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Madden NFL 13 Cheats

Madden NFL 13

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Free Draft Picks (Connected Careers mode):
Play Connected Careers mode. During the draft, select the "Pause the Draft" option 
and select "Make a Pick." Select the player you want and you'll be advised that you
have done so successfully. Return to the paused draft and choose to "Trade Down." 
Next, go to "Select An Offer" and pick the one that you want. You'll be returned to
the paused draft, where you'll receive notification that the trade was accepted. 
Now you should "Resume Draft" and when you do, you will find that you have received
the picks you traded for, absolutely free. Make your picks to change the team logo,
if needed. You can continue to complete the above process as long as an option 
remains to trade down.

Note that this exploit has been tested offline and may not work online. 
Additionally, the effect may not be permanent.
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