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ElectroCity Cheats


1.The game ends at turn 151.
2.Building a Paper Mill (CoGen) and/or an Aluminum Smelter will accelerate your game 
3.National Parks in Bush squares are an easy way to cover your pollution 
  (+6 Tourism, -8 Pollution).

1.Build 2 farms minimum and upgrade your wind genorator to max and don't do anything 
  else until then.
2.Build 2 camping spots and wait till you have enough money to upgrade them and your farms.
3.Build a wave genorator and buy the whale attraction.
4.Save your money until you can buy a hydro dam and max it out.
5.Go to your city and get all of the good stuff, dont do the cheap stuff like turning 
  of the t.v or maxing bed time etc..
6.Build 2 Moutain Ski's and upgrade them.

How to get infinity cash:
Submitted by: Bob

On the first turn build 4 farms and do not go no to the next turn yet. Save the game and 
get the code and when you load the game you'll still be with $0 but really you have 
infinity cash and then you can get rid of the 4 farms.
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