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Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Cheats

Phantasy Star Online - Blue Burst

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Control loading screen:
When the sparkles appear in a loading screen, press the Cursor Keys to move it 

Photon Chair:
Press [Down] + [Left] + [Right] while in a lobby to create a Photon Chair. Press 
A or D to turn the chair, [Down] to move it forward, or [Right] to get out of it.

Ranger Wall:
The Ranger Wall is available in Galleon's shop after you have 300 points if you are 
playing with a Ranger class character. 

Dressing Room:
The Dressing Room is available after you have 3,000 points.

Al Rappy or Pal Rappy:
To find a Al Rappy or Pal Rappy(Pal Rappy is found in Ultimate)go to first
person mode and go to side story at the hunters guild then go to The Fake 
in Yellow defaet all the rappys until u get to the part when u see the 
weird rappy for the second time if u dont see a Al Rappy or Pal Rappy dont
kill the rappys instead use a telepipe go through and go back in repeat 
until u see a Al Rappy or Pal Rappy.

Akiko's Frying Pan:
First, begin your single player quests until you are able to do the "Secret 
Delivery" quest. Start this quest and while on Pioneer 2, talk to a man near
the hospital (he'll mention something about WEAPONS). When prompted to answer
his questions, select "!!" as your answers. Finish the quest to have this 
conversation registered. Now you will need to find four different people who
mention WEAPONS in four different missions, which are Gran Squall, Lost Bride,
Claiming a Stake, and the Value of Money, to gain their approval and be able 
to acquire this weapon. Also, you have to beat these quests and the rest of 
the quests to gain access to older quests. Once you have acquired the approval 
of these four specific characters, go back to the "Secret Delivery" quest. 
Talk to the same man you talked to before and he'll tell you to talk to the
WEAPON leader. She's located in the weapon shop. After you talk to her, you
will acquire the rare, TP-friendly weapon, Akiko's Frying Pan.

Unlock Levels:
Unlike other versions, you have to do quests to unlock other levels. Go to 
the Principals Office, then talk to Moloka (the first to the left of the 
principal, then you can do these quests (1, 2, 3, 4 quests are in Episode 1.
 5, 6, 7, 8 quests are in Episode 2. Some info may be inaccurate)

Unlockable                                       How to Unlock
Beat Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Episode 1  - Do all quests starting with 4.
Beat Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Episode 2  - Do all quests starting with 8.
Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Caves           - Do all quests starting with 1.
Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Central Control - Do all quests starting with 6.
Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Mines           - Do all quests starting with 2.
Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Ruins           - Do all quests starting with 3.
Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Seabed          - Do all quests starting with 7.
Normal/Hard/Very Hard/Ultimate Spaceship       - Do all quests starting with 5.

Load Screen Trick:
When you are in a loading screen with the sparkles (seen when you are connecting 
to online mode, when you enter lobby or you leave pioneer 2), use the directional
buttons to move the little sparkling thing around. Good fun when you're loading 

Easily go past traps and enemies:
You know how annoying traps in the hallways can be (especially in Caves). When 
you get to one of these situations, or whenever there are traps around, press 
[F12]. This will bring up the menu, but you will be able to run past traps and/or
enemies without slowing down.

Hidden item:
When playing in Gallon's shop, if you get a total of 300-310 pts, you can talk 
to Gallon and get a Ranger wall(When playing with a Ranger class) or Force wall
(When playing with a Force class).

Raise your level even more:
To raise your level quickly you must take the Quest: Towards the Future. You will
run series of areas and will have to fight all 4 bosses including Dark Falz's 3rd
Form (only in Hard, V.Hard & Ultimate Difficulty).
If you're too weak and can't even hit the enemy, use a gun or a technique and run 
away hile a stronger player slays the monster you hit. Don't worry, everyone gets 
EXP even they deal 0 Damage to the enemy. Techniques always hit successfully (Megid
doesn't really). If you're an Android use traps or guns. It is also recommended you
have a Mag to raise DEF(DFP), ATK(ATP), DEX(ATA) & MIND(MST).
NOTE: If you raise your Mag(s) a lot you will able to learn higher Techniques and 
use more powerful weapons. And especially your defense.

