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Grand Theft Auto 3 Cheats

Grand Theft Auto 3

Cheat Codes:
Update by  : Nathan
Update by  : Vassim shahir 
Update by  : karthik.h.iyer
Update by  : RAUMMIL
Update by  : kanav
Update by  : gsdd
Update by  : j5
Update by  : rene olesen
Update by  : adrian
Update by  : arun prakash
Update by  : SS
Submitte by: Haspa

Here are a list of cheat codes compiled from various sources for Grand Theft Auto 3 in 
order to help get you past those frustrating villains. For the desired affect just type
in the cheat code listed below anytime during game play.

Cheat CodesMain Cheats:
GUNSGUNSGUNS                   = Weapon Cheat 
IFIWEREARICHMAN                = Money Cheat 
GESUNDHEIT                     = Health Cheat 
TURTOISE (or TORTOISE, in 1.1) = Armor Cheat 

Weather Cheats: 
ILiKESCOTLAND   = Fog Thickness Level 1 
ILOVESCOTLAND   = Fog Thickness Level 2 
PEASOUP         = Fog Thickness Level 3 

Pedestrian Cheats:
NOBODYLIKESME    = Peds Want To Kill You 
WEAPONSFORALL    = Peds Pack Heat (Carry Weapons) 

Other Cheats: 
NOPOLICEPLEASE   = Wanted Level Down 
GIVEUSATANK      = Spawn A Tank 
CORNERSLIKEMAD   = Better Driving Code 
ILIKEDRESSINGUP  = Change Character 
BANGBANGBANG     = Blow Up Cars Around You 

Unknown Cheats: 
NASTYLIMBCHEAT = Nastier Limb Removal? 
MADWEATHER     = Time Speeds Up? 
BOOOOORING     = Unknown (Time Slows Down?) 

Submitted by: Chris

Type "ohhmygod" and you will then be struck by lightning repeatedly.

Submitted by: Csabi

You can`t repair your car in your own garage when you are on a mission!
typing "ohhmygod"(Submited by chris) will not do anything!

Submitted by: [P9S]IEatGreyFoxes

Get a car that isn't an ambulance, taxi or police and drive around [slowly]
until you find a woman who comes and looks into your car a few times. Soon 
after she has done this, she will get into the car with you. Drive on to 
some grass, and stop the car. The car will rock, you will get health [up to 125]
and you will lose money.

Submitted by: Bob

Convertible top on convertible cars if you want to take down the top press [F1]it
will do a 30 second replay when the replay starts press [F1] and you will notice
the top is down or up!

Renew Car:
Submitted by: Aniket

Bring any messed-up car in the garrage next to the save game door and keep it inside.
Let the door get closed and when it opens voila! a brand new car!

Repair cars for free:
Submitted by: Viktor

If you want to repair your car for free, just drive in your car in the garage at the
hideout. And when the garage opens, the car is repaired! This doesen't cost anything
and you don't need to save the game.


In order to complete the 1st island just steel a banchee from the garage near 8-Ball's
place then put fly mode on, type: CHITTYCHITTYBB then go to the big ramp with comes by
it [which leads to the 2nd island] go through the side up the ramp as fast as you can 
and you'll fly over the big gap in the bridge and on to stauton island, this works also
to get to the 3rd island.
If u want extreme cheats go to: and search for GTA3 CHEATS.

To fly a dodo: 
Submitted by: Kesa

First, bring the dodo to the runway or a wide road. Then stop for a while. Then hold
the accelerate button and the dodo down button at once. And then you will see a fire
coming out from the bottom side of your dodo, in that time you have to release the 
dodo down button. Remember to keep your velocity, do not fly to high or try to make 
a sudden turn. it will make your dodo fall.

Submitted by: ARAB

To get 1-5 prostututes in your car just do this, try and get a stretch drive slowly
up to a prostutute and when she starts bending ove talking just simply drive off 
(NOT TO FAR) and drive up to a second prostutute and start sending her bending over
is well by this time the first prostutute should be on her way over to your car so 
keep an eye out for the whore, simply do this over and over again until you have 
enough, i should tell you i have on ly got 4 in so far but i meen i haven't tried
so you maybe able to get more, and you will only get charged for 1!

