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Leisure Suit Larry 6 Shape Up Or Slip Out Cheats

Leisure Suit Larry 6 - Shape Up Or Slip Out

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Skip to ThunderBird cartoon:
Use the ashtray on the right side of the reception desk four times to jump to
the ThuderBird cartoon and collect the dog collar. 

Various secrets:
Note: Some of the following tricks require the CD-ROM version of the game. 

* Continuously clock on the first sculpture by the pool and the stairway to the 
  Blues Bar to receive the swimsuit and the inflatable beaver. You will also be 
  prompted to inflate the beaver. 
* Continuously click on the towel rack in your bathroom to get the towel,
  hand lotion, cloth, brochure, and toilet paper. 
* Click the zipper icon on the taco truck when in the kitchen. 
* After getting Cav's ID badge, continuously click on the shirt with the hand.
* After Cav leaves the aerobics room click on her record collection to bring 
  up the Leisure Suit Larry 6 soundtrack. 
* Click the brochure and hand creme on Larry when he is on the toilet to put 
  him through some utter humiliation. 
* Click on the tile that appears out of place when in the shower room. 
* Try clicking many times on various objects in the lobby (locked door, 
  chandeliers, etc.) to advance farther into the game without having to  
 f ollow the real solution.

Running the game in EGA:
Although the game didn't include EGA graphics support, it is possible to get the DOS
floppy disk version of the game to work in EGA mode thanks to Sierra's flexible 
development system. If you copy the file EGA640.DRV from another of Sierra's point'n'
click adventure games into the directory where Leisure Suit Larry 6: Shape Up or Slip
Out! is installed, you can then run the install program and select EGA 640x200 16 
color graphics (note that you need to use the driver from games which include EGA and
MCGA/VGA support in the same package, this trick won't work with the drivers from games
that were available in separate packages for 16 and 256 colors. Some games that will 
work are King's Quest VI and the remake of Police Quest 1. Of course, the 16 color 
graphics don't look quite as good as the 256 color graphics even though a slightly 
higher resolution is used, so there isn't much practical application for this trick;
even when the game was first released, there weren't many people left who still had 
EGA cards in their machine which is probably why Sierra didn't bother including the
driver with the game.
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