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Edge of Chaos Cheats

Edge of Chaos

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

default.ini Cheats: 
Replace the text in /iwar2/configs/default.ini with this text and review 
the changes for the actual Keys... 
; $Header: /iwar2/configs/default.ini 69 08/07/01 00:00 BRIT $ 


; I-War II developer mode commands 

Keyboard, G, SHIFT 

Keyboard, M, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, F1, CTRL 

Keyboard, D, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, Z, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, L, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, S, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, T, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, P, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, B, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, R, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, A, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, Tab, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, I, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, X, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, G, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, K, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, Home, SHIFT 

Keyboard, PageDown, SHIFT 

Keyboard, PageUp, SHIFT 

Keyboard, End, SHIFT 

Keyboard, F12 

; I-War II shell commands 

Keyboard, Q, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, Q, SHIFT 

Keyboard, Pause 
Keyboard, P 

Keyboard, Escape 

Keyboard, Escape 

Keyboard, Left 
Joystick1, JoyPov1Left 

Keyboard, Up 
Joystick1, JoyPov1Up 

Keyboard, Right 
Joystick1, JoyPov1Right 

Keyboard, Down 
Joystick1, JoyPov1Down 

Keyboard, Escape 
Joystick1, JoyButton2 
Mouse, MouseButton2 

Keyboard, Return 
Keyboard, NumPadReturn 
Joystick1, JoyButton1 

Keyboard, Backspace 

; I-War II in-flight commands 

; Yoke 

Joystick1, JoyXAxis 

Joystick1, JoyYAxis, inverse 

Joystick1, JoyRZAxis 

Joystick1, Joybutton2 

; Throttle 

Joystick1, JoyZAxis, inverse 
Joystick1, JoyUAxis, inverse 

Keyboard, Equals 
Keyboard, Minus, inverse 

; Thrusters 

Keyboard, D 
Keyboard, A, inverse 
Joystick1, JoyXAxis, ALT 

Joystick1, JoyYAxis, ALT 

Keyboard, W 
Keyboard, S, inverse 
Joystick1, Joybutton7 
Joystick1, Joybutton8, inverse 

; Fly-by-wire modes 

Keyboard, LeftControl 

Keyboard, N 

; Fire control 

Joystick1, JoyButton1 
Keyboard, Space 

Keyboard, I 

Keyboard, X 

Keyboard, Z 

Keyboard, F 

; LDS drive 

Keyboard, L 

; Docking 

Keyboard, U 

; Targetting 

Keyboard, Comma 
Joystick1, JoyButton6 
Joystick1, JoyButton3, SHIFT 

Keyboard, Dot 
Joystick1, JoyButton5 
Joystick1, JoyButton4, SHIFT 

Keyboard, Home 

Keyboard, End 

Keyboard, R 

Keyboard, T 
Joystick1, JoyButton2 

Keyboard, Q 

Keyboard, Y 

Keyboard, E 

Keyboard, C 

; Weapon cycling 

Keyboard, RightBracket 

Keyboard, Return 
Joystick1, JoyButton4 

Keyboard, Backspace 
Joystick1, JoyButton3 

; Engineering 

Keyboard, Left, SHIFT 

Keyboard, Right, SHIFT 

Keyboard, Down, SHIFT 

Keyboard, Up, SHIFT 

; Autopilots 

Keyboard, F5 

Keyboard, F6 

Keyboard, F7 

Keyboard, F8 

Keyboard, F9 

Keyboard, R, SHIFT 

; Camera selection 

Keyboard, F1 

Keyboard, F2 

Keyboard, F3 

Keyboard, F4 

Keyboard, F11 

; Camera control 

Keyboard, NumPad6 
Keyboard, NumPad4, inverse 

Keyboard, NumPad8 
Keyboard, NumPad2, inverse 

Keyboard, NumPad7 
Keyboard, NumPad9, inverse 

Keyboard, NumPadPlus, inverse 
Keyboard, NumPadMinus 

Mouse, MouseButton3 
Keyboard, NumPadStar 

Mouse, MouseXAxis, inverse 

Mouse, MouseYAxis 

Mouse, MouseZAxis, inverse 

Mouse, MouseButton2 

Mouse, MouseButton1 

Keyboard, Space 

; Game controls 

Keyboard, Pause 
Keyboard, P 

Keyboard, Space 
Keyboard, Escape 
Keyboard, Return 

; PDA control 

; iWar2 HUD commands 

Keyboard, Left 
Joystick1, JoyPOV1Left 

Keyboard, Right 
Joystick1, JoyPOV1Right 

Keyboard, Up 
Joystick1, JoyPOV1Up 

Keyboard, Down 
Joystick1, JoyPOV1Down 

Keyboard, Return 
Joystick1, JoyButton1 

Keyboard, Backspace 
Joystick1, JoyButton2 

Keyboard, O, SHIFT 

Keyboard, M, SHIFT 

Keyboard, L, SHIFT 

Keyboard, E, SHIFT 

Keyboard, S, SHIFT 

; iWar2 comms commands 

Keyboard, Up 
Joystick1, JoyPOV1Up 

Keyboard, Down 
Joystick1, JoyPOV1Down 

Keyboard, Space 
Keyboard, Return 
Joystick1, JoyButton1 

Keyboard, Delete 

; Generic Flux input commands. 

Mouse, MouseAbsXAxis 

Mouse, MouseAbsYAxis 

Mouse, MouseZAxis 

Mouse, MouseButton1 

Mouse, MouseButton2 

Mouse, MouseButton2 

; Script Bindings ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 

Keyboard, J 

; Cutscene accessor 

Keyboard, Space 

; Wingmen Commands 

Keyboard, 1 

Keyboard, 2 

Keyboard, 3 

Keyboard, 4 

Keyboard, 5 

Keyboard, 6 

; T-Fighter Commands 

Keyboard, 0 

Keyboard, 7 

Keyboard, 8 

Keyboard, 9 

; Demo Commands 

Keyboard, PageUp 

Keyboard, PageDown 

; Multiplayer Commands 

Keyboard, Tab 

Keyboard, Backquote 

Keyboard, Backquote, SHIFT 

Keyboard, 1, SHIFT 

Keyboard, 2, SHIFT 

Keyboard, 3, SHIFT 

Keyboard, 4, SHIFT 


; AI Test Suit Commands 

Keyboard, O, ALT 

Keyboard, P, ALT 


; csvchecker commands 
Keyboard, F, SHIFT 


; Cheat keys 

Keyboard, J, SHIFT 

Keyboard, J, ALT 

; EOF ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 

Enabling Developer Mode:
Open the Flux.ini and edit the developer_mode 0 and change it to 1 (ie. 
developer_mode 1) and save. Then open the config folder and edit the 
default.ini or keyboard_only.ini depending on what you select in the 
controler options. Go to the bottom of the file and delete the :-) and
paste this on the spot on where it used to be. 

Keyboard, I, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, X, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, G, CTRL, ALT 

Keyboard, K, CTRL, ALT 

Press all buttons at the same time to enable the cheat listed above.
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