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Ed Edd n Eddy The MisEdventures Cheats

Ed, Edd n Eddy - The Mis-Edventures

Submitted by: conner54

Get a 100% game completion by collecting all the jawbreakers. The "Unlimited Stealth",
"Unlimited Damage", and "Fast Run" cheat options will now be unlocked.

Rebel Robot Ranch level:
In Scams 4, 5, and 6, dig a hole in the sandboxes.

Revenge of Edzilla level:
Collect all the Edzilla pieces in the first three sandboxes.

Rebel Robot Ranch level:
In Scams 4, 5, and 6, dig a hole in the sandboxes. 

More stinkbombs:
Go behind Nazz's house when you run out of Almongo Stinkbombs. You will get unlimited 

Defeating The Cowboy Robot:
As Double D, destroy the robots on the high platform. Then, destroy the electronic platforms.
Then, get behind the fridge and shoot lasers at it until the bar is empty on the robot. 
Note: Shoot the lasers on the side of the fridge.

Defeating Bosses:
Use the following trick to defeat a Boss in one attack. Successfully complete the game and 
get all the jawbreakers to unlock cheat mode. Turn on all options at the cheat menu. Go to 
a level and fight a Boss. The Boss will not attack you. Just attack them and win the level.

Ed On Arrival: Jawbreaker in the building: 
The only way in the building is to get the power cells in the following order: blue, green, 
orange, and red.

Scaredy-Ed: Jawbreaker:
At the house that Kevin dares you to go into, the Kanker Sisters take Jimmy's stuffed animal, 
Mr. Yum-Yums. They will trade you for something. Just listen to them. After that, give Jimmy 
Mr. Yum-Yums, and he will give you a Gum-Gum flavored jawbreaker.
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