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Neverwinter Nights 2 Cheats

Neverwinter Nights 2

Cheat Codes:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type DebugMode 1 (case-sensitive)
to enable cheat mode. Then enter one of the following case-sensitive codes at the console
window to activate the cheat function. 
Note: For some international versions, hold [Shift] then quickly press ~ followed by ? to
display the console window.

Code                       Result
irolltwenties            - 20 in all stats, new sword, cannot level.
dm_givegold [number]     - Gain indicated amount of gold1.
givespell [number]       - Get indicated spell.
givexp [number]          - Change indicated amount of experience points.
                           use negative number to remove experience points.
givefeat [2-500]         - Add indicated feat to selected character.
giveitem [item code]     - Spawn indicated item.
dm_god                   - God mode2.
SetCHA [number]          - Set Charisma to indicated number on selected character.
SetCON [number]          - Set Constitution to indicated number on selected character.
SetDEX [number]          - Set Dexterity to indicated number on selected character.
SetSTR [number]          - Set Strength to indicated number on selected character.
SetINT [number]          - Set Intelligence to indicated number on selected character.
SetWIS [number]          - Set Wisdom to indicated number on selected character.
dm_unlockcamera          - Use the camera with better scrolling.
polymorph [number]       - Polymorph controlled character into different creature.
removefeat [number]      - Remove the indicated feat.
resetlevels              - De-level character if experience points is near 0.
rs ga_alignment(-1,0)    - Move one point towards evil.
rs ga_alignment(-1,1)    - Move one point towards chaos.
rs ga_alignment(1,0)     - Move one point towards good.
rs ga_alignment(1,1)     - Move one point towards law.
rs ga_influence ([x,y])  - Raise influence level for that companion.
rs kr_influence          - Simple influence editor in the form of a dialogue.
Unpolymorph              - Return polymorphed controlled character to normal.

Submitted by: By: BigDawwg
Note: This procedure involves editing the nwn.ini file located in 
"My Documents\Neverwinter Nights 2" folder. Use a text editor to open nwn.ini 
and add the following 2 lines:

[Game Options]

Debug Mode=1

Save the file and run NWN2. During gameplay press ~ and type 'DebugMode 1'
(case sensitive) to enable cheat mode. Type 'commands' for a list of available
command options (there are 180 supported console commands). Many of the commands
are the same as the original NWN game. Some of the codes are:

Code         Result
dm_god     - God Mode
givexp x   - Gives Experience points (replace x with amount of XP you want awarded)
giveitem x - gives item to active character (replace x with item code from item 
             list " see below)
SetCON x   - Set Constitution to x
SetWIS x   - Set Wisdom to x
SetINT x   - Set Intelligence to x
SetSTR x   - Set Strength to x
SetCHA x   - Set Charisma to x
SetDEX x   - Set Dexterity to x

Item Code list:

nw_wamar001:30 Normalx30
NW_WAMMAR009:30 Arrow+1 
NW_WAMMAR010:20 Arrow+2 
NW_WAMMAR003:5 Acid Arrow 
NW_WAMMAR002:5 Fire Arrow 
NW_WAMMAR005:5 Ice Arrow
NW_WAMMAR004:2 Piercing Arrow
NW_WAMBO001:50 Boltx50
NW_WAMMBO008:10 Bolt+1
NW_WAMMBO009:20 Bolt+2 
NW_WAMMBO005:5 Bolt Fire 
NW_WAMMBO001:5 Bolt Frost 
NW_WAMMBO002:5 Bolt Lightning
NW_WAMMBO004:3 Bolt Pierce
NW_WAMBU001:50 Bulletx50 
NW_WAMMBU008:5 Bullet+1 
NW_WTHDT001:20 Dart 
NW_WTHMDT002:10 Dart+1 
NW_WTHMDT008:6 Dart+2 
NW_WTHMDT009:3 Dart+3 
NW_WTHSH001:25 Shuriken
NW_WTHMSH002:10 Shuriken+1 
NW_WTHMSH008:6 Shuriken+2 
NW_WTHMSH009:3 Shuriken+3 
NW_WTHAX001:10 Throwing Axe 
NW_WTHMAX002:5 Throwing Axe +1 

NW_IT_MPOTION016 Potion Aid
NW_IT_MPOTION005 Potion Bark skin 
NW_IT_MPOTION009 Potion Bless
NW_IT_MPOTION015 Potion Bull strength 
NW_IT_MPOTION014 Potion Cats Grace 
NW_IT_MPOTION001 Potion Cure Light
NW_IT_MPOTION020 Potion Cure Moderate 
NW_IT_MPOTION010 Potion Eagle 
NW_IT_MPOTION013 Potion Endurance 
NW_IT_MPOTION017 Potion Fox 
NW_IT_MPOTION008 Invisibility Potion
NW_IT_MPOTION019 Potion Lore 
NW_IT_MPOTION018 Potion Owl
NW_IT_MPOTION022 Spirits

X1_WMGRENADE002 Alchemists Fire
X1_WMGRENADE004 Choking Powder
X1_WMGRENADE001 Acid Flask
X1_WMGRENADE005 Holy Water
X1_WMGRENADE007 Thunderstone
X1_WMGRENADE006 Tanglefoot Bag

Healing kits and Lockpicks:
nw_it_medkit001 HealKit+1
nw_it_medkit002 HealKit+3
NW_IT_MEDKIT003 Healing+6
NW_IT_MEDKIT004 Healing+10
NW_IT_PICKS001 Lockpicks+1
NW_IT_PICKS002 Lockpicks+3
NW_IT_PICKS003 Lockpicks+6
NW_IT_PICKS004 Lockpicks+10

