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Mount & Blade Cheats

Mount & Blade

Cheat Codes:
Cheat submitted by Shadow Assasin ... Madalin from Romania!

Note: Select "Configure" at the opening screen and click the "Game" tab. Place a
check in the box for "Enable Cheats" and click the "OK" button. Then, enter one 
of the codes at the indicated screen.

Note old: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of 
the file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "rgl_config.txt" file
in the game folder. Change the line "cheat_mode = 0" to "cheat_mode = 1" to enable
cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following codes at the indicated screen.

Code            Result
Ctrl + H      - Refresh Health during battle, use it at battle screen.
Ctrl + X      - Get 1.000 denard(money), use it at inventory screen.
Ctrl + X      - Get 1.000 exp., use it at character screen.
Ctrl + X      - Upgrade the man from your party, use it at party screen (select 
                a man or a group of man from your party and press Ctrl + X).
Ctrl + T      - See everything, partyes, tracks, etc, use it at map screen.
Ctrl + F4     - Everytime when pressed it kills an member from the enemy party, 
                use it at battle screen.
Ctrl + F5     - CPU take control over character in battle(CPU player will be more good 
                if your character has more improved skills), use it at battle screen.
Ctrl + Click  - Press Ctrl + Click at Map screen and your party will teleport under 
                pointer, use it at map screen.
F9            - Hold F9 for slow motion, use it at battle screen.
[Ctrl] + [F3] - Damage yourself,  use it at battle screen.

Strange Helmet and Strange Sword: 
When you enter Thir, go into the river and follow it up to the left. Under the small 
bridge is a chest. Inside you will find a Strange Helmet and a Strange Sword. These 
are very good items on a new character. You can also sell them. The amount of Denar 
you get depends on your Trade skill.

Strange Armor and Strange Shortsword:
To find the Strange Armor and Short Sword, go to Rivacheg. As you go into the town, 
on the right is a wall. Along that wall is a chest with Strange Armor and the Strange 
Short Sword.

Attacking in towns:
To attack in towns or any rooms, press ] to take out your weapon, 
and [ to take out your shield. 
Note: You must have the weapons equipped before doing this.

Change abilities:
First, create a new character in the game. Once done, go to the character page 
(attributes, etc.) and choose "Statistics" (underneath the character portrait). 
Then, click "Export". Once your character has been successfully exported, exit the
game and enter the game folder. The top folder should be "charexport". Open this 
folder and double click the file with your character's name. Change the values to
whatever desired after saving a copy. Go back into the game and reload your saved 
game. Go back to the statistics through the character page. Choose the file that 
you edited. Load it. Your character now has those abilities. 

Use a text editor to edit the "" file in the "directoryname" directory. 

Unlimited Denars:
To activate this cheat, head to "reg_config.txt" in your game’s installation folder 
and find the line that says cheat_mode = 0. Change the 0 to a 1 and save. Keep in mind
that you’re doing this at your own risk, because this could potentially mess your 
files, game, or computer up. Then, when on the inventory screen, hold down the CTRL 
button and press X. Doing so will score you 1,000 Denars. Do it over and over again 
for as many Denars as you want.

Cheats: Removing large groups:
Submitted by: Tom

Hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F4] and large groups of people will be knocked out rather 
than the single person that [Ctrl] + [F4] does. It is recommended that the visual 
setting and other options be set as low as possible (for example, the number of 
ragdolls, bloodstains, number of bodies, etc.) because it will immediately slow down
the game and potentially freeze. This cheat works very well against large armies of 
people that you must fight off. Also, when using this cheat it may cause the on-screen
events scroller battle to lag, and messages such as "Click Tab to exit battle" may not
appear. If you wait a few seconds after all enemies are down to press [Tab] to finish 
the battle, also the game may send out a "Click Tab to exit battle" message before 
another wave of enemies appears, and may or may not take you out of the battle if 
you press [Tab] during this time. It is recommended to wait a few seconds till the
next wave appears.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Pascal

Firstly you need to open the "rgl_config.txt" file in the Mount&Blade installation 
directory and find the line saying:

cheat_mode = 0
and change it to:
cheat_mode = 1

Then the following cheats are available from inside the game...

Cheat            Effect
CTRL+H         - Heals you completely.
CTRL+F4        - Each time is pressed kills one enemy you are currently fighting.
CTRL+T         - Shows you see all partys on the map.
CTRL+F5        - AI takes over your character during fights.
CTRL+X         - Adds 1000 Gold to your amount of money in inventory.
CTRL+X         - Adds 1000 XP to your character.
CTRL+Left      - Click Teleports party to the cursor location.
CTRL+W         - Adds 10 to each weapon proficiency.
CTRL+X         - Levels up the selected party member
CTRL + F9      - Slow Motion (toggle - press again to turn off.)
Ctrl-f3        - Hurts yourself.
CTRL+SHIFT+F4  - Knocks out all enemies zoomed into
Ctrl+F6        - Kill one of your troops
Ctrl+Shift+F6  - Kill all your troops

Cheat for easy ex and easy money:
Submitted by: avenger

First create a character and open the character screen and click statix and export the 
character then save and exit. Open the file directory and open the folder charexport 
and change the numbers after exp and money two what ever you want.

Kill enemy horses:
Submitted by: alex destroyer

When an enemy man on horse is coming to you stay unmoved preparing the weapon and when
is near you leave the weapon and the horse will have a little life or die.

Lost your horse?:
Submitted by: Heke

Tip1: Press 4 to select your cavalry, then press F2 to make them come to you and follow
you. After your cavalry has arrived press F4 to make them dismount, take a horse you 
like and press F2 to select infantry (the dismounted cavalry as well) and F2 to make 
them follow and F4 to make them mount again and optionally F3 to make them charge. 
This will cause one of your cavalrymen lose his horse. More if they cannot mount the 

Tip2.1: When an enemy cavalryman is charging at you, move right to avoid receiving 
couched lance damage and ready your weapon to swing from left to right. When the 
cavalryman is close enough, jump to hit the man instead of the horse, you might have
to aim a bit down at this point, depending on your agility and encumbrance. 
If successful, the man will just fall off and you'll receive a free horse.

Tip2.2: Another method to easily get a horse from the enemy is to lead them to the 
edge of the map where they'll keep trying to go towards the edge. Then just jump and
 slash. Remember not to stab or slash vertically, you'll probably hit the horse.
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