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OurWorld Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Gem mining:
You can actually get as many gems as you want for free, everything you have to do is 
gain levels. I like to call this cheat "gem mining", because you have to work to get 
the free gems. Its really easy and has few steps. First, you need to open the friends
tab, then you click "invite friends". Now's the trick, instead of writing a friend's 
e-mail adress, you can write your own. And soon you'll recieve an ourworld invitation.
Then, on the e-mail press "go to our world" and it will bring you to the home page, 
there you have to click "not a member" and join again. When you reach level five with
your new avatar, you'll recieve five gems for your old one. It is important that you 
go to your e-mail with clicking the "go to our world" because otherwise you won't get
gems. And you can make new avatars again and again and get as many gemms as you want,
it's your choice.

Quick flow!:
Submitted by: TazRocks

1.You can spin the Wheel 100 times a day or more to get flow!
2.Play games to get flow and coins

There is a cheat that I found out my friend told me it here it is:

3.Also for gems, you could always make a new avatar with a fake email address, and 
  then sign in on that avatar, get to lvl 5, and then sign out, and sign in on your
  normal account and it will say that so and so has joined Ourworld. They have reached
  lvl 5. You get 5 gems. When they have reached lvl 10, you will get another 5 gems. 
  Also, you could buy Ourworld codes that get you gems. You can purchase the codes 
  from Target or your local store. You could do some of the new surveys they have now, 
  and get thousands of gems.

-=For money, dance for your flow=-
When you spin the prize wheel, or use The Bubbler, than you will get money for 
spinning the wheel or using The Bubbler.

New gem code:
You must go settings, than it say:Got a cuppon After that you enter there that gem code: 
F18A-1B4D-4336-6237,it will give you 10 gems.

test-mode 42:
Submitted by: beena

Type test-mode 42 hit enter then type cryptobiologist hit enter u will gain 10
flows u can do it once a day if u got today 10 flows after u se that tomorrow 
u will get 13 flows the next day 16 and so on remember the maximum is 100 flows.

Hidden Item:
This secret is simple to find all you have to do is go to ur friends in profile 
and put in find bar derrick and a npc comes up go to his friends and more npcs 
come up you can buy wht they are wearing and things in their condo. for derrick
get a free blue cow decal by going to his condo clicking on him and he sais "ive
lost my cow blue and im really sad" he gives u a bell (on side of screen where 
movements are)go to wonderland and place the bell on the ground,a blue cow runs
over to you. go back to derricks condo and whalla blue cow decal (log off and on
and try it it give u more. keep logging on and off to get more).

Keep Familiars Longer:
This glitch lets you keep your familiars for longer, if they are for fifteen 
minutes. use up some of the time, say half of it. and then play a game. play 
that for a little bit and then get out. You should get to restart the amount 
of time you have with you Familiar. This may work with fairies and other things.

Cupid Bow:
Submitted by: courtesy98

Go to Friends and put in Edwin
Click on him; he will give you a letter to give to Collette
Go to Friends and put in Collette; go to her condo
Choose the letter, click on her
Let her respond
Go back to Edwin; Give it back to him.

Submitted by: ImABoodyLover

Type in game-mode 42 or test-mode 42 use the game-mode 42 first then type 
cryptobiologist Non should pop up exsept cryptobiologist then type test-mode 42 then 
cryptobiologist and then sumting weird like Cows only fly at night then press one of
you moves over n over :) nice flow trick.

Whisper Chat Get 20 gems:
First you have 2 get the ow tool bar and then verify so u could talk then you'll 
get 20 gems!

This will make you float above your skateboard:
Ride your skateboard. Then, click on an Easter egg to turn into a bunny / chick.
There will be one egg in each section (ie: Soho). This will only work in the Easter
period and if you received your skateboarding license. Next, sit on a bench or 
something until your time as a Easter critter is over. When it is over and you 
are standing on your seat, leave it [the seat]. You should be floating above your
skateboard . Use the 'emote' called "jump up" and it will sort of look like you're
flying. Remember, don't sit down again after you do this.

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