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Medal Of Honor Airborne Cheats

Medal Of Honor - Airborne

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Start the game with the "-enableconsole" command line parameter. Then, press ~ during
game play to display the console window. Type one of the following codes and press 

Result                    Code 
God mode                 - god
Flight mode              - fly
Disable flight mode      - etheral or walk
Upgrade weapon by level  - upgradeweapon 	
Toggle HUD               - showhud
Slow motion              - slomo [0.1-1000.0]
Toggle first person      - behindview [0 or 1]
Ammo for all weapons     - allammo
All weapons              - allweapons
All weapons, ammo        - loaded
No clipping mode         - ghost
Play indicated demo      - demoplay [name]
Records demo             - demorec [name]
Stop recording a demo    - stopdemo
Reload current weapon    - reload
Switch to next weapon    - switch
Suicide                  - suicide
Teleport, if present     - teleport
Kill all of that class   - killall [enemy class]

Sewer escape:
In the final part of the Der Flakturm mission, when you have to escape through the sewer, 
you will meet about six of the hard to kill elite machine gun soldiers. It is almost 
impossible to defeat them all. It is much easier to run past them all. Make sure you have
at least three health bars. Once you climb the ladder the game is all but over.

Demo version: Quick weapon upgrades:
Submitted by: RM

Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the 
file before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "DefaultWeapon.ini" file 
in the "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Medal of Honor Airborne Demo\UnrealEngine3\
MOHAGame\Config" folder. Change the following lines: 




By doing this, you can get all the weapon upgrades after 1, 2, and 3 kills instead of 
25, 50 and 100 kills. Do this for each weapon so you can see the upgrades available. 
In the demo you are only able to use the Colt 1911, MP40, Mauser K98, Thompson sub 
machine gun, and the M1 Garand.

Skill drop locations:
*Operation Husky
- Land in the tower southwest of the town hall.
- Land in the right window of the guard house that is near the southwest AA gun.
- Land on the roof of a house south of the town hall.
- Land on the church tower.
- Land through the far left open ledge on the balcony that is on the right side of the 
  town hall.

*Operation Avalanche
- Land in the broken water barrel located by the motor pool fuel tanks.
- Land through the window on the broken walkway with arches near the eastern smoke.
- Land on top of the crane part of the cargo loader in the circular arena.
- Land on the pillar near the circular arena.
- Land in the open room in the ruins.

*Operation Neptune
- Land on the wooden frame on the roof by the M8 part (the house where the tank 
  circles around).
- Land in the opening of a broken house by the green smoke flare by the tank.
- Land on the roof a broken down building north of the tank area.
- Land through the door of a pillbox south of the huge lookout bunker (not the tower 
  with the radar).
- Land on the concrete wall directly west of the same bunker with the pillbox drop spot. 
  You must land on the first wall directly west of the bunker. Start -flaring your 
  parachute immediately as you start to drop.

*Operation Market Garden
- Land on the catwalk by the church steeple or inside it. Watch out for the sniper 
  position there.
- Land on the plank that connects two houses, south of you when you drop from the air. 
  The house is located by the crate where you get the Gammon grenades.
- Land through a window from the direction you start in the air; near the "Destroy radio 
  equipment" objective.
- Land in the hole in the wall. This skill drop is left of the drop where you have to 
  land on the two planks that connect each other. The hole is on the left side of the 
  building in an alleyway.
- While in the air, face towards the bridge. Go towards to the road northwest of your 
  position once facing the bridge. Land on the metal balcony on the building that is on 
  the left side of the that road.

*Operation Varsity
- Land on top of the middle large silo. Watch out for sniper fire.
- Land through the upper doorway of the building where you have to blow up the munitions 
  stockpile. It is located directly behind you when you jump.
- Land on the flatbed train west of the munitions stockpile building. It has nothing on it.
  The tracks you are looking for are above all the other tracks.
- Land on the second metal catwalk under the far right large silo when you jump out of the 
  plane. This same platform leads into the building where you destroy the tank factory.
- Land on the second metallic walkway on the long white pipeline. Watch out for sniper fire.

*Operation Der Flakturm
- Land on the scaffolding that is on the rims of the tower below the flak gun's floor.
- Land in the window directly underneath the scaffolding that you get the previous drop spot. 
  It is in the middle section of the tower.
- Land through the door to your immediate right as you jump.
- Land through the window that is directly to the left of the other window drop spot.
- Land through the far left doorway of the left building on ground level.

"Operation Market Garden": Recommended weapon:
Start with or pick up a sniper rifle for the Nijmegen bridge scene. This will allow you 
to take out the Panzerschreks. The Springfield with the variable zoom scope is preferable.
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