go o the right 
hit it with a sword and then jump over the bombs and on the last 1 their will be a vanish 
block wait then u will fall and u wont have to pass the jumping thing.

P.S The Santa Hat Help So U Dont Have To Jump Over The Bombs U Can Just Walk Under

Its new york! in 30 secs:
Submitted by: mukc

its simple!you need propeller hat and super jump item!Ok now,all you have to do is from 
were you get super jump at the begining(1st one(item)keep quiting until you get it.then 
take a step forward(next block)then hold the| button until your fully gold then realeasethen 
use super jump item while far in the air.then hold the > arrow then do the rest of the level!

how get full bird suit(easy way):
Submitted by: mukc

Open up 3 other windows rank up all of them to ranhats k 8 on a server with the least 
amount of people (best if you have 1 window at a time for the pc\laptop to go faster.)
Once you done that play on razor blade with all of the windows on, playing make the other 
quit and the same with "its new york!" and "blacklight. thats all!(go on kongregate for a 

Zerostar & Party hat:
Submitted by: Conquerer

In the last room in Zerostar (the room with the finish block) the block underneath the 
finish block is actually a drawing, so you can go right through it and not have to go 
through rotating 3 times. Also, the party hat appears in random levels.

Lot's of Exp!:
Submitted by: nachoz77

You must be the rank 40 EXACTLY and race with 3 other players the same rank as 40.
Everyone must be wearing a Crown in the race except you. You have to be wearing an Exp Hat. 
You must go to a level with a title called: Exp Glitches. You can choose any level with the 
title called "Exp Glitches". You have to win to do this glitch.
Once you win, Click on "Close" instead of "Return to Lobby". Click "Close" then click "Quit" 
then click "Close" then click "Quit then click on "Return to lobby". If you have a Crown Hat, 
wear it then play any Campaign levels with you're Crown Hat. Then win. On the "Race Complete!" 
pad, it will say: Level Completed +0 Defeated (Player's Name)+0 Defeated (Player's Name) 
+0 Defeated (Player's Name) +0
Total Experience: +700!! It's a really fun glitch.

45 Winning on any Luck Test:
Submitted by: nachoz77

You need sun head to get more luck than usual on a Luck Test. It is a 45% chance for winning 
on it. The sun head isn't just ordinary head, it gives you a good chance to get a teleport 
from the Item block.

How I got the Epic Top Hat:
Submitted by: Minimania of EE

Many people ask me how I got my Epic Upgrade Top Hat.
One day, I was racing on the All Time Best on some of the Red versus Blue levels by MF Eclipse. 
When I finished another level, Sir Sirlington (yes he exists) showed up on Spark of War 
(you can't find him there anymore)and I beat him in that race and he gave mme an epic top hat 
(not to mention he also gave me an epic sir head!)
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