NW_WMGWN003 Wand Fear 
NW_WMGWN002 Wand Fire 
NW_WMGWN013 Wand Lesser Summon
NW_WMGWN007 Wand Lightning 
nw_wmgwn012 Wand Sleep 
NW_WMGWN004 Wand Missiles 
NW_WMGWN008 Wand Summoning 
NW_WMGWN011 Wand Arcane Disj

NW_MAARCL044 LeatherArmor+1
NW_MAARCL071 LeatherArmor+2
NW_MAARCL083 LeatherArmor+3 
NW_MAARCL043 PaddedArmor+1
NW_MAARCL072 PaddedArmor+2
NW_MAARCL084 PaddedArmor+3
NW_MAARCL047 HideArmor+1
NW_MAARCL070 HideArmor+2
NW_MAARCL082 HideArmor+3 
X0_MAARCL007 HideArmor+4 
NW_MAARCL045 StuddedLeatherArmor+1
NW_MAARCL075 StuddedLeatherArmor+2
NW_MAARCL087 StuddedLeatherArmor+3
NW_MAARCL048 ScaleMail+1
NW_MAARCL073 ScaleMail+2 
NW_MAARCL085 ScaleMail+3 
NW_MAARCL035 Chainmail+1
NW_MAARCL066 Chainmail+2
NW_MAARCL078 Chainmail+3 
NW_MAARCL046 ChainShirt+1
NW_MAARCL067 ChainShirt+2
nw_maarcl079 ChainShirt+3
NW_MAARCL051 BandedMail+1 
NW_MAARCL064 BandedMail+2 
NW_MAARCL076 BandedMail+3
NW_MAARCL049 Breastplate+1
NW_MAARCL065 Breastplate+2
nw_maarcl077 Breastplate+3
NW_MAARCL052 HalfPlate+1 
NW_MAARCL069 HalfPlate+2
NW_MAARCL053 FullPlate+1 
NW_MAARCL068 FullPlate+2 

NW_ASHMSW002 Small Shield+1
NW_ASHMSW009 Small Shield+3
X0_ASHMSW001 Small Shield+4
NW_ASHLW002 Large Shield+1
NW_ASHLW008 Large Shield+2
NW_ASHLW009 Large Shield+3 
NW_ASHMTO002 Tower Shield+1
NW_ASHMTO008 Tower Shield+2
nw_ashmto009 Tower Shield+3 

nw_it_mboots010 Boots of Reflexes+1
nw_it_mboots011 Boots of Reflexes+2 
nw_it_mboots012 Boots of Reflexes+3
nw_it_mboots013 Boots of Reflexes+4 
NW_IT_MBOOTS001 Boots of Striding+1
NW_IT_MBOOTS006 Boots of Striding+2 
NW_IT_MBOOTS007 Boots of Striding+3 
NW_IT_MBOOTS008 Boots of Striding+4 

Helmets and hats:
X0_ARMHE009 Headband of Intellect+2 
X0_ARMHE010 Headband of Intellect+4 

nw_it_mbelt018 Belt of Agility+1 
nw_it_mbelt020 Belt of Agility+3 
nw_it_mbelt019 Belt of Agility+2 
nw_it_mbelt021 Belt of Agility+4 

NW_IT_MBRACER002 Bracers of Armor+1 
NW_IT_MBRACER007 Bracers of Armor+2 
NW_IT_MBRACER008 Bracers of Armor+3 
NW_IT_MBRACER009 Bracers of Armor+4 
NW_IT_MBRACER010 Bracers of Armor+5 
NW_IT_MBRACER001 Bracers of Dexterity+1
NW_IT_MBRACER003 Bracers of Dexterity+2
NW_IT_MBRACER004 Bracers of Dexterity+3 
NW_IT_MBRACER005 Bracers of Dexterity+4

NW_MAARCL104 Cloak of Fortification+1 
NW_MAARCL105 Cloak of Fortification+2 
NW_MAARCL055 Cloak of Protection+1 
NW_MAARCL088 Cloak of Protection+2
NW_MAARCL089 Cloak of Protection+3
X0_MAARCL025 Cloak of Resistance+1
X0_MAARCL026 Cloak of Resistance+2 
X0_MAARCL027 Cloak of Resistance+3 
NW_MAARCL031 Nymph Cloak+1
NW_MAARCL092 Nymph Cloak+2
NW_MAARCL093 Nymph Cloak+3 
NW_MAARCL094 Nymph Cloak+4

Amulets (Neck):
NW_IT_MNECK001 AmuletofNaturalArmor+1 
NW_IT_MNECK012 AmuletofNaturalArmor+2 
NW_IT_MNECK013 AmuletofNaturalArmor+3
X2_IT_MNECK001 AmuletofVitality+2
X2_IT_MNECK002 AmuletofVitality+4
nw_it_mneck024 AmuletofWill+1
nw_it_mneck025 AmuletofWill+2
nw_it_mneck027 AmuletofWill+4
nw_it_mneck028 AmuletofWill+5 
X2_IT_MNECK016 AmuletofWill+6
NW_IT_MNECK006 ScarabofProtection+1
NW_IT_MNECK007 PeriaptofWisdom+1
NW_IT_MNECK008 PeriaptofWisdom+2 
NW_IT_MNECK009 PeriaptofWisdom+3 
NW_IT_MNECK010 PeriaptofWisdom+4 
NW_IT_MNECK016 ScarabofProtection+2 
NW_IT_MNECK017 ScarabofProtection+3

