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Divinity Dragon Commander Cheats

Divinity - Dragon Commander

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Key Commands:
Use the indicated command in the listed mode to activate the corresponding effect.

Mode        Command                                       Effect
Any      - [Shift] + [Enter]                            - Talk to all.
Any      - [Ctrl] + [Enter]                             - Talk to team.
Any      - [Enter]                                      - Talk in current mode (all or team); 
                                                          default is all.
Dragon   - Right Click or [Space]                       - Cancel skill.
Dragon   - A while having unit skill active             - Execute units kill.
Dragon   - [Alt] + 1 through [Alt] + 0                  - Select control group.
RTS      - Double tap 2                                 - Toggle permanent icons.
RTS      - [Shift] + any command                        - Queue orders to your units.
RTS      - Middle Mouse Button                          - Swivel camera.
RTS      - [Esc] when finished buildings selected with 
           active build queue                           - Cancel build queue of units.
RTS      - [Esc] when building is still building        - Cancel construction of building.
RTS      - [Shift]+Click to build units in any building - Build 5 of each unit per click.
RTS      - Click on a unit portrait in build queue      - Cancel unit.
RTS      - [Space]                                      - Go to nearest alert 	
RTS      - [Alt]                                        - Show HP bars on all units 	
RTS      - Double click on unit                         - Select all of type on screen 	
RTS      - [Ctrl] + Click on unit                       - Select all of type on screen 	
RTS      - [Shift] + Click on unit when other unit 
           already selected                             - Add to selection/ remove from selection.
RTS      - Double tap Control-group                     - Jump to group (camera position) 	
RTS      - Double tap Z or W; X C or V                  - Cycle through type of building 
                                                          (camera position).
RTS      - Click on portrait of unit in UI              - Zoom on unit.
RTS      - [Ctrl] + 1 through [Ctrl] + 0                - Set control group.
RTS      - 1 through 0                                  - Select control group.
RTS      - [Backspace]                                  - Cycle through recruitment centers 
                                                          (with camera focus).
RTS      - Click on icon of control group               - Select control group.
RTS      - Double Click on icon of control group        - Camera focus on control group.
RTS      - Q or A                                       - Attack move.
RTS      - H                                            - Hold position.
RTS      - O                                            - Stop.
RTS      - P                                            - Patrol.
RTS      - M                                            - Move.
RTS      - [Insert]                                     - Default camera position.
RTS      - J when building selected                     - Open research panel.
RTS/Risk - Mouse scroll                                 - Zoom in or out.
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