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Deadlock 2 Cheats

Deadlock 2

Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl]+[F12] and enter these codes at the prompt.
Code          Effect
PILE IT ON  - Add resources.
Q40         - Research everything.
GREEBLIE    - Complete research on the current project.
WALL2WALL   - Max population.
LEO         - Show resources/military units in enemy territories.
BIGBRO      - View any territory.
CHARISMA    - Be friends with all computer players.
S-MART      - Skirineen appears immediately.
SQUISH      - Win scenario.
Note: These codes do not work in Campaign Mode.

Deadlock 2 - HeXCheat
Edit (with a hex editor) the file DL2.PRF and go to offset 117 (0x75) 
and change the value of it to 7F. This will give you the ability to 
view the Campaign Cinematics at the campaign race selection screen.
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