These things can only be found in Subterranean Desert 2 & 3 in PSOBB Episode 4. You'll
find it most annoying: This thing can change it's elements to Thunder, Fire & Ice.
If you stray too far it will try to pull you right to it! Whenever you hit it, you were
able to prevent from being Shocked/Frozen. The claws are its protection so you may want
to attack in the center. It's not a good idea to do this alone but in a party it is. 
Make sure you have a high-leveled partner with you to slay it for you. (Don't forget 
to hit and run so you can get EXP! And make sure you survive or you won't get any.)

ALT Actions:
These button codes only works in the lobby or anywhere else (except for ALT+U or I).

[ALT] + A-Z    - (Greeting Actions)
[ALT] + 1-0    - (Move/Flip Actions)
[ALT] + F1-F12 - (Combat Actions, will not set off weapons in lobby)

By pressing [ALT] with these keys you are able to make cool commands.
NOTE: Depending on the gender they have different commands, so some may not do what 
says below. Or also known as "Stylish".

Example shown below:

PS: The reason why you are unable to execute buttons "ALT+U or I" in other places 
because they're chair actions and they only work in the Lobby. The chair color matches
your ID Section Color. 

Code     Effect
[ALT]+M  - Play Dead
[ALT]+U  - Chair 1
[ALT]+I  - Chair 2
[ALT]+N	 - P.U. (Bad smell)
[ALT]+F1 - SMASH HIT (Fall on ground hard)
[ALT]+2  - Jump flip backwards
[ALT]+F6 - Kick

Character Status:
These are stats for your character:

LVL=Level - Displays current Level (Can use various of ARMOR and SHIELDS with required LVL)
ATP=Attack Points - Shows strength of a character (Can use various of SWORDS with required ATP)
DFP=Defense Points - Gain resistance of enemy's attacks
MST=Mental Strength - Shows how much Intelligence (Can use various of TECHNIQUES and CANES
with required MST)
ATA=Attack Accuracy - Shows you can hit the enemy or not (Can use various of GUNS with
required ATA)
EVA=Evasion = Avoid enemy attacks
LCK=Luck - More likely to get Critical Hits (Not for finding Rare Items)

Here in this section shows how much you can resist of that element.

EFR=Fire Element
EIC=Ice Element
ETH=Thunder Element
ELT=Light Element
EDK=Dark Element

The more resistance you get the more you will soon to be immune to them.

NOTE: Each character has its own specialty such as a HUcast has high ATP or a FOnewaerl
has high and power MST. Not all characters can use Swords, Guns or Canes but some of the
weapons classes you can use and some you cannot. Be sure to check its availability of the
Weapon/Armor you have otherwise it's useless (unless you want to transfer items to your
other character). If you see the (X) on the item it means you can't use them in a certain
class (that's mostly for androids).

Limited Games:
When you tried to make a party, and you got a note that says "Limited of games has been
accomplished. Please join a party" it means that people already made their party and there
are too many of them. It also means you either have to join the party or wait.

How to make your Mag into Nidra:
This Nidra will be created on a ranger of any section-a type section id. This Nidra will
can have three different major stat areas which are power, mind, and dex. The final mag
will have the photon blasts: Mylla & Youlla, Estilla, and Pilla.

-=Step One=-
You should have a level 5 baby mag that is the color of your desired Nidra. Feed the baby
mag antidotes until it evolves into a Kalki with the stats 5/1/4/0 and the photon blast
Estilla. It should have a syncro of 30 and an I.Q. of 30. You should have spend 15 minutes
feeding and 600 meseta.

-=Step Two=-
Take your new Kalki and feed it antidotes until it evolves into Mitra at level 35. Your
new Mitra should have the stats 5/7/23/0 and the photon blasts Estilla and Pilla. The
Mitra should have a syncro of 30 and an I.Q. of 157. At this point you should have spent
225 Minutes and 8220 meseta.

-=Step Three=-
Make sure at this point you hand over you Mitra to a type-b section id ranger. Feed your
new Mitra antiparalysis until it evolves into Kaitabha at level 50. It should now have the
stats 5/7/38/0 and the photon blasts Estilla, Pilla, and Mylla & Youlla. The Kaitabha
should have a syncro of 120 and an I.Q. of 157. You should have now spent 350 minutes and
12720 meseta on the mag thus far.

-=Step Four=-
At this point you will want to feed the Kaitabha antidotes until dex equals 50 (5/7/50/0).
It should now have a syncro of 120 and an I.Q. of 82. You should have now spent 475
minutes and 17220 meseta.

-=Step Five=-
Now you should alternate between monomates (increase power, decrease def) and sol
atomizers (increase power, increase def) until power equals 49.