NW_IT_MRING006 RingofClearThought+1 
nw_it_mring024 RingofFortitude+1 
NW_IT_MRING001 RingofProtection+1
NW_IT_MRING015 RingofClearThought+3 
NW_IT_MRING014 RingofClearThought+2 
nw_it_mring027 RingofFortitude+4 
nw_it_mring025 RingofFortitude+2 
NW_IT_MRING018 RingofProtection+3 
NW_IT_MRING008 RingofProtection+2
NW_IT_MRING033 RingofResistance+3 
NW_IT_MRING032 RingofResistance+2
nw_it_mring028 RingofFortitude+5 
NW_IT_MRING008 RingofProtection+2 
X2_IT_MRING025 RingofFortitude+6 
NW_IT_MRING018 RingofProtection+3 
NW_IT_MRING033 RingofResistance+3
NW_IT_MRING016 RingofClearThought+4 

NW_WBWMXH002 HeavyCrossbow+1 
NW_WBWMXH008 HeavyCrossbow+2 
NW_WBWMXH009 HeavyCrossbow+3 
nw_wbwmxl002 LightCrossbow+1
nw_wbwmxl008 LightCrossbow+2 
NW_WBWMXL009 LightCrossbow+3 
NW_WBWMLN002 Longbow+1 
NW_WBWMLN008 Longbow+2
NW_WBWMLN009 Longbow+3
NW_WBWMSH002 Shortbow+1
NW_WBWMSH008 Shortbow+2 
NW_WBWMSH009 Shortbow+3 
NW_WBWMSL001 Sling+1
NW_WBWMSL009 Sling+2 
NW_WBWMSL010 Sling+3 
X0_WBWMSL001 Sling+4

Melee Weapons:
NW_WSWMBS002 BastardSword+1 
NW_WSWMBS009 BastardSword+2
NW_WSWMBS010 BastardSword+3
NW_WAXMBT002 Battleaxe+1
NW_WAXMBT010 Battleaxe+2
NW_WAXMBT011 Battleaxe+3 
NW_WBLMCL002 Club+1
NW_WBLMCL010 Club+2
NW_WBLMCL011 Club+3
X0_WBLMCL001 Club+4
NW_WSWMDG002 Dagger+1
NW_WSWMDG008 Dagger+2
NW_WSWMDG009 Dagger+3 
X2_WMDWRAXE002 DwarvenWaraxe+1
x2_wmdwraxe003 DwarvenWaraxe+2 
x2_wmdwraxe004 DwarvenWaraxe+3
n2_wswmfl001 Falchion+1
n2_wswmfl002 Falchion+2
n2_wswmfl003 Falchion+3 
NW_WAXMGR002 Greataxe+1
NW_WAXMGR009 Greataxe+2 
NW_WAXMGR011 Greataxe+3 
NW_WSWMGS002 Greatsword+1
NW_WSWMGS011 Greatsword+2
NW_WSWMGS012 Greatsword+3
NW_WPLMHB002 Halberd+1
NW_WPLMHB010 Halberd+2 
NW_WPLMHB011 Halberd+3
NW_WAXMHN002 Handaxe+1
NW_WAXMHN010 Handaxe+2 
NW_WAXMHN011 Handaxe+3
nw_wspmka002 Kama+1
NW_WSPMKA008 Kama+2
NW_WSPMKA009 Kama+3
nw_wswmka002 Katana+1
NW_WSWMKA010 Katana+2 
nw_wswmka011 Katana+3
NW_WSPMKU008 Kukri+1 
nw_wspmku009 Kukri+3
NW_WBLMHL002 LightHammer+1
NW_WBLMHL010 LightHammer+2
NW_WBLMHL011 LightHammer+3
NW_WSWMLS002 Longsword+1 
NW_WSWMLS010 Longsword+2 
NW_WSWMLS012 Longsword+3 
NW_WBLMML002 Mace+1
NW_WBLMML011 Mace+2
NW_WBLMML012 Mace+3
NW_WBLMMS002 Morningstar+1
NW_WBLMMS010 Morningstar+2
NW_WBLMMS011 Morningstar+3 
nw_wdbmqs002 Quarterstaff+1
NW_WDBMQS008 Quarterstaff+2
NW_WDBMQS009 Quarterstaff+3 
NW_WSWMRP002 Rapier+1
NW_WSWMRP010 Rapier+2 
NW_WSWMRP011 Rapier+3
NW_WSWMSC002 Scimitar+1 
NW_WSWMSC010 Scimitar+2
NW_WSWMSC011 Scimitar+3
NW_WPLMSC002 Scythe+1
nw_wplmsc010 Scythe+2
NW_WPLMSC011 Scythe+3
NW_WSWMSS002 ShortSword+1 
NW_WSWMSS009 ShortSword+2 
NW_WSWMSS011 ShortSword+3
NW_WSPMSC002 Sickle+1
NW_WSPMSC010 Sickle+2
nw_wspmsc011 Sickle+3 
NW_WPLMSS002 Spear+1
nw_wplmss010 Spear+2
NW_WPLMSS011 Spear+3 
X0_WPLMSS001 Spear+4
NW_WBLMHW002 Warhammer+1
NW_WBLMHW011 Warhammer+2 
NW_WBLMHW012 Warhammer+3 
nw_wdbmma002 Warmace+1 
nw_wdbmma010 Warmace+2 
nw_wdbmma011 Warmace+3