How to find Lamar
Submitted by: Lamar Glenn

Go to 8-balls garage and pick up lamar and you could drive around with him the whole
game and he hepl you beat up gang members.

submitted by j5

Collect 10 hidden packages and the pistol will be spawned to hideout. Collect them
20 and the uzi will be spawned to to hideout. This can save LOTS of money. You can 
collect it 2 times. Trick is: pick it up, go to house, and then, when it ask to save
game, say cancel, and pistol is again spawned. You can't repeat this 'cuz the weapon
won't spawn again until you are busted/wasted, and you lose weapons. Then it will 
spawn again and you can repeat trick.

submitted by j5

If you can't win races just do this: Get a race mission, then get ANY vehicle, drive
to start, when the race begins, get out of it, sprint from it, press ecsape (to save
time), type BANGBANGBANG then press esc again and all cars will be "BOOMED" includin' 
other race cars! Then, again get some car and win the race! Easy, isn't it?

Taxi hint:
submitted by j5

Get a taxi. Select the taxi driver mission. Complete 1st fare AND, wait! Go collect
next fare, but make sure he/she close car door on end of 0:00 second! Now you gotta
unlimited time for all next fares. Trick is over when you cancel taxi driver mission
or exit taxi vehicle. Thing is really hard to do, but once you did it, all will be 
easy. Note I used cabby for this trick, not normal taxi car.

Custom music:
Submitted by: Blade

Copy some of your favorite MP3 files into the "mp3" folder in the game folder. Start
the game and you will have a new radio station titled "mp3 player". Choose it to hear
your own selections.

Hints - More cars in Garage:
Submitted by: Diamantiger

You can fit more than two cars in your hideout's garge than you are supposed to. In
the second district the garage should only hold two cars, but you would be able to fit
four in, five if they are small cars.
Park the first two cars beside each other next to the wall then park each car after
that in front of the door, get out of the car and the door will open then quickly 
drive the extra cars in before the garage door shuts, therefore you can save all 
the cars in the garage.

Make you own radio Station:
You can copy some of your Mp3 music into the "mp3" folder found in the game 
directory. now when you start the game you will have a new radio station called
"mp3 player" which playes your music.

Free car repair:
You can have any car you want repaired for free, if your favourite car is looking
a bit worse for ware after that cop chase, just drive to your hideout and place 
the car in your garage, get out and let the door close, then step foreward to 
open the garage door again, and hey presto! a brand new car (it's even been 
polished). This can only be done when you're not on a mission.

Submitted by: mc_BÍtx

do the cheat for a tank (giveusatank) then type the flying cheat (chittychittybb)
and turn the shoot thing thats on the tank round so its shooting the back then 
keep shooting and you will take off and just keep shooting and you can travel far
but its great fun and funny --bÍth wanna talk email me 

Submitted by:  Ahmed Hafda

If you have any difficulties jumping the 2nd bridge to the 3rd island, get a fast
car like the banshee or infurnus and dont put any flying cheat on just speed all 
the way till you get right to the end of the broken part of the bridge and once 
you get there just before you fall into the water press (Esc) quickly, and when 
your in the game menu type in CHITTYCHITTYBB and keep your hand on accelerate 
and press (Esc) to go back to the game and watch your car fly like a rocket.

If you have any difficulties trying to get the DODO flying take it to the take 
off road, keep your hand Num 6 to turn the turret down and drive on the road. 
Once you see sparkes let go of NUM 6 but press it every 2secs to keep the DODO 
balanced. (My best time is 11mins and 36secs) try beat that.

Submitted by: Darren Fletcher

Enter the code cornerslikemad and than while you are driving press shift and the
car will jump. Shoot the moon with a sniper rifle and the moon will shrink, shoot
it again and it will return to normal size.

Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat b. Rohimi

How to steal more than 1 banshee. After you stole a banshee, keep it in your garage
then save your game. After that you can steal some more banshee.

Submitted by: lilskater

Go get a hooker and drive in a alley or some thing. then the car will start to rock
(wonder why) and then you will get 125 health but you lose some money. Then she will
get out of the car and get out of the car with her and kill her and you will get your
money back and some more money.

Submitted by: Big Kausik

Easy Tank Money:
Get 2 tanks, anyway you want to, and then simple ram one tank with another, your
funds will go through the roof.

How to Fly the Tank:
This might sound absurd, but it works. First enter the code to get a Tank, then enter
the "Fly With Cars" cheat (codes page). Get into your Tank, turn the turret 180 
degrees so it's pointing backwards and start firing the cannon rapidly. Continue 
doing this until you gain altitude. To turn, just turn the turret slightly. Avoid
the tall buildings and you'll do just fine!

Lightless Taxi: 
The lightless taxi can only be caught after saving/loading, it is a glitch where
the game doesn't load all items. And you save the game with the taxi lightless so
it stays like that. This theory makes it POSSIBLE to get a lightless cop car!

BulletProof Barracks OL: 
This vehicle can be obtained when playing the "Arms Shortage" mission from Ray.
During the mission, the vehicle will be BP. It will be normal before and after
the mission.

