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Lego Batman Cheats

Lego Batman

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following codes at the computerin the Batcave.

Result                  Code 	
Extra hearts          - ML3KHP
More Batarang targets - XWP645
Alfred                - ZAQ637
Bruce Wayne           - BDJ327
Commissioner Gordon   - DDP967
Freeze Girl           - XVK541
Harley Quinn's Hammer - RDT637
Penguin henchmen      - BJH782
Police officer        - JRY983
S.W.A.T.              - HTF114
Tropical Joker        - CCB199
Yeti                  - NJL412

Batcave Codes:
Enter the codes on the computer screen in the Batcave.

Code     Result
ZAQ637 - Alfred
KNTT4B - Bat-Tank
JKR331 - Batgirl 
LEA664 - Bruce Wayne's Private Jet
M1AAWW - Catwoman (Classic) 
HPL826 - Catwoman's Motorcycle 
HJK327 - Clown Goon 
HGY748 - Fishmonger 
XVK541 - Freeze Girl 
DUS483 - Garbage Truck 
GCH328 - Goon Helicopter 
CHP735 - Harbor Helicopter 
RDT637 - Harley Quinn's Hammer Truck
UTF782 - Joker Goon 
YUN924 - Joker Henchman 
JCA283 - Mad Hatter 
HS000W - Mad Hatter's Glider 
M4DM4N - Mad Hatter's Steamboat 
NYU942 - Man-Bat 
MKL382 - Military Policeman 
ICYICE - Mr. Freeze's Iceberg 
BCT229 - Mr. Freeze's Kart 
NKA238 - Penguin Goon 
BTN248 - Penguin Goon Submarine 
BJH782 - Penguin Henchman 
KJP748 - Penguin Minion 
GTB899 - Poison Ivy Goon 
LJP234 - Police Bike 
PLC999 - Police Boat 
KJL832 - Police Car 
CWR732 - Police Helicopter 
HKG984 - Police Marksman 
JRY983 - Police Officer 
VJD328 - Police Watercraft 
CRY928 - Riddler Goon 
XEU824 - Riddler Henchman 
HAHAHA - Riddler's Jet 
TTF453 - Robin's Submarine 
HTF114 - S.W.A.T. 
NAV592 - Sailor 
JFL786 - Scientist 
PLB946 - Security Guard 
JUK657 - The Joker's Van 
EFE933 - Two-Face's Armored Truck 
DWR243 - Zoo Sweeper 

Bat Cheats:
Enter the codes on the computer screen in the Batcave.

Code     Result
9LRGNB - Always Score Multiply 
TL3EKT - Area Effect 
N8JZEK - Armor Plating 
XFP4E2 - Bats 
RAFTU8 - Beep Beep 
DY13BD - Character Studs 
TQ09K3 - Decoy 
GEC3MD - Disguise 
EWAW7W - Etra Toggle 
ML3KHP - Extra Hearts 
JRBDCB - Fast Batarangs 
GHJ2DY - Fast Build 
RM4PR8 - Fast Grapple 
ZOLM6N - Fast Walk 
EVG26J - Faster Pieces 
D8NYWH - Flaming Batarangs (Used with heat batman) 
XPN4NG - Freeze Batarang 
KLKL4G - Ice Rink 
JXUDY6 - Immune to Freeze 
WYD5CP - Invincible 
ZXGH9J - Mini kit Detector 
XWP645 - More Batarang Targets 
TNTN6B - More Detonators 
KHJ544 - Piece Detector 
MMN786 - Power Brick Detector 
HJH7HJ - Regenerate Hearts 
18HW07 - Score x10 
N4NR3E - Score x2 
CX9MAT - Score x4 
MLVNF2 - Score x6 
WCCDB9 - Score x8 
YK4TPH - Silhouettes 
BBD7BY - Slam 
THTL4X - Sonic Pain 
LK2DY4 - Stud Magnet 

Super Hero:
Collect coins to completely fill that bar in a level. 

Wayne Manor bonus level:
Get a "True Hero" rank on all levels in the Hero storyline. To reach the
mission, go to where the vehicles are in the Batcave. Go to the far right
then down to the bottom. Step on the elevator to go to the memorabilia room.
The Wayne Manor mission is in upper left corner.

Arkham bonus level:
Get a "True Villain" rank on all levels in the Villain storyline. To reach
the mission, go to right of the Batcomputer. Go down the ramp and pull the 
lever to get to the villains. Go through the door on the right and look in
the corner to reach the memorabilia room. Climb the ladder at the top to 
access the Arkham level. 

Play as Ras Al Ghul:
Get a 100% game completion. Note: You must first spend 4 billion studs to
unlock the last data item after buying all other data items.

Hints for James Bond created character:
Use the following customizations.

Gloves - Caucasian
Face   - Normal Caucasian
Belt   - Black
Pants  - Black
Arms   - Black
Torso  - Alfred Pennyworth
Hair   - Short black
Weapon - Pistol

Hints for Tim Drake (Robin III) created character:
Use the following customizations.