Gems and gold:
NW_IT_GEM013 Alexandrite
NW_IT_GEM003 Amethyst
NW_IT_GEM014 Aventurine
cft_gem_14 Beljuril
cft_gem_01 Bloodstone
cft_gem_12 Blue Diamond
cft_gem_09 Canary Diamond
NW_IT_GEM005 Diamond
nw_it_gem012 Emerald
NW_IT_GEM002 Fire Agate
NW_IT_GEM015 Fluorspar
NW_IT_GEM011 Garnet
NW_IT_GEM001 Greenstone 
cft_gem_11 Jacinth
cft_gem_15 Kings Tear 
nw_it_gem007 Malachite
cft_gem_03:4 Obsidian
NW_IT_GEM004 Phenalope
cft_gem_13 Rogue Stone 
NW_IT_GEM006 Ruby 
NW_IT_GEM008 Sapphire 
cft_gem_10 Star Sapphire 
NW_IT_GEM010 Topaz 
nw_it_gold001:7500 7500 Gold 

Crafting Material: 
x2_it_cmat_leath leather hide
x2_it_cmat_elmw elm wood 
x2_it_cmat_oakw oak wood 
x2_it_cmat_ironw ironwood
x2_it_cmat_bone bone 
x2_it_cmat_iron iron 
x2_it_cmat_steel steel
x2_it_cmat_adam adamantine
x2_it_cmat_mith Mithral
x2_it_cmat_cloth Cloth

Unique Items:

X0_CLOTH002 Lesser Robe of Eyes 
X0_CLOTH005 Greater Robe of Eyes 
NW_MCLOTH007 Robe of Acid Resistance 
X0_CLOTH003 Robe of Scintillating Colors
X1_MCLOTH001 Robe of Energy

NW_MAARCL062 Scales of Truth +3 
NW_MAARCL063 Silver bone Armor +2
NW_MAARCL005 Shadow Legion Armor
NW_MAARCL021 Armor of Comfort
NW_MAARCL022 Elven Ceremonial Armor 
X0_MAARCL037 Storm Armor of the Earth's Children
NW_MAARCL002 Mirrored Armor
NW_MAARCL001 Armor of the Wolf 
NW_MAARCL037 Elven Chainmail 
NW_MAARCL013 Armor of Thorns10
NW_MAARCL032 Benzo's Luck
NW_MAARCL007 The Great Oak
X1_MAARCL001 Skin of the Forest
mwa_mdcm_ada Adamantine Chainmail

X0_MAARCL030 Cloak of Arachnida
X0_MAARCL032 Cloak of Displacement 
X2_IT_DROWCL001 Drow Piwafi Cloak 
nw_maarcl098 Cloak of Protection vs. Chaos
nw_maarcl096 Cloak of Protection vs. Good
nw_maarcl099 Cloak of Protection vs. Law
X0_MAARCL039 Cape of Winter
nw_maarcl100 Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Good
nw_maarcl103 Greater Cloak of Protection vs. Law
x2_nash_cloak Nasher's Cloak of Protection 
X1_IT_MCLOAK001 Skin of the Manticore

NW_ASHMLW003 Shield of the Holy
NW_ASHMLW005 Mirror Shield
NW_ASHMSW006 Shield of the Wisp Hunter
NW_ASHMTO005 Goblin Shield of Nulbish 
X0_MAARCL041 Hair Shirt of Ilmater
x2_it_ironwshlds Ironwood Small Shield 
X2_IT_IWOODSHLDL Ironwood Large Shield
x2_it_ironwshldt Ironwood Tower Shield

X0_ARMHE003 Eyes of Charming 
X0_ARMHE016 Headband of the Binder
X0_ARMHE013 Mask of Death
X0_ARMHE014 Beholder Crown
NW_ARMHE010 Golden Circlet 
NW_ARMHE012 Greater Mask of Persuasion

Gloves and Bracers:
NW_IT_MGLOVE025 Gloves of the Long Death+5
X0_IT_MGLOVE002 Greater Gloves of Appraisal
X0_IT_MGLOVE001 Gloves of Appraisal
nw_it_mglove004 Gloves of Concentration
NW_IT_MGLOVE016 Gloves of the Hin Fist+1
NW_IT_MGLOVE019 Gloves of the Hin Fist+4
NW_IT_MGLOVE020 Gloves of the Hin Fist+5
nw_it_mglove015 Greater Gloves of Swordplay 
X0_IT_MGLOVE004 Greater Gloves of the Artificer
NW_IT_MBRACER012 Lesser Gauntlets of Ogre Power
x2_nash_glove Nasher's Gloves of Combat
X1_IT_MGLOVE001 Flaming Gloves+2
NW_IT_MGLOVE027 Gloves of the Yellow Rose+2

Instruments and Misc: 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC04 Chime of Opening 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC15 Fochluchan Bandore
X0_IT_MTHNMISC16 Mac-Fuirmidh Cithern
X0_IT_MTHNMISC13 Elixir of Horus-Re
X0_IT_MTHNMISC17 Doss Lute 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC18 Canaith Mandolin 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC11 Lens of Detection 
X0_IT_MTHNMISC21 Censer of Controlling Air Elementals
X0_IT_MSMLMISC03 Gem of Brightness 
X0_IT_MSMLMISC01 Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals 
X0_IT_MSMLMISC05 Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals

X2_IT_MRING001 Ring of Major Acid Resistance 
X2_IT_MRING005 Ring of Major Sonic Resistance 
X0_IT_MRING009 Commander's Ring 
x2_ring_pet Stone eater's Ring
X0_IT_MRING002 Ring of Hiding
X0_IT_MRING012 Ring of Nine Lives 
NW_IT_NOVEL001 Ring of the Wood Elves 
X0_IT_MRING006 Ring of Freedom of Movement 
X2_IT_MRING006 Ring of the Ram
X0_IT_MRING014 Ring of Spell Battle
X0_IT_MRING013 Purple Dragon Ring
NW_IT_MRING005 Ring of Magic Defenses 

X0_IT_MBELT002 Belt of Lions 
X0_IT_MBELT003 Shar's Belt of Priestly Might 
nw_it_mbelt014 Greater Archer's Belt 
nw_it_mbelt015 Lesser Belt of Guiding Light 
NW_IT_MBELT005 Sash of Shimmering
x2_armor_001 Spell Chain 

NW_IT_MBOOTS018 Boots of the Sun Soul +1
NW_IT_MBOOTS004 Gargoyle Boots

nw_it_mneck032 Amulet of Acid Resistance
X2_IT_MNECK004 Amulet of Divine Resistance 
NW_IT_MNECK033 Lesser Amulet of the Master 
X0_IT_MNECK007 Lesser Ice Necklace of the Ulutium

Wands, Staves, and Rods:
NW_WMGMRD003 Rod of Terror 
NW_WMGWN003 Wand of Fear 
NW_WMGWN013 Wand of Lesser Summoning
NW_WMGMRD004 Rod of Beguiling 
NW_WMGWN005 Wand of Paralyzation 
NW_WMGWN008 Wand of Summoning 
NW_IT_NOVEL008 Staff of Valmaxian 
NW_WDBMQS005 Staff of Curing

Melee Weapons:
NW_WDBMQS003 Aiedo Wither-Stick
NW_WSWMKA007 Blade of the Elements
NW_WAXMHN005 Blood Rust Axe
NW_WBLMCL012 Club of Smiting 
NW_WSWMLS007 Cold Iron Blade
NW_WSWMDG003 Courtesan Blade
N2_WPLMHB001 Cruel Halberd 
NW_WSPMKU005 Cutting Star
NW_IT_NOVEL009 The Dagger of Chaos
NW_WAXMBT006 Deepstone Progeny
NW_WSWMBS007 Discord
NW_WSWMKA004 Divine Fury 
NW_WSPMKA006 Empty Fields
NW_WSWMSS010 Feyduster+2 
NW_WPLMSS008 FeySpear+1 
NW_WBLMHL005 Hammer of the Beast
NW_WBLMHW004 Hammer of Thunderbolts 
NW_WBLMHW003 Hammer of the Wisp
NW_WPLMSS004 Heartwood Spear 
NW_WBLMML004 Kiss of Sune
NW_WSPMKU003 Ladymist Talon
NW_WSWMRP008 Namarra (Neversleep)+1 
NW_WDBMQS004 Nega staff
X1_WSWMDG001 The Night thief's Nimble knife
NW_WBLMMS007 One of Many
NW_WBLMML007 Petty's Tempest
NW_WPLMHB008 Ravager+1
NW_WBLMHW005 Rift Hammer
NW_WPLMSC009 Sea Reaver+2 
NW_WAXMGR003 Netherese Axe
NW_WAXMGR005 Re's Redemption 
NW_WAXMBT008 Sentinel+1
NW_WSWMGS005 Shining Light of Lathander
N2_WSWMLS001 The Sly Blade 
N2_WPLMSC001 The Sowing Fields 
NW_WSWMKA008 Sword Saint Legacy+1
x2_it_venomhb Venom Halberd
NW_WSWMGS006 Vermin's Bane
NW_WAXMHN004 Woodcutter's Axe 

Projectile Weapons:
NW_WBWMLN007 North Wind Bow 
NW_WBWMXH004 Crossbow of Enchantment 
NW_WBWMSH003 Eaglebow 

