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Hard Time Cheats

Hard Time

Change stats:
Submitted by: RM

Hold one of the following keys while pressing [Plus] or [Minus] to 
increase or decrease the stat.

Effect         Key 	
Energy       - E
Happiness    - H
Strength     - S
Agility      - A
Intelligence - I
Reputation   - R
Money        - M
Sentence     - [End]

Control other character:
Press [Left Alt] + [Tab] during game play to assume control 
of another character. 

Edit saved game characters:
Press E at the character selection screen to edit the 
characters in the selected saved game file. 

Control view:
Hold [Left Alt] and press I, K, J, L, Y, or H to move the camera.

View ending sequences:
Press [End] at the slot selection screen to see the chosen 
character's ending sequence.

Submitted by: muez

if you want to fly press right shift EXAMPLE go to training yard and press 
right shift to fly control arrow keys to move forward or backward when flying

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