-=Step Six=-
Your now at the final step. Give the Kaitabha to a Virdia, Blueful, Redria, or Whitill
FOmar and feed the mag the last monomate or sol atomizer and you should have a Nidra with
the stats (5/45/50/0).

-=Step Seven=-
At this point you can use monomates to increase power (5/145/50/0). Monofluids to increase
mind (5/45/50/100). Antidotes to increase dex (5/45/150/0).

Mag Feeding Guide:
It appears a lot of people are having trouble getting a Rare Mag by feeding. So I'm just
gonna see how it works out just fine.

In this guide I will be talking about Mags having stats DEF+DEX=POW+MIND. Only if you have
IDs of Redria, Bluefull, Whitill, & Viridia.

NOTE: Everyone can get those stat but it is recommended to pass the Mags on a Type B
Ranger (Greenill, Oran, Bluefull, Pinkal, & Whitill) for good PBs (Photon Blasts).

Please keep this in mind: If you raise a stat (DEF, POW, DEX and/or MIND) it will raise
your base stats. But, be warned how much does it raise by. As you can see, DEF and DEX
will not help your character much. And remember that you are NOT supposed to raise its DEF
since it only adds 1 Base DFP.

DEF: Adds 1 Base DFP
POW: Adds 2 Base ATP
DEX: Adds 0.5 Base ATA
MIND: Adds 2 Base MST

Before Starting: Please have yourself a new fresh Baby Mag (one with only 5 DEF and
nothing else). And create a Type B Ranger for the best Photon Blasts. And now lets start!

Step 1: Your Ranger (any Ranger for the first two forms) must feed your Baby Mag plain
Antidotes until it evolves into Kalki (PB "Estilla", Dolphin, piercing attack).

Step 2: Keep feeding it Antidotes until it becomes Mitra (PB "Pilla", Sage,
destroy nearby enemies).

Step 3: Now pass the Mitra to a Type B Ranger (Greenill, Oran, Bluefull, Pinkal, or
Whitill). Now this time feed it only Antiparalysis until it becomes Kaitabha (PB
"Mylla&Youlla", Twins, casts Shifta&Deband).

Step 4: Now for the hardest part... You will now take responsibility of your Mag you're
working on. Feed your Mag Antidotes until DEX is 45.

Step 5: Once DEX is 45, feed your Mag only Dimates until POW is 49. Why Well, here's a
surprise... Now it's your choice to pass on any class, but only IDs of Redria, Bluefull,
Whitill or Viridia.

Hunter Males: Deva (When I look at this Mag... It looked like a satellite...)
Hunter Females: Savitri (Haha, a Robot! And they look cool if they're blue or yellow)
Ranger Males: Pushan (I'm not sure what this is, but I keep thinking of it as a butterfly)
Ranger Females: Rukmin (Well, it kinda looks like a Rocket Boy or something)
Force Males: Nidra (Cool looking Scorpion, but in Green color, it looks even cooler)
Force Females: Sato (Everyone's favorite kitty mag, SATO!!)

NOTE: The race of all classes does not matter but the gender does. So keep that in mind.

Step 6: Once you've made a choice of making a specific Rare Mag, feed it Dimates until POW
is 50. And there you go! You got a... Whatever Rare Mag you got from the class and gender
you picked above. You will now feed it only Dimates until POW is 150.

Step 1: Well, start with any Ranger (for the first two forms) by feeding it Monofluids
until it becomes Kalki (PB "Estilla", Dolphin, piercing attack).

Step 2: Antidotes raises DEX and POW, but we want to raise DEX and MIND so feed it only
Antiparalysis until it becomes Mitra (PB "Pilla", Sage, destroys all nearby

Step 3: Now pass the Mitra to a Type B Force (Greenill, Oran, Bluefull, Pinkal, or
Whitill). Just feed it only Monofluids until it evolves into Ila (PB
"Mylla&Youlla", Twins, casts Shifta&Deband).

Step 4: Good, now you need to feed it Antidotes until DEX is 45.

Step 5: And then feed it Difluids until MIND is 49. But you do have a choice of making a
Rare Mind Mag. So it's recommended making it into a Sato.

The Mag's DEF and DEX must be equal to POW and MIND (or other way around) when it reaches
Lv100. So... I'll give a few examples:


You see how both sides add up to 50:50, right It doesn't matter on what kind of Mag you
have to make a Rare Mag. You just need to make sure DEF and DEX have same amount as POW
and MIND. Sounds simple Maybe Well, figure it out on your own and see if it works.