nw_it_sparscr603 Acid Fog
x1_it_sparscr002 Acid Splash
x2_it_spdvscr201 Aid
x1_it_sparscr102 Amplify
nw_it_sparscr509 Animate Dead
n2_it_sparscr001 Assay Resistance
x1_it_spdvscr204 Aura Of Glory
x1_it_spdvscr701 Aura Of Vitality
x2_it_spdvscr804 Aura Versus Alignment 
x2_it_spdvscr508 Awaken 
x1_it_sparscr201 Balagarn's Iron Horn
x1_it_spdvscr101 Bane 
x1_it_spdvscr601 Banishment 
x2_it_spdvscr202 Bark skin
x2_it_spdvscr501 Battle tide 
n2_it_sparscr002 Bears Endurance
nw_it_sparscr414 Bestow Curse
x1_it_sparscr801 Bigby's Clenched Fist 
x1_it_sparscr901 Bigby's Crushing Hand 
x1_it_sparscr602 Bigby's Forceful Hand 
x1_it_sparscr701 Bigby's Grasping Hand 
x1_it_sparscr502 Bigby's Interposing Hand 
x2_it_sparscr801 Black staff 
x2_it_spdvscr603 Blade Barrier
x2_it_spdvscr103 Bless 
x2_it_spdvscr102 Bless Weapon
nw_it_sparscr211 Blindness And Deafness 
nw_it_sparscr807 Blindness And Deafness Mass
n2_it_sparscr003 Blind sight 
x1_it_spdvscr803 Bombardment 
nw_it_sparscr212 Bulls Strength 
nw_it_sparscr112 Burning Hands
x2_it_spdvscr307 Call Lightning
x1_it_spdvscr107 Camouflage 
x1_it_spdvscr402 Camouflage Mass
nw_it_sparscr213 Cats Grace
n2_it_sparscr004 Cause Fear
nw_it_sparscr607 Chain Lightning
nw_it_sparscr405 Charm Monster
nw_it_sparscr806 Charm Monster Mass
nw_it_sparscr107 Charm Person
nw_it_sparscr610 Circle Of Death
nw_it_sparscr307 Clairaudience And Clairvoyance
x2_it_sparscr206 Cloud Of Bewilderment
nw_it_sparscr502 Cloud kill
nw_it_sparscr110 Color Spray
x2_it_sparscr201 Combust 
nw_it_sparscr406 Confusion
nw_it_sparscr411 Contagion 
nw_it_sparscr707 Control Undead
x1_it_spdvscr804 Create Greater Undead
x1_it_spdvscr605 Create Undead 
x1_it_spdvscr702 Creeping Doom
x2_it_spdvscr601 Crumble
n2_it_sparscr006 Crushing Despair
x2_it_spdvscr402 Cure Critical Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr001 Cure Critical Wounds Mass
x2_it_spdvscr308 Cure Serious Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr003 Cure Serious Wounds Mass
x2_it_spdvscr505 Cure Light Wounds Mass
x2_it_spdvscr104 Cure Light Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr203 Cure Moderate Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr002 Cure Moderate Wounds Mass
nw_it_spdvscr206 Darkness 
x2_it_sparscr202 Death Armor 
n2_it_spdvscr004 Death Knell 
x2_it_spdvscr403 Death Ward 
n2_it_sparscr007 Deep Slumber
nw_it_sparscr704 Delayed Blast Fireball
n2_it_spdvscr006 Detect Undead
x1_it_sparscr601 Dirge 
nw_it_sparscr301 Dispel Magic
x1_it_sparscr301 Displacement
n2_it_sparscr008 Disintegrate
nw_it_sparscr501 Dismissal
nw_it_sparscr602 Dispel Magic Greater
nw_it_sparscr218 Dispel Magic Lesser
x1_it_spdvscr102 Divine Favor
x2_it_spdvscr404 Divine Power
x2_it_spdvscr309 Dominate Animal
nw_it_sparscr905 Dominate Monster
nw_it_sparscr503 Dominate Person
x1_it_spdvscr703 Destruction 
x2_it_spdvscr105 Doom 
x1_it_spdvscr604 Drown 
nw_it_sparscr219 Eagles Splendor
x1_it_spdvscr801 Earthquake 
nw_it_sparscr416 Elemental Shield
x2_it_spdvscr901 Elemental Swarm
nw_it_sparscr101 Endure Elements
nw_it_sparscr908 Energy Drain
n2_it_spdvscr007 Energy Immunity
nw_it_sparscr412 Enervation 
n2_it_sparscr009 Enlarge Person
x2_it_spdvscr106 Entangle
x1_it_spdvscr103 Entropic Shield
n2_it_sparscr036 Etherealness
n2_it_spdvscr008 Ethereal Jaunt
nw_it_sparscr608 Ethereal Visage
nw_it_sparscr418 Evard's Black Tentacles
x1_it_sparscr101 Expeditious Retreat
n2_it_sparscr010 False Life
nw_it_sparscr413 Fear 
nw_it_sparscr504 Feeble mind
x2_it_sparscr305 Find Traps
nw_it_sparscr708 Finger Of Death
nw_it_sparscr309 Fireball
x1_it_sparscr501 Firebrand
n2_it_sparscr011 Fireburst
n2_it_sparscr012 Fireburst Greater
x1_it_spdvscr704 Firestorm
nw_it_sparscr304 Flame Arrow
x1_it_spdvscr403 Flame Strike
x2_it_sparscr205 Flame Weapon
x1_it_sparscr605 Flesh To Stone
nw_it_sparscr220 Fox Cunning 
x2_it_spdvscr405 Freedom Of Movement
nw_it_sparscr902 Gate
x2_it_sparscr203 Gedlees Electric Loop
nw_it_sparscr208 Ghostly Visage
nw_it_sparscr209 Ghoul Touch
nw_it_sparscr601 Globe Of Invulnerability
x2_it_spdvscr306 Glyph Of Warding
n2_it_sparscr013 Globe Of Invulnerability Lesser
nw_it_sparscr103 Grease
x1_it_sparscr303 Gusto Wind 
x2_it_spdvscr406 Hammer Of The Gods
x2_it_spdvscr604 Harm
nw_it_sparscr312 Haste 
x2_it_spdvscr605 Heal
x2_it_spdvscr801 Heal Mass 
n2_it_sparscr014 Heroism
n2_it_sparscr015 Heroism Greater
x2_it_spdvscr204 Hold Animal 
nw_it_sparscr505 Hold Monster
n2_it_sparscr016 Hold Monster Mass 
nw_it_sparscr308 Hold Person
n2_it_sparscr017 Hold Person Mass
x2_it_spdvscr401 Holy Sword 
nw_it_sparscr809 Horrid Wilting
x2_it_sparscr401 Ice Storm
nw_it_sparscr804 Incendiary Cloud
nw_it_sparscr106 Identify
x2_it_spdvscr902 Implosion 
x1_it_spdvscr501 Inferno
