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F.E.A.R. Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Press [Talk] (default is T) during game play. The game will freeze, but has 
not crashed. Enter one of the following codes, then press [Enter] to activate
the cheat function.

Result                              Code 
Invulnerability                   - god
Invisibility                      - notarget
Full ammunition                   - ammo
All weapons                       - guns
Full armor                        - armor
Full health                       - health
Position mode                     - pos
All weapons and unlimited ammo    - tears
Ghost mode                        - poltergeist
Increase health and reflexes      - gear
Level skip                        - maphole
Weapons, full ammo, armor, health - kfa
Spawn indicated weapon            - gimmegun 
Spawn indicated ammunition        - gimmeammo 
Display build version             - build

Weapon names:
Use one of the following entries with the gimmegun code to 
spawn the weapon.
Assault rifle        - assault rifle
Cannon               - cannon
Dual pistols         - dual pistols
Frag grenade         - frag grenade
Missile launcher     - missile launcher
Nailgun              - nail gun
Pipe bomb            - remote charge
Pistol               - pistol
Plasma railgun       - plasma weapon
Semi-auto rifle      - semi-auto rifle
Shotgun              - shotgun
SMG                  - submachinegun
Trip mine            - proximity
No effect            - gimmegun turret 
Drops current weapon - turret 

Ammunition names:
Use one of the following entries with the gimmeammo code to spawn 
the indicated ammunition for each weapon.

Submitted by:DIE BAAS

In game press T for the talk option, type in god, and in the right side 
of the screen there will show a (godmode on) line.

Saving Medkits:
Make a mark of some sort to lead you back on some Medkits that you could not 
carry before. If you so happen to run out of your own because of a big fight 
you can find them again. This is useful in Interval 11 with the armies of ghosts 
coming after you. Just make sure that you are able to backtrack to get the 
Medkits you left behind.

Labdog: Shogo: Mobile Armor Division reference:
After the firefight in the gas pipes area near the exit point of the map, there 
will be a gas pipe on fire. Turn the object off in the next room, then return 
to the now extinguished pipe area..There is a semi secret walkway there. Walk 
in, find the ladder, and climb up. You will find a health booster, and there 
is a door on your left. Go into that office. Listen to the song. It is the 
main theme from Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. an anime FPS created by Mololith. 
Look at the dry marker board. It is the same one from an office level from 
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division.

Defeating Assassin Super Soldiers: 
Because the assassins are difficult to see due to their camouflage and high speed 
running, try using slow-motion. You will notice them immediately once they are 
slowed. After that, let all of your rounds into them.

Interval 04: Office Space reference:
While making your way through the large office building, look for papers hung on 
the wall or scattered on desks. Many of these papers have "TPS Report" written on 
them, as well as a symbol including three boxes at the top. This is a reference 
to the popular movie Office Space in which the characters are involved with TPS 
reports at their office, Initech, which has almost the same logo as the symbol 
at the top of the papers.

Minigun Via Cheat:
1) Empty your weapons inventory; guns only (not grenades), via the "throw down 
   weapon" button, or by entering "gimmegun turret" in the text dialog for each 
2) Once you are sure you don't have any available weapons, type 
   "gimmegun turret_street" into the text dialog and hit enter. 
3) You should then see a "Giving Weapon" confrimation, at which point you should 
   hit the enter key twice in rapid succession, kind of like double clicking 
   with a mouse. 
4) The minigun should appear in your empty hands, with unlimited ammo. 

*Also* If you attempt to pick up any other weapons you will lose the minigun, 
and will have to rid yourself of any weapons and reenter the code to get the 
minigun back. 
Crawling through vents that have a grate blocking your exit cannot be broken 
while the minigun is equipped, and you cannont throw down the minigun, so you
have to enter a cheat "gimmegun ----" for a gun to break the grate blocking 
your path. 

