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Marc Eckos Getting Up Contents Under Pressure Cheats

Marc Ecko's Getting Up - Contents Under Pressure

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

At the "Game information" screen, select OPTIONS. Then, selected Codes.
Enter one of the following cheatcodes:

Result                     Code
All characters unlocked  - STATEYOURNAME
All movies unlocked      - DEXTERCROWLEY
All art unlocked         - SIRULLY
All combat upgrades      - DOGTAGS
All Black Book unlocked  - SHARDSOFGLASS
All iPod songs           - GRANDMACELIA
All legends unlocked     - NINESIX
Level select             - IPULATOR
Maximum health           - BABYLONTRUST
Maximum skills           - VANCEDALLISTER
Unlimited health         - MARCUSECKOS
Unlimited skills         - FLIPTHESCRIPT
All beat down arenas     - WORKBITCHES

Note: When you enter the code again, it's effect will be disabled.
Submit your codes!
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