x2_it_spdvscr301 Infestation Of Maggots
x1_it_spdvscr401 Inflict Critical Wounds 
n2_it_spdvscr009 Inflict Critical Wounds Mass
x1_it_spdvscr104 Inflict Light Wounds
x2_it_spdvscr504 Inflict Light Wounds Mass
x1_it_spdvscr201 Inflict Moderate Wounds
n2_it_spdvscr010 Inflict Moderate Wounds Mass
x1_it_spdvscr302 Inflict Serious Wounds 
n2_it_spdvscr011 Inflict Serious Wounds Mass
nw_it_sparscr207 Invisibility
nw_it_sparscr408 Invisibility Greater
x2_it_spdvscr310 Invisibility Purge
nw_it_sparscr314 Invisibility Sphere
n2_it_sparscr018 Iron Body
x1_it_sparscr401 Isaacs Lesser Missile Storm
x1_it_sparscr603 Isaacs Greater Missile Storm
n2_it_sparscr019 Joyful Noise
x2_it_sparscr303 Keen Edge
nw_it_sparscr216 Knock 
x2_it_sparscr602 Legend Lore
n2_it_sparscr020 Least Spell Mantle
nw_it_sparscr310 Lightning Bolt
n2_it_sparscr021 Low-Light Vision 
nw_it_sparscr104 Mage Armor
n2_it_sparscr022 Mage Armor Improved
nw_it_sparscr302 Magic Circle Against Alignment 
x1_it_spdvscr106 Magic Fang
x1_it_spdvscr303 Magic Fang Greater
nw_it_sparscr109 Magic Missile
x2_it_spdvscr304 Magic Vestment
x2_it_sparscr105 Magic Weapon
x2_it_sparscr304 Magic Weapon Greater
nw_it_sparscr202 Melfs Acid Arrow
x2_it_sparscr301 Mestils Acid Breath
nw_it_sparscr906 Meteor Swarm
nw_it_sparscr801 Mind Blank
nw_it_sparscr511 Mind Blank Lesser 
nw_it_sparscr506 Mind Fog
n2_it_sparscr023 Mirror Image
nw_it_sparscr901 Mordenkainens Disjunction
nw_it_sparscr705 Mordenkainens Sword
nw_it_spdvscr402 Neutralize Poison
x1_it_spdvscr502 Owls Insight 
nw_it_sparscr221 Owls Wisdom 
nw_it_sparscr409 Phantasmal Killer 
x1_it_spdvscr603 Planar Ally 
nw_it_sparscr604 Planar Binding
nw_it_sparscr512 Planar Binding Lesser
nw_it_sparscr803 Planar Binding Greater 
x2_it_spdvscr407 Poison
n2_it_sparscr024 Polar Ray
nw_it_sparscr415 Polymorph Self
nw_it_sparscr903 Power Word Kill
nw_it_sparscr702 Power Word Stun
x2_it_spdvscr312 Prayer
nw_it_sparscr808 Premonition 
nw_it_sparscr706 Prismatic Spray
nw_it_sparscr102 Protection From Alignment
n2_it_sparscr025 Protection From Arrows
nw_it_sparscr303 Protection From Energy
nw_it_sparscr802 Protection From Spells 
x1_it_spdvscr305 Quill fire
n2_it_sparscr026 Rage
nw_it_spdvscr501 Raise Dead
nw_it_sparscr111 Ray Of Enfeeblement
x2_it_spdvscr702 Regenerate 
nw_it_spdvscr301 Remove Blindness And Deafness
nw_it_sparscr402 Remove Curse
nw_it_spdvscr302 Remove Disease
x2_it_spdvscr107 Remove Fear 
x2_it_spdvscr205 Remove Paralysis
n2_it_sparscr027 Repulsion
nw_it_sparscr001 Resistance
nw_it_sparscr201 Resist Energy 
nw_it_sparscr401 Restoration
nw_it_spdvscr201 Restoration Lesser
nw_it_spdvscr701 Restoration Greater
nw_it_spdvscr702 Resurrection
n2_it_spdvscr012 Righteous Might
x2_it_spdvscr108 Sanctuary 
nw_it_sparscr210 Scare 
x2_it_sparscr302 Scintillating Sphere
x2_it_spdvscr313 Searing Light
nw_it_sparscr205 See Invisibility
nw_it_sparscr609 Shades
nw_it_sparscr410 Shadow Conjuration
nw_it_sparscr508 Shadow Conjuration Greater
x2_it_sparscr703 Shadow Shield
nw_it_sparscr910 Shape change
x1_it_sparscr103 Shield
x1_it_spdvscr105 Shield Of Faith
n2_it_spdvscr013 Shield Other
n2_it_sparscr028 Shocking Grasp
n2_it_sparscr029 Shroud Of Flame
nw_it_spdvscr203 Silence 
x2_it_spdvscr506 Slay Living 
nw_it_sparscr313 Slow 
n2_it_sparscr030 Song Of Discord
nw_it_spdvscr204 Sound Burst 
nw_it_sparscr417 Spell Breach Lesser
nw_it_sparscr612 Spell Breach Greater 
nw_it_sparscr513 Spell Mantle Lesser
nw_it_sparscr701 Spell Mantle
nw_it_sparscr912 Spell Mantle Greater
x2_it_spdvscr507 Spell Resistance
n2_it_sparscr031 Spiderskin 
x1_it_spdvscr304 Spike Growth
nw_it_sparscr305 Stinking Cloud
n2_it_sparscr032 Stone Body 
x2_it_spdvscr602 Stonehold
nw_it_sparscr403 Stone skin 
nw_it_sparscr613 Stone skin Greater
x1_it_sparscr604 Stone To Flesh
x2_it_spdvscr903 Storm Of Vengeance
nw_it_sparscr105 Summon Creature I
nw_it_sparscr203 Summon Creature II
nw_it_sparscr306 Summon Creature III 
nw_it_sparscr404 Summon Creature IV
nw_it_sparscr510 Summon Creature V 
nw_it_sparscr605 Summon Creature VI
nw_it_sparscr703 Summon Creature VII
nw_it_sparscr805 Summon Creature VIII
nw_it_sparscr904 Summon Creature IX
x2_it_spdvscr803 Sunbeam
x1_it_spdvscr802 Sunburst
x1_it_sparscr202 Tashas Hideous Laughter 
nw_it_sparscr614 Tenser Transformation 
nw_it_sparscr606 True Seeing 
x1_it_sparscr104 True Strike 
x1_it_spdvscr901 Undeaths Eternal Foe
x2_it_sparscr601 Undeath To Death
nw_it_sparscr311 Vampiric Touch
x2_it_spdvscr503 Vine Mine
x2_it_spdvscr002 Virtue 
n2_it_sparscr033 Vitriolic Sphere 
nw_it_sparscr909 Wail Of The Banshee 
nw_it_sparscr407 Wall Of Fire 
n2_it_sparscr034 War Cry
n2_it_sparscr035 Weapon Of Impact
nw_it_sparscr204 Web
nw_it_sparscr907 Weird 
x2_it_spdvscr701 Word Of Faith