BulletProof/ExplosionProof/FlameProof Bobcat: 
This vehicle can be obtained in the "Evidence Dash" mission from Ray. During the
mission, the Bobcat that has the mission packages is BP/EP/FP. Flip the Bobcat 
over then push it to your hideout. Don't worry about the rest of the packages, 
as the game will generate another bobcat in town.

BulletProof/ExplosionProof/FlameProof Cheetah: 
This vehicle can be obtained in the "Turismo" mission from El Burro. During the
race, flip over one of the cheetahs than push it to your garage. Do not let it
out of your sight, and wait until the turismo mission has finished.

BulletProof Patriot: 
This vehicle can be obtained after completing the "Marked Man" mission from Ray.

BulletProof Securicar, ExplosionProof Securicar: 
You can obtain a BP securicar in the "Van Heist" mission from Joey Leone. After
damaging the vehicle, drive it to your hideout, and blow it up in your garage.
You can obtain an EP securicar in the "Escort Service" mission from Donald Love.
Shoot the vehicle to blow it up, then push it to your garage.

BulletProof/DamageProof/ExplosionProof/FlameProof Stetch:
This vehicle can be obtained in the "Salvatores called a meeting" mission from
Toni. Once you visit Toni, head to Joeys but DON'T go into the blue field. 
Instead, park a vehicle near the wall on the side of the building, then enter
the speed-up cheat code, then run between the vehicle and the wall, this will
cause you to walk-through the wall. Then enter the Stretch and backup into the
blue field, the vehicle will regenerate. Afterwards, drive it to your Staunton
hideout by flying over the Callahan bridge (using the dodo physics code). Head
to 8-Ball's bombshop, rig the car with a timer bomb, then activate the car-bomb
in your garage and leave, don't let the door shut! After the vehicle explodes, 
walk out letting the door shut, so the vehicle regenerates.

Secret Speeder:
Go to the airport, and go/drive down the runway that the planes don't use until
you get to the cliff, drop down the cliff, and there you have it - a speeder 
(Warning, you will lose 3 points falling down).

Easy Way To Evade The Police:
Here's a simple way to get the law off your tail. Do a lot of vigilante missions
until you get like 1 or 2 police bribes in your safe house, now if you're fast 
enough, you'll get there before they get you.

Respawning Weapons & Items: 
If you need more weapons or something extra that can respawn (like the weapons,
health powerups, etc.), pick them up and go into your garage on foot and run up
to the back wall. Once you do this all the items you should have picked will 
respawn and you can pick them up again. Do this as many times as needed.

Submitted by: dimitris

In Staunton Island, in a mission called "A Drop In The Ocean", you have to 
collect 6 packages dropped by the plane in the sea near Yakuza's house. When
you collect all 6 packages, stop the boat, leave the steering wheel, and shoot
at the moon...!!! The moon (which is bigger than the normal) will become smaller!
You can try this many times...!

Submitted by: dimitris

In staunton island, you can find a car (i don't remember well the car's name, it
was something like "Yurt", usually driven by the colombians and has leopard seats!)
which can hop!!! Just get in it, and press num4, num5, or num6...!!! You only need
good syncronisation to make the car hop high!

Submitted by: Ashley Wilson

1. Do not go to the pay&spray garage for repair if you are riding a cop car or
cop van. They will be too afraid to service it. Instead, use your garage for 
repairing (park in your garage, let the door close & open).

2. When you find secret packages in multiples of 10, you get weapons
delivered at your door-step. The order is as follows:
10 sec. packs - Pistol
20 " " - Uzi
30 " " - Grenade
40 " " - Shotgun
I haven't found more packages to find out what the rest are. You might-
Good Luck!

3. Steal cop car, cop van, tank, fire engine or ambulance and press 'Num +'key 
to activate special missions. Complete multiples of 5 consecutive missions to 
get special bonuses!

4. Locations of some cars throughout Liberty city:
a. Banshee: Near 8-ball's place in Portland- inside the glass showroom. 
   (There is also a secret package nearby.) 
b. Mafia Sentinel: In front of Salvatore's House. You can
find two of them any time.
c. BF Injection: In front of Maria's apartment after Whacking Salvatore, after 19:00.

5. Wanted Level 5 gets activated only after getting to 2nd island, and Level 6 after
3rd. (Even MOREPOLICEPLEASE will not override this.)

6. Go to crevices in buildings to find secret packets, if you want to play fair. of
course, you don't need to, if you use the GUNSGUNSGUNS cheat to get weapons.

