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Overlord II Cheats

Overlord II

Gnome Means Gnome:
Need to commit gnome genocide in a hurry? Finish reclaiming the green hive quest
from Everlight Facility. Return there and use the gnome gates to increase the 
levels of your minions, get life force and treasure (gems), and complete this 
tedious quest.

Gold Mine For Your Three Gold Diggers:
After defeating the spider boss in Everlight Temple you will get back out using
the elevator. Once you have the Netherworld Gate to this zone unlocked, return 
and open the secret room at the top of the stairs (using the Overlord switch). 
The treasure chests inside this secret room will give you an average of 1000 or
more gold each visit. You will need to warp to another gate to reset the map. 
Try Nordburg Town gate 3, as there are four or five treasure chests right next 
to the Tower Gate. 
Rapidly cycling these two maps should inflate your treasury with plenty of gold.

Dominating Perfection:
When dominating towns completely, use the weapons produced by the enthralled 
villagers to increase the attack power of your horde to the maximum. If you have
the maximum horde size of 50 minions and manage to hit the maximum attack power,
you will earn the Perfect Horde trophy or achievement.

Finding People To Enslave:
There are only 100 people in both Nordberg and Everlight. Usually there are about
50 people just wandering through the town. To find the other people you must break
down the doors of the houses. You usually get about two or three people in each 

Free stuff:
If you enslave either town, the people will work for you. Some will mine and get
gold for you and some will forge items for your minions.

Lifeforce gathering:
By the time you get to this area you should have picked up 2 forge stones. Go
to forge and buy the Evil eye helmet. This gives you 2 lifeforce instead of 
one for each collected. Now go to the area where you need to recover the green
hive. As you are making your way out with it you will come to an area where 
there are 2 big guys that shoot the blue beam gun. One will be roaming up top
and the other stands next to a wheel to open the door next to him. In the same
room is a floor plate to release the gnomes behind a cage door. Release the 
gnomes and use them to help you kill the 2 blue beam gun guys. After they are 
dead go back and open the gnome cage again. They will keep respawning infinitely.
What I did was i set myself near the top of the stairs going down while facing 
toward the cage. i then sent out my minions. while they were out hunting I 
propped my controller up to where it would keep sending out my minions. If 
they aren't killing they are collecting lifeforce, which with the helmet gave
me double for each. I completed this achievement in about 45 minutes. Set it 
up got eat watch tv or whatever and by the time you get back you will be done
and have a lot of lifeforce.

Easy gold:
Defeat the spider Boss in Everlight Temple. Use the elevator to exit. After you
have the Netherworld Gate to this zone unlocked, return to the temple, and open
the secret room at the top of the stairs by using the Overlord switch. You can 
collect at least 1.000 gold from the treasure chests inside the secret room. 
Warp to Nordburg Town Gate 3 to reset the temple area. You can also loot the 
treasure chests next to the Tower Gate. Go back and forth between those two 
areas to get easy gold. 

Easy gold:
Enslave both Nordberg and Everlight for large chests of gold that spawn when the
area is reset. Teleport between the two to collect from both and reset each for 
your return. Each set of chests contains at least 1.000 gold. Note: You must 
completely dominate a town to get 1.000 gold from chest spawning sites. All 100
citizens must be enslaved; for each 10 citizens not enslaved will result in 100
 gold being subtracted (for example, 90 people enslaved results in 900 gold).

Ultimate horde:
After finishing the assault on Empire City, return to find no troops, several boxes
with the highest grade armor and weapons, and over 2.000 gold per visit.

Easy Last Devourer Section:
Get 40 reds en 10 blues, Put 4 groups of 10 reds on strategic spots. 

1.On the balcony in front of the beast.
2.Down the stairs on the left side of the beast.
3.Behind the beast.
4.On the right side of the beast.

Drag around your blues to prevent the spread of the slime. do this while standing 
right of the stairs. This way you can get fast to Solarius when he is regurgitated
by the beast to drain him with your evil presence spell. 

Easy First And Second Devourer Parts:
-=First part=- Get about 40 reds en 10 blues let the blues clean up the place of all 
the slime and let your reds attack the Devourer. When he leaves, clean up the slime 
with the blues by dragging them over it. 

-=Second part=- Get 15 browns attack the soldiers on the right until they are dead 
and let the browns kill the archers. Then go to the far left corner from the entrance
and kill the remaining archers with your browns. Go back to exchange your browns for 
again 40 reds en 10 blues. Put 20 reds (on a banner) on each of the 2 plateaus and 
wait until the Devourer leaves to the third part. Then clean up the slime with the 
blues .