Character influence:
Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Type DebugMode 1 (case-sensitive) 
to enable cheat mode. Use the following commands to affect your party members' influence. 
You must know their designation, thus the x and y. The following are the designations to 
ensure that they are 100% loyal to you. You should first select your character. In place 
of x and y, place the following numbers and your influence towards them will be 100. 
Note: Influence is plot critical towards Chapter 3.

(1,150) Khelgar
(2,150) Neeshka
(3,150) Elanee
(4,150) Qara
(5,150) Sand
(6,150) Grobnar
(7,150) Casavir
(8,150) Bishop
(9,150) Shandra Jerro
(10,150) Construct 
(11,150) Zhjaeve
(12,150) Ammon Jerro
(13,150) Bevil (if you invite him along to fight with you in Chapter 3)

Gain Level:
While playing press the ~ button. Then type DebugMode 1, then press enter. Make sure your 
character is in a yellow area, or else the code won't work. You might have to go to a 
different room if there is no yellow areas in the current room. Once you have reached a 
yellow area and your character is standing in it, press ~ again and type dm_givelevel 
then press enter and click on your character. 
You should now be able to raise the level of your character until you reach 40.

Infinite XP Bug:
In chapter two, after you go through the "trial" and defeat Lorne, you can return to West 
Harbor to complete the quest "What Happened to Lorne" (you have to have gotten the quest in 
Chapter One before leaving West Harbor). Talk to Lorne's mother to complete the quest, and 
you'll get 500 XP. She'll say she needs to be left alone. Now talk to her again. She'll 
give the intro to the "quest completed" dialog, and give you 500 XP again. 
Rinse and repeat. (Fixed in 1.03) 

Level 40:
While playing press ~, then enter DebugMode 1. Press enter. There should be yellow spots 
on the area around you that appear, make sure you are in a yellow area. 
Then type dm_givelevel. Click on your character and press enter. 
Pull up your character sheet and you should be able to level up.

Submitted by: Kyle

To get the Instroment o' Death go to debug mode and enter 'giveitem instodeath'.

Feats And polymorph cheats:
Submitted by: Cherston1

Want to add a feat to your character? Here's what to do: first select the character or 
NPC you want to add the feats to, next enter the drop down menu by pressing the tilde key. 
Enter DebugMode 1 then hit enter. Type the following :

Addfeat then the number of the feat you want to add. You can type printfeat and a list of 
the feats for that NPC or character will appear along with the feat number so here are 
a few feats: (example: addfeat 2)
feat 2 = heavy armor
addfeat 3 = light armor
addfeat 4 medium armor
addfeat 6 cleave
addfeat 7 combat casting 
(i will just list the feats and their number, below. to remove a feat type removefeat 12 
and that feat number will be removed)
11- empower spell
12 - extend spell
20 improved 2 weapon fighting
21 improved unarmed strike
23 knockdown
30 rapid shot
32 sheild proficiency
42 weapon finess
212 improved evasion
1093 craft wonderous items
228 dark vision

This is really cool! same concept as above only type polymorph 10 and your character becomes 
a flaming winged demon. you cant use spells or yourinventory, so just type UNPOLYMORPH 
(small case) and you return to normal. if a number is missing it is because that number has no 
polymorph here's the list: remember DebugMode 1 (enter) then polymorph #

3 large spider
4 lg green troll
5 lg beetle
6 Male Fey (think tinkerbell)
7 undead zombie
8 HUGE Dragon
9 giant (viking like w/ sword
10 winged flaming demon (real cool looking)
12 metal construct
13 wall of fire
14 blob
15 rock construct
16 whirl wind
17 Lg fire wall
18 Lg blob
19 Lg rock construct
20 Lg whirlwind
21 bear
23 wolf
24 boar
25 badger
27 farm cow
28 moon elf knight
30 gray fey demon
32 succubus
33 dire bear
35 dire wolf
36 dire boar
37 dire badger
40 farm chicken
41 giant w/ ax

Have fun with these and I will post more when I find them Cherston.
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