7. There is a payphone near Joey's place where you can find more missions. 
   (It doesn't show up in the map.)

8. Do not save the game after you have activated the cheat in which people fight each
other. If you do, you'll never be able to walk safely anywhere outside your car.

9. Don't use the tank cheat when you are in a car. The tank will appear on top the car,
causing it to explode!

10. Worst cars to ride when speed is a factor for you:
a. Stallion (also Diablo Stallion)
b. Idaho
c. Perennial

Submitted by: Psykocyber

Ambulance Mission Rewards:
Complete 35 ambulance missions to get a heart at your hideout. 
Complete 70 ambulance missions to get an adrenaline pill at your hideout. 
Get onto Level 12 in an ambulance mission and you will get the infinite run cheat.

Do Taxi Missions with a Different Car
Drive up to a taxi in the car you intend to use. Get in the taxi, press and hold CAPS
LOCK. Still holding CAPS LOCK, get out of the taxi and get in the car you started with.
Let go of the CAPS LOCK key and now you can do taxi missions in that car.

Easy Fire Truck Missions
Steal a fire truck and begin the Firefighter mode. When you are assigned a new fire to
put out, press F1 to start a replay, then F1 again to cancel it. The fire will be 
immediately extinguished.

Easy Vigilante Missions
When in a police car, enforcer, fbi car, or rhino, start the vigilante missions. Drive
close to the target vehicle, and press ESC to call up the options menu. Choose 'Resume 
Game', and when the game resumes, your target will stop his/her vehicle and get out, 
making them much easier to kill.

Tip for Entering Codes
Codes can still be entered while the game is paused (at the menu screen). Hit Esc to 
pause the game, then type the codes desired. The codes' effects will take place once 
you unpause. This trick does work for entering multiple codes at once, and is especially
useful when you must enter codes quickly.

Flame-Thrower At Your Hideout
Complete 20 fire mission on each island to get a flamethrower at each hideout.

Hidden Package Rewards
Each of these weapons are unlocked at your hideout after getting a certain number of
hidden packages.

Police Bribes At Hideout
Complete 10 vigilante missions on one island to get a police bribe at your hideout.
Complete 20 vigilante missions on each island to get a total of 6 police bribes at
each hideout.

Unlock The Borgine Taxi
Complete at least 100 taxi missions to unlock a new, faster taxi.

Hidden Package Rewards
Each of these weapons are unlocked at your hideout after getting a certain 
number of hidden packages.

Unlock able                 How to Unlock
Rocket Launcher at Hideout  Find 100 Hidden Packages
M16 at Hideout              Find 90 Hidden Packages
Sniper Rifle at Hideout     Find 80 Hidden Packages
AK47 at Hideout             Find 70 Hidden Packages
Molotovís at Hideout        Find 60 Hidden Packages
Armor at Hideout            Find 50 Hidden Packages
Shotgun at Hideout          Find 40 Hidden Packages
Grenades at Hideout         Find 30 Hidden Packages
Uzi at Hideout              Find 20 Hidden Packages
Pistol at Hideout           Find 10 Hidden Packages 

Vigilante mission:
Submitted by: Vlado

In VIGILANTE mission (when you are in the police car) you must kill at least 10 criminals
to get a police bribe to your hideout. Here is a little hint how to kill them easier. 
Get a fast car and drive very close to criminal's car. Then type nopoliceplease and the
criminal will step out of the car.WHACK HIM! If you want to do that, the police must not
chase you. 

Crashing vehicles is a cool way!:
Submitted by: Hrishikesh Bawa  + 

Take a melee weapon ad bash everyone up except the cops! The dead will leave 
back some gen & somw weapons! You could run 'em ver with a vehicle too!
beware of th gang members as they could easily call for help!

Easy weapons:
Just shoot the AMMUNATION guy straight in the head he'll leave back a pistol or so!

Fun thing to do when you've completed the game:
Submitted by: sun_walka

In GTA3, when you shoot other peoples cars, they speed off in a terrific panic. 
This can be used to your advantage. It's easy, just hop onto the roof of a passing 
car and fire a few shots into it. The reaction of the driver will be sure to propel 
you to safety as and when needed. 

Don't bother hi-jacking a car when in danger, just make sure you get on a car roof 
and presto, the cops can't catch you up there! Plus, riding around town on another 
person's speeding car makes for a great mobile turret, it's great fun, trust me, lol, 
the things that occur when you're riding the roofs of other peoples cars are just 

Submitted by: kanishk

How to get a COOL CAR-- BF Injection: 
After completing-- A's mission (first mission of Akura second city) of 
killing luigi.....salvatore & others... in first city you will find the car in 
the parking in front of that hostel which is near. the PAY & SPRAY !!...... 
Behind our hideout! in the first city.

