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Fallout Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by ::Radon:: or

Unlimited turns:
Enter combat mode. Pick up some ammo for a gun and put it into your hands. Edge
towards an enemy and click on target to shoot him. Instead of dying he'll mutter
some abuse at you then, as if by magic, you'll have unlimited turns.

Earn 1000 experience without killing anything:
After killing the Deathclaws (including Mother Deathclaw and the eggs), return 
to the Gun Runners. Speak to the guard at the bridge (you want to speak with 
Gabriel), then go to Gabriel. Ask for weapons and ammo (as a reward for killing
off the Deathclaws) and you'll get 1000 experience points – and your Karma will 
go up one point! Head back to the Deathclaw warehouse, then back to the Gun 
Runner's place and do it all again. Bingo, a thousand more! Keep doing this for
loads of experience.

Infinite money:
In Junktown go to Doc Morbid's basement and uncover his dead body scheme. Go to
hub, save it prior to talking to Iguana Bob, and then blackmail him. Once your 
intelligence, speech and barter levels are higher, talk to him again saying you
have no more expenses and you need to raise the blackmail. Once he agrees to an
amount, speak to him again and tell him you have more expenses. Ask for the same
amount. Keep on going until you've got as much money as you want.

Alan Piccone, Submitted the following Information:

There is a simpler way of getting Dogmeat to join. As you probably heard, his
owner used to be someone dressed all in black (He got tossed off a roof when 
challenging Gizmo). So equip your leather jacket as armor and he will come 
running towards you as soon as you\'re in his field of vision and you just saved
your cash for ammo ;)

Submitted by: chris

The water chip is in the sewers under necropolis(sort of). Find the zombie in the
sewers he will ask you not to shoot him DONT he will help you . Get the parts from
the sewers to fix the water pump ,THEN AND ONLY THEN SHOULD YOU TAKE THE WATER CHIP.
It is located in the back room of the pump house ,go down the sewer follow the 
tunnles to an abandoned vault, fight your way to the elevator , on the third floor
you will find a computer that is functional go to it click on it with your arrow 
and you've got it.Don't get to excited the game isnt over.

Censored Comments: 
Hold Shift during the credits for some V-Chip comments from the game's 

Turbo Plasma Rafle and Hardened Power Armor: 
To get a turbo plasma rifle, go to boneyard (after you have got the missing
parts from the dead body)and talk to smitty in the first house where you can
see a man through a hole in the ceiling and he give you a turbo plasma rifle.
You must have a plasma rifle before talkingto Smitty. To get Hardened Power 
Armor talk to the man in the white lab coat in front of the house and farm 
when you have power armor. He will ask you to go to the hub and get a book.
Get the book and talk to him he will give hardened power armor. 

Where to get NPC's :
Ian is in shady sands talk to him and he will join if your speech skill is 
high enough or give him 100 caps. Tycho and Dogmeat are in junktown. To get
Tycho go to the bar in the evening and he will join you if your speech skill
is high  enough. To get Dogmeat go to the third part of the town and give 
him an iguana on a stick. You can get iguana on a stick in the crash hotel
in the fridge.Tandi is in Raider Camp. To get her go to Shady Sands, talk 
to the gaurd on the left of  the door and she will say Tandi has been 
captured. This is a bug. If you come back later Tandi will be kidnapped 
and will be at the Raider Base. At the Raider Base talk to the leader.
You can trade for her or fight for her. Katja is in Boneyard. Talk to her
and she will join you.

Hint for Fallout: A Post Nuclear Adventure:
Submitted by: Ngo The Trung

To get unlimited money, go to Killian's Darkwater store at 6:00 and enter 
his room. Crack his safe, grab the guns and stuff in the bookcase then steal
Killian's stuff. Save then load the game, check Killian's inventory. There 
will be more stuff!!! Steal them all!!! Repeat if you want. And remember if
you can't carry anymore, get out of the room, rest until 8:00, talk to 
Killian and sell them all!!!

Gun classifications:
Small guns covers rifles and machine guns, not just pistols. Big guns only
covers minigun, flamethrower, and rocket launcher size weapons.