JUST FOR FUN: Sometimes people not only follow the main instructions of making a Rare Mag.
But they can create unique ones. However a complete DEX Mag is completely useless, so why

If you have ideas or problems of making a Rare Mag. PM me and I'll see what went wrong.
So don't give up.

Unsealing and Combining Items:
Specific items/weapons needed to have a number of kills when worn. And once worn DO NOT 
remove the weapon or item that you are about to unseal otherwise you may have to start 
over. And most people say there's no worries about switching to other weapons or units.
But they're wrong. And once the item has reached that many kills, go to to Menu>Items>Bag
and select the item you are going to unseal and select the "USE" option. You will then 
unseal an item.

Here are the list of items you can unseal into their TRUE form:

Lame D'argent        --> 10,000 Kills --> Excalibur
Sealed J-Sword       --> 23,000 Kills --> Tsumikiri J-Sword
Proof of Sword-Saint --> 20,000 Kills --> Swordsman Lore
Limiter              --> 20,000 Kills --> Adept

Combining items into cooler weapons or armor that can help you improve ATP and or MST 
for weapons and DFP and EVP for armor. You will need a certain weapon/ armor and a 
material to make an improved item.

You must be at least Lv100-140 for certain combination.

Here are the list of materials you can combine:

Monkey King Bar (Max Grinded) + Blue Black Stone + Hunters 800 ATP = Black King Bar
Slicer Series (Max Grinded) + Magic Stone "Irista" + 570 ATP = Rainbow Baton
Frozen Shooter (Max Grinded) + Photon Booster + Ranger 162 ATA= Snow Queen
Flame Visit (Max Grinded) + Photon Booster + Ranger 164 ATA = Burning Visit
Maser Beam (Max Grinded) + Photon Booster + Ranger 160 ATA = Power Maser
Panzer Faust (Max Grinded) + Photon Booster + Android Ranger 182 ATA = Iron Faust
Wand Series (Max Grinded) + Magic Rock "Heartkey" + Force 800 MST = Magical Piece
S-Berill's Hands #0 (Max Grinded) + Berill Photon + Hunter 600 ATP = S-Berill's Hands #1
Lavis Cannon + Syncesta + Hunter 850 ATP = Lavis Blade
Lavis Blade + Syncesta + Hunter 900 ATP = Double Cannon
Double Cannon + Syncesta + Hunter 900 ATP = Lavis Cannon 
 (You can use Syncesta repeatedly, there's no limit)
Sword Series (Max Grinded) + Parasitic Gene "Flow" + Hunter 971 ATP = DARK FLOW
Shot Series (Max Grinded) + Parasitic Gene "Flow" + Ranger 190 ATA = DARK METEOR
Rod Series (Max Grinded) + Parasitic Gene "Flow" + Force 900 MST = DARK BRIDGE
Hitogata (Max Grinded) + Book of Hitogata + Force 900 MST = Dancing Hitogata
Handgun: Guld + Handgun: Milla + Ranger 190 ATA = Guld Milla
Plantain Leaf + Magic Water + Force 630 MST = Plantain Fan
Fatsia + Magic Water + Force 690 MST = Plantain Huge Fan
Handgun Series + Parts of Eggblaster + Ranger 140 ATA = Egg Blaster
Sange + Yasha + Hunter 800 ATP = Sange&Yasha
Branch of Paku Paku + Chao Mag + Force 695 MST = Striker of Chao
Heaven Punisher + Ophelie Seize + Ranger 210 ATA = Mille Martuex
Wand Series (Max Grinded) + Force 670 MST = Twinkle Star

Spirit Garment + Magic Rock "Moola" + Lv152 (NO ANDROIDS) = Aura Field
Spirit Garment + Star Amplifier + Lv111 = Brightness Circle
Spirit Garment + Magic Rock "Heartkey" + Females Lv131 = Love Heart
Love Heart + Magic Rock "Heartkey" + Females Lv131 = Sweetheart
Invisible Guard + Magic Rock "Heartkey" + Females Lv131 = Safety Heart
Spirit Garment + Chu Chu Mag + Lv101 = Chu Chu Fever
Stink Frame + Parasitic Cell Type-D + Lv54 (NO ANDROIDS) = Parasite Wear: De Rol
Parasite Wear: De Rol + Parasitic Cell Type-D + Lv66 (NO ANDROIDS) = Parasite Wear: Nelgal
Parasite Wear: Nelgal + Parasitic Cell Type-D + Lv89 (NO ANDROIDS) = Parasite Wear: Vajulla
Parasite Wear: Vajulla + Parasitic Cell Type-D + Lv156 (NO ANDROIDS) = Virus Armor: Lafuteria

Dark Falz:
-="The ancient monster that returns every 100 years..."=-

Dark Falz isn't really much of a threat since the story he always return in new forms that
obviously he will fall in defeat. Dark Falz is Episode 1 Final Boss. He is the easiest
Final Boss to defeat.