Submitted by: nickscarface

This is a tip more than a cheat. If you are having serious trouble with the Kenji
missions, go straight to the Donald Love missions and get to the one where you kill
Kenji in the Cartel Cruiser. After you complete this mission the Kenji missions are

Submitted by: Muhammad Umer

when u want to go shorewale from staunton island u have to reach the rockstar stadium,
when u reach the stadium u will see a road on the right side don't go on that road 
pass the road and the silver building and u will see a road on the again right side 
a tunnel is starting on in the tunnel and go where u wanna go.

Submitted by: Siddharth Goswami

If you want to make sex with girl, get a car which has capacity for seating two person.
Then move and stop to a girl who has weared black clothes looks like call girl. She will
make move and sit after some time. Then park the car somewhere on grass. Then watch the

Submitted by: salmanshahid_91

If u have problems doing the boat missions just type bangbangbang when u get near the
enemy.If u have problems doing the the mission bomb da base actii just do this when u
get to the dock and get in the blue light a cinematic takes place after that 8-ball 
comes out and hides behind one of the boxes before he hides run u r vehicle over him
but slowly he should not be dead when he is under u r vehicle get out and start shooting
the colombians but fast becuase 8-ball comes after a while but u also have enough time 
(if u have less bullets just type gunsgunsguns as much as u want).

Float in sky, 5000$ rewarding flying stunt in GTA3:
Submitted by: S.D.Gopinath

Go to home in second island, from entrance go right side of main road and on the left
you see a "gasoline" red banner, go inside the narrow white road leading to another 
main road, just opposite there is a "3" stored car parking garage, go to the top "third"
floor you see a racing sloped ramp leading up to a road park below, from ramp just on 
opposite you see a zebra crossing white lines painted on the floor and there you see 
a single taxi parked there, remove that taxi from there for clearing the take off path.
Now pick a faster sport car or the taxi itself, go back to that end,and type the gravity
cheat "chittychittybb" and speed up your car towards the sloped ramp and take off from 
the building towards the park will experience the real thrill in the game, 
floating in the sky for really 3 min and finally land after crossing the park on a road.
you will then be rewarded "5000 $$ dollars" with a note " A great Stunt" So, do this for
a thrilling and 5000$ rewarding flying stunt.

Fly Traffic:
Submitted by: Mohsin Bhatti

if you want to fly the traffic cars just get out from your car and type "bang" 10 times 
you will see that the traffic cars are flying.

Go Everywhere:
Submitted by: Rohan

When you start to play the game you can not go everywhere in the other city's by bridge
because roads are closed but i can tell you how to go there. First go in a subway and 
travel by train to anywhere you want to go. You can also take a car in the subway, 
After you reach there you cant get on the main road because subways are also closed.
So stand in front of a running train in the middle of the track and let the train go
over you. Due to some technical problem you will go under the land and something rubbish
happens and you find yourself on the main road. Try this repeatedly. Dont forget to use 
health cheat while doing this.

Guns Cheat:
Submitted by: Mohsin Bhatti

If you want to a large number of guns ammo you need to type "guns" 20 times. Now you 
have a large number of ammo for every Gun .

Submitted by: Triratna Manandhar

In The Mission Of Donald Love"A drop In The Ocean" You Have To Collect The Packages
Thrown By Plane.There will also Be The Police To Collect To Collect It By 
Yourself First Sit In The Boat.And When Plane Throw 1st Packages.Get Out From The 
Boat And Type BangBangBang 5 Times. Now The Police Will Killed.And You Can Collect
At Any Time You Like It.

To go to next level from level 1to 2:
Submitted by: Bikesh Manandhar

First you should pick up the car which is too speed .Don't pick up slow car or heavy
truck.When you pich up the car type"CHITTYCHITTYBB" and then 4.and go to the place 
near the 8 ball there is one small way.Go to side and you can cross the river and 
go to next level .If it is too difficult go the the town where there the bridge but
not compleated(broken bridge) and the fly from there.

Submitted by: SANTOSH

After you kill a man,(and he will left some money) the ambulance will come. 
after that he will cure the dead man. after you kill him agian you will find 
some money (not much).