Mutant vat torture:
Bring an NPC through the mutant vats from the watershed mutant in Necropolis. 
Load him up with your weapons, armor, stimpacks (save 5-10 in your inventory), 
and ammo, but do not bring everything. When Harry takes you to the vats and 
the torture begins, use the stimpacks in inventory to heal in between the 
torture sessions. Take your items back from the NPC after returning to your 

Create a character with good barter skills, and upgrade them whenever you 
level up. When bartering with someone, you can easily trade back and forth 
the same item. Empty them of all their items if you desire, leaving them with 
1 cap. This works with everyone with a lower barter skill than you. The best 
person to do this with is the dwarven man with the gunrunners, especially 
considering the "Weight glitch". Basically, you can say to someone: "Swap my 
stimpak for your identical stimpak and all your money." It takes a while, 
but you can leave the gunrunner trader with just his (regenerating) caps, 
and keep swapping items around to get more.

Plastic explosives:
Plant a plastic explosive on someone, then click on your pip boy. Click on the 
little bell and rest for one or two hour. When the plastic explosive blows up, 
all their items will be on the floor, but you will not go in combat mode and 
the person will still be alive.

Credit comments:
Hold [Shift] during the credit sequence to hear comments from the development 

Alternate desktop icon:
Create a shortcut to the game on the Windows 95/98 desktop. Then, use the 
Settings/Control Panel/Display/Effects options to turn on "Large icons". 
The desktop icon for the game will turn into a new graphic.

Good conversation results:
If there is a chance that a conversation may randomly not go too well (for example,
if the roll against your Speech skill fails), simply save before talking to the 
person and keep going until the conversation goes favorably. This also works well
when you are lockpicking or detecting traps on something tricky. 

Building skills:
In the Hub, there is a library where you can buy books to increase your Repair, 
Science, First Aid, Outdoorsman, and Small Weapons skills. These books can be 
expensive. Use the following trick to make them free: 

1. Make sure your character has a good Steal skill (50%+) 
2. Go to the Librarian, Mrs. Staple, and use your Steal skill on her. 
3. Steal her Desert Eagle. 
4. Trade it back to her for books. 
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 as necessary. 

Note: Your skills will eventually bottom out, at about the 90% mark. Upon reaching
this amount, each time you try to read a book it will tell you that you failed to 
learn anything new. Also, you may want to do this after you get the Water Chip, as
reading a book eats up time.

233 pistol:
Help the man in the falling down building towards the south of the Hub marketplace.
Once the raiders are dead, he gives you the .233 pistol, one of the best pistol 
in the game.

Better armor class:
Note: This trick requires v1.0 of the game. Get a bag and some armor. Equip the armor, 
then enter the bag. Drop the armor off of your character, then pick it up. 
Repeat to build your armor class.

The Glow:
The glow is not as bad as people say. You can go there very easily just by dosing 
yourself with Radx, and taking Radaway when you leave. Be sure not to do too many 
things that take game time (play chess with the computer, use skills, etc.). Look 
out for the keycards, and remember each lift is trapped. You can get some valuable
weapons and even more valuable information. It is a good idea to go straight to 
the Brotherhood, then straight here after the water chip is found.

Easter Egg: South Park Humor:
Go to the police station in the Hub. Find the officer named Kenny. Kill him. You
will hear "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!"

Unlimited Experience:
After accepting and completing the Fargo Tradersí missing caravan mission, head 
back to Old Town in the hub. Speak to the mutant named Harold and ask him about 
the Death Claw. After that, go outside of the building and speak to the character
named Slappy, who you will find walking in circles. Heíll ask you to take the 
Death Claw. It will then load you to a cave and youíll receive 800 experience 
points for what you just did. From here, simply exit and choose to go back to 
Old Town again. Speak to Slappy once more, grab the Death Claw, and repeat the
process for another 800 experience points. Keep doing this over and over again
until youíve acquired the desired amount of experience.

