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Europa Universalis IV Cheats

Europa Universalis IV

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Command Cheat Codes:
Press ~ (tilde) for the command box to come up and then type one of the following 
cheat codes below. 

Effect                                   Code 	
Extra Money                            - Cash (Number)
Add's Stability                        - stability
Extra Manpower                         - manpower (Insert Number)
Add casus belli against target country - add_cb [casus belli tag] [target country tag]
Add core                               - add_core [Province ID]
Add natives to given province          - add_natives [ProvinceID] [Amount]
Add opinion to/from tag                - add_opinion [Country tag]
Add papal influence to tag             - add_pi [Country tag]
Add patriach authority to tag          - add_pa [Country tag]
Add reform level to the empire         - add_reformlevel [Amount]
Add specified country tag              - add_interest [Country tag]
Adds a colonist to a country           - add_colonist [Country tag]
Adds a heir of a tag eg: add_heir 51   - add_heir [Target Country Tag]
Adds a missionary to a country         - add_missionary [Country tag]
Adds diplomatic entroute               - add_diplo
Adds more humans                       - morehumans [number]
Adds Piety                             - piety
Adds population to a province          - population [ProvinceID] [Amount]
Adds Prestige                          - prestige
Adds the specified idea group          - power [stability/tech_table_key/idea_key]
Adds the specified idea group          - add_idea_group [Idea group key]
Begin annex/annexes the specified tag  - annex [Target Country Tag]
Begin integrate the specified tag      - integrate [Target Country Tag]
Change controller                      - controll [Province ID]
Change mapmode.                        - mapmode [Mapmode type (int)]
Change ownership                       - own [Province ID]
Changes the currently playing sound    - nextsong
Clears the console.                    - clear
Creates an savefile                    - savegame
Discover capital of target tag         - discover [Target Country Tag]
Double Rainbow help from an unicorn    - helphelp
Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI      - selflearningai
Executes an event eg: event 3041 51    - event [event id] [Target Country Tag]
Fog of War turned off!                 - fow off
Fog of War turned on !                 - fow on
force Polls valid Events               - poll
Get administrative power               - adm [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Get diplomatic power                   - dip [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Get military power                     - mil [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Get power in all powers                - powerpoints [AMOUNT OPTIONAL]
Gives max war score in all wars        - winwars
Go to the nudge tool                   - nudge
Combat view give a random sound?
(0-50 0 the lowest 50 the highest      - combatsound
Increase your Imperial Authority       - imperial_authority [VALUE]
Kills the first cardinal in the list   - kill_cardinal	
Kills the heir of a tag                - kill_heir [Target Country Tag]
Kills the monarch of a tag eg: kill 51 - die(kill) [Target Country Tag]
Make the client go oos                 - oos
Price Info. recorded on the gamelog    - prices
Print out all console commands         - help [command name]
Prints out the used memory             - memory
Region Balance output                  - balance
Reloads the entire interface           - reloadinterface
Reloads the gui (reload gui)           - reload [VAR]
Remove casus belli from target country - remove_cb [casus belli tag] [target country tag]
Remove core                            - remove_core [Province ID]
Requests the gamestate from host       - requestgamestate
Score output                           - score
Set the legitimacy of the ruler        - legitimacy [AMOUNT]
Sets a forced sprite level             - spritelevel [Sprite level]
Sets the missionary progress/province  - setmissionaryprogress [ProvinceID] [Amount]
Shows all votes for a cardinal         - papvotes
Shows your IP                          - IP
Starts a Pirate in a province          - pirate [Province ID]
Starts a Revolt in a province          - revolt [Province ID]
Switch tag to another country          - tag [Country tag]
Switches to play no country at all     - observe(spectator)
Tests a mission without triggering it  - testmission [Mission Name]
Tests an event without triggering it   - testevent [Event ID] [Character ID]
Toggles additional AI info             - aiview
Toggles AI positive responses          - yesman
Toggles all messages popup             - msg
Toggles debug display                  - collision(debug_collision)
Toggles fullscreen                     - fullscreen
Toggles Terra Incognita on/off         - ti(debug_ti)
Toggles the pausebanner/screenshots    - nopausetext
Turns off fog of war in a province     - fow(debug_fow) [Province ID OPTIONAL]
Validates all events                   - validateevents
Vassalize the specified tag            - vassalize [Target Country Tag]
W00t What time is it? i play too much  - time
Wins the siege                         - siege [Province ID]

Philospher Rush of colonists        - Event 4021 5022
Natural Scientist Rush of merchants - 4022 5023
Army Reformer Diplomatic event      - 4023 5024
Naval reformer Invest in government - 4024 5040
Artist Fortunes of war              - 4025 718
Treasurer Infamy loss               - 4026 857
Theologian war exhaustion loss      - 4027 860
Statesman Colonists                 - 4028 862
Colonial Governor land tech         - 4029 866
Spymaster naval tech                - 4030 867
Diplomat trade tech                 - 4031 868
Trader gov tech                     - 4032 869
Master of Mint prod tech            - 4104 870
Navigator civil war                 - 4110 6018
Grand captain                       - 4114
Army Organiser                      - 4115
Commandant                          - 4116
Quartermaster                       - 4117
Recruitmaster                       - 4118
Fortification exper                 - 4119
Inquisitor                          - 4120
Military Reform                     - 4011 5027 5032
Excellent minister                  - 5015
Exceptional year                    - 5019 5020 5021
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