Hint/cheat: How to get to Shoreside Vale:
Submitted by: Chris 

When your on Stuaton island grab a tank, go to the big bridge that has the blocking 
things, the rotate the firearm an turn it to the back, then accelerate and fire the 
firearm, with the flying chea. (CHITTY CHITTTY BB) (btw that is 1 full word i put 
in spaces to make it easier) :)

Listen to radio stations at any time:
If you have sufficient hard drive space, you can listen to the radio stations at any 
desired time. Insert the "Play" disc then click on "My Computer" and click on your 
CD drive. Enter the "Audio" folder to access a group of .WAV and .MP3 files. You can 
listen to any mission, radio station, or event. Copy them to your hard drive for 
smoother playback. You can hear everything (pedestrians, crashes, horns, etc) with 
a file on your hard drive in the "audio" folder in the game directory. There is a 
file called "sfx.raw" that can be opened in a .WAV file editor. Change the sampling 
rate to a lower setting and there will be a very long audio clip of everything there 
is to be heard in the game.

Increase car acceleration:
Note: This procedure involves editing a game file; create a backup copy of the file 
before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "handling.cfg" file in the "data" 
sub-folder in the game directory. When you open that file, you will see a table which 
has vehicle names in rows (Such as LANDSTAL, IDAHO, STINGER, etc.) and alphabetic 
characters in columns. For example, to increase the maximum speed and acceleration of 
the Rhino tank, choose column N, Row "RHINO" and change its value to "200.0". This 
will set the Rhino tank's maximum speed to 200K mph . Select column O in the same 
row and change its value to "33.0" ,which will make its acceleration higher. This 
method can be tricky, but if done correctly, your tank can fly. 
Note: Enable the cornerslikemad code to increase the handling of the tank.

Submitted by: shikher saxena

if u r in 1st city,and if u want to go to 2nd city,so to cross the broken bridge, u 
just have to take BANSHEE car present inthe showroom near 8-balls.take it to bridga
and type flying code CHITTYCHITTYBB.and u will cross it. but same technique doesn't 
work when u have 2 cross 2nd bridge 2 go to3rd city. so, togo 2 3rd city just apply
this trick: Take a fast car like banshee or inference and take it to the round bridge.
FULL SPEED AND WHEN U ARE at corner of bridge press ESC and type CHITTYCHITTYBB and 
put ur hands on UP ARROW KEY and SHIFT.then the car will jump and fly high. ENJOY 

Submitted by: Assbuster

hey people ....u can change the boring start up video(the on which says 
"RAM OK","ROM OK") with your favorite music or any other video!!!

all you need to do is ..
1)open the folder "movies" in you gta 3 directory file.
2)delete the video "Logo" in the folder.
3)copy and paste your video in the folder.
4)rename your video with the name "Logo"(commas excluded)
you are done!!!
now just start the game and watch your video !!!!

P.S: better keep a backup of the original "logo" video.

Submitted by: Muhammad Zul Fadzli

If you wan more fun, click bang bang bang and than click esc quickly and click 
bang many time you wan, and than click esc you will see car up the sky.

Submitted by: meghraj

First get a flame thrower ok now type the code ILIKEDRESSINGUP then watch the 
flame thrower will be disappear and just tell your friends that fire is coming 
out of his mouth or head !

Complete mission "MARKED MAN" in less than 2 minutes:
Submitted by: Cheaty
In the mission "MARKED MAN" you have take Ray Machowski to airport within a 3 minutes. 
You will not be able to use the bridge here. There are a couple of FBI agents guarding 
the entrance carrying M-16's. Regardless of what car you have, you will be wasted before 
you can get on the bridge. So the only option is to take a fast car through the subway.
Take a tank over the bridge instead! Type "GIVEUSATANK" and you will get a tank. 
Enjoy a smooth ride over the bridge! You need not use the subway!

Make your tank go FASTER:
Just press in the cal. 4 or 5 to make the shooter change direction, make it go south,
then keep shooting (WARNING! this cheat may cause the tank to tip over!)

Easier Vigilante mission:
When the criminal's car is near, press Esc then press it again. The criminal will 
get out of their vehicle, making them a lot easier for Claude to kill.

Survive when under a car:
When someone runs over you with a car and you are stuck in the bottom, you will usually
die. If you want to survive, press [Esc] to pause game play. Enable the "turtoise" codes,
then enable the bangbangbang code. Press [Esc] to resume game play, then quickly press 
G to destroy the car. Then, enable the turtoise or gesundheit codes to get full health.

Get to any of the other islands early:
Go back to the bridge and walk past the road block without a car. When you get far enough
up the road, enable the giveusatank code and turn the gun so it is pointing behind the tank.
Enable the chittychittybb code, then shoot the cannon and drive until you fly off the bridge.
If done correctly, you will hover over the broken part onto the other side. Start a new game
and do the Give Me Liberty, and Luigi's Girls missions. Then, get a fast car and enable the
"chittychittybb" and "cornerslikemad" codes. Once you are able to jump the Callahan Bridge 
(the one that is broken apart) and get to Staunton Island, save the game. Then, drive to the
stadium on Staunton Island. Once you are near it, look for a tunnel with signs above it that
read "Shoreside Vale", and "Portland". Follow that tunnel and turn left when you get the 
chance. Take that road and follow it until you get to the end. You are now in Shoreside Vale.