Easter Egg - Shogo Mobile Armor Division:
In the level "Lapdog" There is a part where you have to drop into the vent and pipe 
area after the gates on the main floor are closed. 
When down below, there will be a pipe that ignites to your right. A while later, there 
will be a valve to shut off the gas to this pipe. Once you have turned off the gas, 
head back to find a semi-secret walkway. 
Proceed dow the walkway, up a ladder, and into a room. Inside will be a health booster, 
and a radio. Stay tuned after the radio anouncement to hear the theme song to Shogo: 
Mobile Armor Division

Rock-It At The Crates:
In a part of mission 6, you defeat a group of men and a cyborg wielding a penatrator 
in a large room. Then you go through some doors and onto a balcony with plants under 
If you have the ASP Rifle (M-TAR knock-off) it's a good idea to use that. Two men 
will be attacking you from below. 
When you kill them do not jump down where they were just yet; there is an extremely 
large cyborg wielding a multi-rocket launcher waiting for you if you do. 
Instead, jump right across from the doors you just came through. Hide behind the first 
obstacle you see. Then, get out from your spot and shoot the machine with your ASP once. 
That's to draw its attention so it comes towards you. 
Once you get its attention, quickly get back to your hiding spot. When you hear it has 
stopped walking, simply lean out from your spot. It won't notice you. Even if you shoot 
it, it won't notice you. So keep shooting it with your ASP or other weapons until it 

Easter Egg: Bad Spelling:
The term "Strong Language" is misspelled when the ESRB rating is shown at the beginning
of the game.

Defeating groups:
Use the following tactics to defeat groups.

* Rush the enemy and take out as much enemy troops as possible, then hide. 
* If the group has a Heavy Armor, take out the guards first then attack the armor. 
* If you are in a tight spot and enemies are approaching in front of you, using slow 
  motion and Drop Kick works nicely. Most of the time this will kill enemy troops with 
  one hit. 
* If there is a lot in a group, use grenades. 

Defeating enemy groups without being spotted:
If the an enemy does not know you are there, holster your weapon and melee the guards. 
If you are lucky, the fallen guard will make little noise, and they will not look at 
you when you do it. You can dispose of the most of the guards without firing a shot.

Interval 1: Alma crying:
Before the first apparition of Charles' face, check the broken down door right over the 
table. Look into it to hear Alma crying. However you normally cannot see her.To actually 
see Alma, go back to the pair of double doors you saw before you saw the broken table. 
Keep opening and closing them. After awhile, the "Incoming: Unknown Origin" will appear.
Keep doing this. After a few more minutes, the doors will disappear and you will enter 
a paranormal vision.

Saving ammunition and time:
If there are no enemies or music playing, holster your weapon. You save ammunition and 
can move faster to get through quicker. This also helps you outrun paranormal activity 
or get through it faster.

Office Space Reference: 
During Interval 04, Chapter 2 (called “Watchers”), you’ll come across a room full of 
cubicles. Specifically, the room is located to the left of the deceased ATC Officer 
who was crushed by a falling ceiling tile. If you examine the cubicles in that room, 
you’ll find one with a radio on it, as well as a red stapler and a TPS report. This 
is an obvious ode to the classic late-90s movie Office Space.

Extra Ammo:
To ensure that you always get large amount of ammo from a pickup, after you spot ammo,
drop the corresponding weapon. Grab the ammo, then get your weapon again and you'll 
have significantly more ammo than if you just grabbed the pickup alone. 
This is especially helpful for "rare" weapons.

Saving Medkits:
Use your Medkits at the correct time. Do not use Medkits immediately when you have 
about 70 to 80 health remaining. Try using a Medkit when your health drops below 30.
One Medkit can heal up to about 30 to 45 points. If your health happens to drop below
40 and you are in a 1v1 or 2v1 fight, do not bother using a Medkit unless you really 
need to. Just run to cover while using your slow-mo abilities. 
Your health will regenerate slowly back to 40 if it drops below that, however you must
be out of the firefight to regenerate your health.

Recommended weapons:
The most important thing needed to complete the game is to master the shotgun. It will
be the handiest and most used weapon thoughout the game. First, know that before combat
enemies that are unaware of you will die in one shot. Once in combat, hide from them, 
preferably out of grenade range. This will cause them to hunt you down, which brings 
them out of cover and moves them close. Once they are exposed like that, the shotgun 
will usually kill them with one shot. The enemies that are smart enough to stay in cover
can be killed or scared into the open by a grenade. Alternately, just advance closer to 
them every time they reload until you can kill them. 
Note: The shotgun is more effective at medium and longer ranges as compared to other games.
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