Dark Falz will not reveal his Final Form in this difficulty. How sad. Playing in Normal
Difficulty is great start for beginners. He casts offensive spells which he will most
likely kill you if you have an HP below 200. I suggest you have Hp over 200+ in order to
survive his multi Rafoie or Rabarta. And be sure to avoid the Heaven Punishment which will
hurt a lot.

Dark Falz will reveal his Final Form. Knowing this would be the most challenging boss.
Well, not really. To experts, they think they're for noobs. How wrong they are--What about
in Ultimate Difficulty On his Final Form, Dark Falz will often keep a distance away from
you or sometimes get near you. It just depends WHERE Dark Falz IS. You'd better shoot it
quick before it rises up and summon "Guiding Light" on you (AND START RUNNING
LAD!!!). On Ultimate, the Guiding Light will move into a different pattern but will still
hurt a lot. If you are in a Party, you would most likely get killed by Megid (since in
other difficulties his Megid doesn't work). Beware of his powerful Grants which will hurt
a lot. It is a Light-based attack which Forces use also. When Dark Falz takes your soul
(or your party's), DO NOT HIT DARK FALZ UNDER THIS CONDITION. It will result taking your
life away the amount of damage you've dealt (or the others). When it returns the soul, it
will bitch slap you and float around. Remember, this pattern keeps on going until it's

-=Dark Falz's weakness=-
* First Form weak to Lightning (Zonde series).
* Second Form weak to Ice (Barta series).
* Final Form weak to Fire and Light (Foie series and Grants).

Christmas FIASCO:
Christmas Fiasco (SCHTHACK Server Christmas Event) is the event that only happens every
December. It's an event that basically need to kill monsters of break boxes for presents.
BUT! You don't have to do this inside of Fiasco but you can do this outside as well. If
you haven't got a present from Fiasco or outside of it, keep going, don't get discouraged
if you haven't got a present yet. It requires more killing or breaking boxes.

All the "REAL" Presents (if it says '[NAME] has received a gift from Santa
Claus') will contain a legit item. You may be surprised about your gift you have but you
can also trade it if you don't like it. And if you have two of the same items, you can
trade or sell it. Remember, if you are part of a team and there is someone you want to
give for PSO Christmas... You can always surprise them by giving them an uber item or
something they wanted awfully a long time.

During this event, all monsters on Ultimate Difficulty are "on crack". Meaning
their stats are doubled and they will get revenge that you think of them "easy
killing". Now what do you think how THEY feel... ANGRY! Now they wants to kill you
once you set foot on Ultimate. And while this occurs for the rest of the Christmas Event,
the drops will be 3 TIMES faster than normal. Meaning you can get Rares faster than you
can possibly get. If you are in Fiasco Ultimate, you should always have a FORCE in your
party with good Shifta and Deband (ATP & DFP increase), along with Jellen and Zalure
(ATP & DFP decrease).

Well, this will happen every year on Christmas. Enjoy and don't forget, Merry Christmas!

PS: You should also look for a Saint Rappy on Episode 2 VR Temple. Doesn't matter what
difficulty you find them or what you get from them. You only get variety of Mag Cells.

Red Ring and Parasitic Gene "Flow":
Red Ring and Parasitic Gene "Flow" cannot be obtained in Single Player Mode. You must
do it in Multiplayer Mode (Normal Mode). You can only obtain one of these uber items 
from Final Bosses Dark Falz and Olga Flow.

This also has to be done on Ultimate Difficulty. If you can't solo Ultimate on Normal
Mode, then you will need a trusted friend to help you. Mainly, you need a Force. If you
want to solo without support, then you might need to carry few Scape Dolls in your 

Good luck to those who are trying to get RR or PGF.
(These drop items are available on Schtserv, Ultima and Eden private servers).
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