Submitted by: skeletor

In the mission "MARKED MAN" you can actually take Ray to the airport flying a DODO. This way, 
you don't need to worry about cops waiting for you at the tunnel. :) 

Before meeting Ray in the park, get a Dodo at the airport. Then fly back to Staunton island and 
start the mission. Get to the Callahan bridge where you can just take off again. Just fly to the 
airport and land near the entrance. You might need to get out the plane and get in a car to 
complete the mission once you landed.

How to go to the other cities easily:
Submitted By: Josh S. Munshi

To go to the other cities there is a hint to make tanks fly. I really like it but I think its 
a little hard because of when you have to make the tanks fly you have to fire backwards and 
if the fire hits the traffic cars, the police cars chase you. So, when the police cars hit the 
tank, the tank gets a little out of balance even thought they blast and it gets hard to fly the 
tank.. So, I found a better cheat to go to the other cities easily.. Just go straight a little 
farther from the Callahan or Bridge(from where you started from in the first place) and then you 
will see two coaches in a shaded place. Get on one of the coach and go to the bridge. The coach 
will be wrecked a little bit to get onto the bridge because it is blocked, (to get on the bridge 
get on it by the corner of the road block) but it doesnt matter.. Type the cheat cornerslikemad 
(without the ) and start accelerating your coach forward. When you have almost reached the broken 
place of the bridge press the horn button and the coach will jump high. While the coach is on 
flight quickly press the ESC button that brings you to the menu, and type chittychittybb (without 
the ), press ESC again to get back to the game.. You will see that your coach is flying high, and 
you have passed the bridge and you have reached the next city. If you want to go to the third city 
at that one time, keep on pressing the num6 button until you reach the 3rd city. Be careful so that 
when you reach the city you have to get down or you will fall in the sea behind the third city so, 
if you want to avoid that, turn your bus any side and your coach will be like crashing down, but 
if you are lucky you will make a good fall and if you are unlucky your coach will turn upside down 
and burst. Remember if your car turns upside down and is on fire and if you type gesundheit, the 
coach will not be repaired but if it is on fire typing the code gesundheit will work (on any cars).. 
So, if your coach bursts you will have to walk all the way until you are outside the !

So, however enjoy exploring the new city.. If you dont want to go to the third city in the 
second way, you can repeat the first way in the bridge of the second city (from where you go to 
the third city).. Or you can go on by the ground to the third city to the second city by a 
underground train or by a tunnel.. To go there by a tunnel just go to the place where there is
a large stadium (in the second city).. Go a little bit of farther from the stadium and look at
the right side and you will see a tunnel, keep on going straight and follow the tunnel sign 
boards hanging on the top.

How to repair your vehicles:
Submitted By: Josh S. Munshi

If you want repair you vehicle (motorbike, car, etc), pause the game and type gesundheit and you 
will see that your vehicle is repaired.. But it is recommended that you are on the vehicle..

How to go from the 2nd to the 3rd city:
Submitted by: Josh S. Munshi

To go to the 3rd city from the 2nd city go to a place where there is a large stadium go a little 
bit of farther from it and keep on looking the right side (opposite side of the military base) 
and you will see a tunnel going underground drive your car into it and keep on going until you 
find any signboard hung on the top if you see it stop your car and read it and you will 
automatically find your path if you follow the written instructions on the signboard.. 
In this way you can go to the 3rd city.

How to repair ur car in the middle of a mission without going to ur garage:
Submitted by: hussain ali

when ur car is on fire or smoke press esc key type "GESUNDHEIT" press esc key again n ur car will 
be good as new.only fire n smoke cud be repaired by dis.hope u make use of it.

Submitted by: shivi

Code               Result
suckmyrocket       - 999,999,999points,all weapons, armor, get out of jail free carel 
itstantumof6031769 - infinite lives
hatemuchine        - raise point values
heartofgold        - view F M V sequences

Submitted by: Rishbh Sharma

If someone is able to provide me GTA 3 compressed with KGB, he will recive trainer, save game,
from me. Also I will tell how to download new scripts, missions, mods(Gravity Mod, Camera Hack,
 weather controller etc.), hacks, new cars etc.
contact : 
Note: I will tell you what and how to do, when you contact me.