Gloves - Black
Face   - Nightwing
Belt   - Black
Pants  - Red
Arms   - Red
Torso  - Robin
Hair   - Short black
Weapon - Batarang

Easy studs:
Complete a level with The Joker. You should then have him in the prison. Go to 
the experiment room at the prison. Start zapping the Joker Henchmen that will 
keep walking into the room. Zap the villain that follows you every so often. 
Every time you zap the villain that follows you, the Henchmen will an increasing
number of studs after they are zapped and killed.

Power brick locations:
Power bricks can be found at the following locations.

-=You Can Bank On Batman=-
Hidden on the left side of the cage that Clayface stands on.

-=An Icy Reception=-
In the building behind the catwalk after you find the ice cream on the floor. You must
glide to it from where you built the grappling grab spot. You will also need to do it 
in Free Play mode because you need someone who has super strength such as Clayface or 
Mr. Freeze. 

-=Two-Face Chase=-
The power brick is hidden in the final stage of the level where you fight Two-Face. 
It is in the top left corner of the park on the left and is behind some explosive barrels.

-=Riddler Makes A Withdrawal=-
Build a car out of the pieces of the neon light on the side of one of the buildings
after you come out of the elevator. Take the car to the area where you build the 
wrecking ball. In the top right corner is a car compacter. Roll the car in there 
then mind control the person to pull the second lever. Note: This must be done in 
Free Play mode. 

-=On The Rocks=- In the first room after you come inside, freeze all of the ice 
cream floats and go across them. Do not mind control the person and raise the level.
At the end of the floats is an iron gate. Blow it open and go inside. Go up the 
ladder and down to where the hanging bars are located. Break the crates, build the
switch, cross the bridge, and complete the glass sculpture. 
Note: This must be done in Free Play mode. 

-=Green Fingers=- In the room where you first use your power to grow plants, there
is a ledge above the big plant thing. There are iron bars blocking the left passage
of this ledge. Blow it open and use Robin in the Attract suit to build a truck with
a cake in the back. Bake the cake and the brick will appear. 
Note: This must be done in Free Play mode.

Hero and Villain Level Unlocks:
Unlock the following characters and vehicles by performing the actions below:

Alfred Pennyworth         - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
Barbara Gordon (Batgirl)  - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
Catwoman                  - Complete the Villain Level "Stealing the Show"
Clayface / The Riddler    - Complete Villan Level "The Riddler Makes A Withdrawal"
Commissioner James Gordon - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
Dick Grayson (Nightwing)  - Complete the Hero Chapter "The Riddler's Revenge"
Dr. Victor Fries (Freeze) - Complete the Villain Level "On the Rocks"
Harley Quinn / The Joker  - Complete the Villain Level "A Surprise for the Commissioner"
Man-Bat                   - Buyable After Completeing the Hero Level "Zoo's Company"
Penguin / Bane            - Complete the Villain Level "Rockin' the Docks"
Poison Ivy                - Complete the Villain Level "Green Fingers"
Two-Face                  - Complete the Villain Level "An Enterprising Theft"

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding vehicle. 

The Joker's Helicopter    : Complete "Biplane Blast" 
Killer Croc's Swamp Rider : Complete "Harboring A Grudge" 
The Penguin's Sub         : Complete "Harboring A Grudge" 
Scarecrow's Bi-Plane      : Complete "Biplane Blast"

Logan (X-men) created character:
Use the following customizations.

Gloves: Caucasian 
Face: Angry 
Hair: Long black 
Torso: Plain white 
Arms: Caucasian 
Legs: Blue
Belt: Brown
Weapon: Batarang

Characters in lego batman:
Submitted by: zev123

you can use my unlockable by going to the expirement room

Black batman helmet
Black gloves 
Black cape 
Grey arms
Black underwear
Grey pants
Scarecrow head 
Police hat
Police body
Dark blue arms 
Black gloves 
Black underwear
Machine gun
No cape
Mr freeze head 
No hair
Yeti body
White arms
White underwear
White gloves
No cape
Bakalava mask
Black gloves
Black legs 
Black underwear
Nightwing head
Spy body 
No cape
Robin hair
Bruce Wane head
Dark blue suit
Dark blue arms
Dark blue hands
Dark blue underwear
Dark blue legs
No cape
Machine gun
Scarecrow HENCHMAN
Scarecrow head
Scarecrow hat
Riddler henchman body 
Light green arms
Light green legs
Light green underwear
Light green hands
Mad hatter hat
Alfred head
Alfred body
Black arms
No cape
Black hands
Black underwear
Black legs
Joker head
Joker hair
Pink ice cream man body 
Pink arms
White hands
White legs
Black underwear
No cape
Joker head
Batman helmet
Batman body 
Grey arms
Black gloves
Black cape
Black underwear
Grey legs
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