Acquiring the Power Armor:
Go to the hub, then go to old town. The first building at the bottom of your 
screen has a gang in it. You have to fight them. Have enough stimpacks to last
you and some good armor. After you have killed the gang got to the back room 
in that building and release the guy in there. He asks you to tell Talus He 
is ok. Talus is at the brotherhood of steel. He will give you a list of weapons
and power armor. Tell him you want the power armor. Then you have to go and see
Micheal. Micheal gives you the Power Armor.

Gaining Experience:
Stealing is a tricky business and any failed attempt will prompt the player to 
"load game" unless they want to have a whole town run them through. Stealing, 
however is the quickest and easiest way to gain experience and level up, 
especially in the early stages of the game.

There is a safe way to pickpocket NPCs, without having the mob cry out for blood
every time you fail. You can achieve this through the help from one of your NPC 
team mates. The first NPC you can recruit (if you choose to do so) is Ian, a 
wounded mercenary resting in Shady Sands (located between vault 13 and 15).
When you successfully recruit him (and thus, gaining 100 experience), remove him
from the party and start stealing items from him. If you know already, stealing 
in sequences without exiting will provide more experience than just stealing one
item and exiting: 1 sequence = 10 exp, 2 sequence = 30 exp, 4 sequence = 100 exp,
and so on.
Failing to steal (pickpocket) from Ian will not alarm the other NPC's and thus, 
they will not attack you, nor will your reputation (karma) be harmed. If Ian 
runs out of items to steal, simply place items back in his inventory (planting 
items), and repeat the process. Note that planting items also gain stealing 
Also note that stealing from Ian (or other NPC in your team) while he is still 
active in your team, will not bring you any experience points, so remember to 
remove him from the team, as you can always recruit them later. This process 
is also useful for equipping your comrades with weapons, ammunition and other
items, as there is no way to easily equip them from the "barter screen".

Infinite Cash:
You can get an infinite amount of cash by stealing it from "Killian Darkwater"
in "Junktown". After you have stole from him, save your game then load it back
up. Killian will have his inventory replenished and you can steal from him again.
Repeat this as many times as you want.

Unlimited Stimpacks and Caps:
After you help the Blades defeat the Regulators, head back to the Blades base
and speak to Michael, if you select the second option, he gives you 4 stimpacks
and about 100 caps, after he gives you the items talk to him again and you'll 
get the same options over and over again.

Get 1000 exp as many times as you want:
When in the Boneyard go to the Gun Runners and offer to take out the Deathclaws.
Go to the previous screen and kill the Mother Deathclaw and the eggs and return
to the Gun Runners. Talk to Gabriel and select the "Give me guns and ammo"
option and nothing else. After recieving your exp go back to where the Deathclaws
were and then return to Gabriel of the Gun Runners and select the same option as
before. This will allow you to repeat as many times as you want and recieve 1000
OPTION". You screw up and select anything else and you are out of a freebie.

Taking revenge on the Overseer:
Aren't you tired of being the Overseer's pawn? Well, if your answer is yes, 
there's a way to get retribution. After blowing the Cathedral or the Military 
Base (it depends on which one you do first) you will be standing outside the 
vault for a final conversation with the old man. If you press the A key very 
quickly you will enter the combat mode, thus allowing you to fire at will.
NOTE: I've tried this in my version (1.0) only once and after killing him with
a single rocket the game would crash. 

Exploding Tim Cain:
Typing "boom" on the credits screen will display an animation of producer 
Tim Cain's head exploding.

Unlimited experience points:
* Go to the Hub and then to the Friendly Lending Co. Use lockpicks on the large door
  and Lorenzo will turn his guards on you. Kill them, then keep unlocking the door 
  with lockpicks to get 45 experience points each time.

* Increase your Steal skill very high, then go to someone with lots of money. Steal
  one bottle cap at a time to get 10 experience points each time. If someone has over
  2000 bottle caps, you can get a large number of experience.
  Save the game after you steal lots of bottle caps.

South Park easter egg:
Go to the police station in the Hub. Find the officer named Kenny. Kill him. You will
hear, "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!"
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