Killing Salvatore:
Submitted by: Alex

In the first mission of akura (second island) there is a trick to kill salvatore without losing 
health or armour.

1) Type "guns guns guns" cheat to get a rocket launcher.
2) Take up the mission.
3) Go to the first island and go straight to the plece where ypou got missions from salvatore.
4) Get a good point to shoot with rocket lancher.
5) Two cars will enter through the pathway.
6) Blast them.

Easy Turismo Win:
In the turismo mission for El Burro, you'll be racing three Cheatahs.After the phone, enter
the cheat turtoise so when your car explodes, you won't be wasted. Enter bangbangban and do
not enter the last "g" until the race starts. When the race starts get out of your car and 
press "g". This should make the Cheatahs and your car explode if you followed directions.
Enter giveusatank or take someones car, and go through all the checkpoints.

Hidden stadium message:
Go to the stadium on Staunton Island. Go up the stairs to the front gates of stadium. Once
there, take out a sniper rifle and use the scope to zoom inside the stadium. Look at the 
bleachers on the left and right sides. They say "COCKS" on them.

Marked man:
Submitted by: leslie

When u pick ray up from the toilets, drive to the bridge in a fast car. when u get there, do 
the tank cheat... dats "give us a tank" after that, enter the tank and drive to the air port.
the cia wont be able to touch you.

Go to next city easier:
Submitted by: sahil soni

I think that it is not so difficult. Firstly take a police car then type nopoliceplease and 
then go to the bridge. Before going on bridge then type chittychittybband then without appling 
brakes come in center of bridge only press forward button and then wow you will be in next city.

Flying with tank:
Submitted by: Rokk

First, enter the cheat CHITTYCHITTYB. Then, get into a tank. Doesn't matter if you cheated one 
or not. Then, turn the barrel backwards. Then, drive up the callahan bridge if it's still broken, 
and keep firing. You should be able to fly all the way to the 2nd island and even the airport of 
the 3rd.

Police bribes:
Get into any police vehicle and enter vigilante mode. After killing enough criminals (about ten 
to fifteen), your beeper will tell you that you have a police bribe in your hideout. 
Note: This works best if you use the police truck behind the police station on Staunton Island.

Are some missions unfinishable or boring?:
Submitted by: Duke of Liberty City

It is not easy to complete some missions in GTA 3. Some missions like Payday for Ray need time and 
quickness and good hardware. I lack in quickness. So what I did is this:

1) Go to

2) Click the save game of any mission.

For Example If you have been sitting in "Salvatore's Called a meeting" mission for the past 
100 years ( I was sitting for 100 years indeed. Never good at driving.) just go to the link 
above and download and use it like this.

Using GTA 3 savegames: 
1. Download your savegame file (choose any savegame from the game beginning).
2. Uzip file using WinZip or the other similar software.
3. File GTA3sf1.b put in your "GTA3 User Files" folder which should be in your My documents folder 
(for example: "C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents")
4. Start your game and load first savegame. 

The same can also be done for gta sa and gta vc.
For Vice City: 
Just do them as you did for GTA 3.

This website also provides trainers, patches, cheats etc.
HAPPY MISSION SKIPPING. Contact me for further tips.

FBI car:
* Go to the railroad and you will notice only one of the two are actually used. Go to the other
side from the loading platforms that are not used. You can sit on the edge of the railroad and
kill people. Because of the railroad under you, they will not be able to shoot you (except for
the occasional helicopter, which you will have to shoot down). You will be able to kill the FBI
agents. When they get out, quickly jump in and drive to your save point.

* Use the following trick to get an FBI car easily when you are trying to get all the law 
enforcement cars on the ship. Go to your hideout in Portland and stay just inside of the entrance
to the street. Take out your weapons and start shooting cars that pass you by Rockets work very 
well. When you get your warning level to five stars, the FBI cars will come after you. They will
be so out of control that they will crash into the wall in front of you. Run to the back of your
hideout by the garage, then run back up to the FBI car. Get in and drive it the few feet to your
garage and save the game. Then, load the game to get rid of all the cops and take it to the harbor.

How to get unlimited time for taxi driving:
Submitted by: Tausifur

To get unlimited time to drive the taxi is finish the first fare and then wait...until the person 
closes the door right on 0:00 seconds. Its hard to do but after you complete the cheat it will be 
all easy. This cheat will go off when your taxi blows up or if you get out of the car. 
I hope this helps. If you want other cheat,hints and where to find all hidden packages go to my 
email at

People Kick Your Butt:
Submitted by: minuda2

Shift+V : Mind it, it can't be deactivated.
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