-=Last Devourer section=-
Get 40 reds and 10 blues. Put four groups of ten reds on the following strategic 
locations (on the balcony in front of the beast; down the stairs on the left side of
the beast; behind the beast; on the right side of the beast). Drag around your blues
to prevent the spread of the slime. Do this while standing to the right of the stairs.
By doing this you can get to Solarius quickly when he is regurgitated by the beast to 
drain him with your evil presence spell. 

Easy Lifeforce:
After gaining the green hive, return to Everlight fortress. Get at least ten reds and#
whatever minions of the other colors desired. Go to the center of the courtyard where 
you hear the gnomes. Place the reds at the bottom of the stairs facing the gnome's 
prison, then activate the switch to let them out. The gnomes will run out but will be
scared of the reds and move back. About five or six gnomes will run out at a time. Allow
the reds to scare them into the corner. After some time when you think there are a 
reasonable amount of gnomes, send the rest of the horde up there to finish them off 
quickly. Some might get past you. Either let them go or track them down and end them.
You will only receive reds, browns, and green life forces. If done correctly, you should
have no problem with dispatching the 1,000 gnomes and will never have to worry about 
running low on your favorite color minions.

Submitted by: FAT TONY

-=Do you want more minions?=-
when you domain minions, make sure you left 1 or more minions in the minion tower. 
if you do this, your minions will automaticly spawn into their spawning pit. but if 
you domain all of your minions, the automatic spawning will be disabled.

Overlord II is the sequel to the hit warped fantasy action adventure that
had players being delightfully despotic. In Overlord II, a new Overlord 
and a more powerful army of Minions take on the Glorious Empire, an advanced
Romanesque nation, in a truly epic, yet familiarly warped, adventure. As the
Glorious Empire conquers kingdoms and destroys any sign of magic it finds, 
it’s time to go Minion Maximus with a rousing cry of “Veni, Vidi, Vici” and
send in the horde.

The Minions return smarter, deadlier (and funnier) and are ready to fight in 
large scale battles that will see their wild pack mentality squaring up to the
organised legions of the Glorious Empire. As ever, they’ll do anything and 
everything the Overlord commands of them, especially now that they can run 
ravage and wreck buildings and scenery. They’ve also learnt to ride: In 
Overlord II, Minions will be able to mount up and ride wolves and other 
magical creatures around the landscape and take them into battle, making 
our band of merry fighters faster and fiercer than ever before. 
Taking the ‘be evil or really evil’ theme to terrific new heights of tyranny, 
the new Overlord is empowered with forces of destruction and domination with 
which to carve out a new path of evil through the world. And, if the Minions 
have anything to do with it, that path will no doubt be strewn with the beaten
bodies of terminally cute animals and littered with the remains of hippy elves.

* Destroy or Dominate: A brand new corruption system empowers players to enact
  their evil will through either Domination or Destruction. Play as a dominating
  Overlord and villages and people will fall under your command with rewards and
  benefits coming over time. Follow a Destructive path, obliterating anything 
  that stands in your way, and you’ll become a demonic lord of chaos.
* For YOU, Master! Your Own Personal Minion Horde: It’s the Minion horde versus
  the armies of the Glorious Empire army. Organised troops of 50+ enemies 
  attacking in formation, led by Generals, against the wild, outrageous, horde 
  mentality of Minions. Browns, Reds, Blues and Greens return stronger, smarter,
  faster badder and funnier. Always on the chaotic side of organised anarchy, 
  the Minions are smarter and deadlier in their skills than ever before. Their 
  horde mentality is as wild and outrageous as ever and their loyalty to their 
  Overlord has not changed – they’ll do anything and everything (and then a bit 
  more) that’s commanded of them, even if it’s a Kamikaze mission.
  - Browns – Thuggish and brutal, the Browns love a fight and mouthing off. 
    Your own personal tank.
  - Reds – The Overlord’s pyromaniacs, these minions are grumpy little fireball-
    throwing demons. 
  - Greens – Insidious and sneaky, the Greens make up the Overlord’s stealth 
    assassin horde.
  - Blues – More ethereal and Zen-like, the Blues will use their powers of healing
    on fallen comrades. Their magic also allows them to harmlessly pass through 
    enemy lines.
* Playing for laughs: Written by award-winning games writer, Rhianna Pratchett, 
  Overlord II puts the laughter into slaughter and continues the series’ trademark
  humour, playing on the mischievous physical comedy of the minion’s antics with 
  a sprinkling of parody for good measure.
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