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Dead Island Cheats

Dead Island

Cheat Codes:
Update by: MaziD
Submitted by: BoneK

Dead Island Achievement List: 
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                          Description
Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' (30 points)- Loot 5 Exceptional Weapons.
Tis but a flesh wound! (10 points) - Sever 100 limbs.
There and back again (30 points)   - Explore the entire island.
Catch! (10 points)                 - Kill an Infected with a grenade blast.
Road Trip (10 points)              - Drive a total distance of 10 kilometers.
Cardio (10 points)                 - Travel a distance of 20 kilometers on foot.
Swing them sticks (25 points)      - Kill 150 enemies using Analog Fighting controls.
Gesundheit! (10 points)            - Heal yourself with a medkit 100 times.
Light my fire (20 points)          - Set 10 zombies on fire simultaneously.
A taste of everything (25 points)  - Kill a zombie with 10 different melee weapons.
One is all I need (20 points)      - Kill 5 Infected in a row with a single blow.
Can't touch this (20 points)       - Use a hammer to kill a series of 15 zombies
                                     without taking damage.
Humanitarian (15 points)           - Kill 50 human enemies.
Tae Kwon Leap (25 points)          - Kill 25 zombies with your bare fists.
I want one of those (30 points)    - Customize 25 weapons.
Karma-geddon (15 points)           - Kill 50 zombies using a vehicle.
To put it bluntly (25 points)      - Kill 250 zombies using blunt melee weapons.
Hack & slash (25 points)           - Kill 250 zombies using edged melee weapons.
Need a hand? (10 points)           - Join another player's game.
Warranty Void if Used (10 points)  - Create a customized weapon.
Gotta find'em all (20 points)      - Find 60 collectibles.
Nearly there (25 points)           - Find 120 collectibles.
Steam Punk (30 points)             - Create weapons to rival the gods of fire.
Originality (10 points)            - Play in a co-op team of 4 different playable 
Together in the light (10 points)  - Complete 5 quests in a single co-op game with 
                                     the same partners.
Going steady (25 points)           - Complete 25 quests while playing with at least 
                                     one co-op partner.
Rageman (25 points)                - Kill 100 enemies with Fury attacks.
People Person (10 points)          - Play with 10 different co-op partners for at 
                                     least 15 minutes each.
Manage trois (25 points)           - Complete 5 quests with 3 co-op partners.
Right 4 Life (30 points)           - Complete act I with 4 different characters.
A very special day (30 points)     - Kill 250 zombies with modified weapons.
School of hard knocks (30 points)  - Reach level 50.
Knock, knock (15 points)           - Breach a locked door with the first blow.
Busy, busy, busy (60 points)       - Finish 75 quests cumulatively.
Learning the ropes (10 points)     - Reach level 10.
Dedicated student (25 points)      - Reach level 25.

There are 10 secret achievements:
Submitted by: MaziD

Secret Achievement :20: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :30: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :10: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :10: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :20: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :10: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :30: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :30: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :30: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement. 
Secret Achievement :15: Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

There are 990 game score have this game. For more e-mail me.

Getting kills without dulling your weapon:
Killing zombies takes a toll on your weapon. However when it is on its last
legs it is not completely useless. Throwing your weapons can damage enemies 
without dulling the weapon. If you have a weapon worth keeping, but it is 
almost used up, keep throwing it at zombies until you can repair it again.

Killing humans:
This trick works best if you play as Logan. Humans can use weapons, and so 
can you. However when it comes down to a gunfight you are both evenly matched.
A good way to kill humans with little effort is to throw modded weapons. 
However, there are a few exceptions. The weapon Must be a sharp weapon. Blunt
weapons only damage them slightly. The military machete works best. The weapon 
must have either a Poison mod or a Shock mod. Fire will not do anything. 

Make sure you upgrade the weapon to at least level 3. You may want to mod a 
powerful weapon because it will have minimal affect against stronger humans.
Keep your distance when throwing, and have plenty of ammunition. This is one
reason why Logan is better for this, because thrown objects can come back to 

However, if you have a clear view of the target, throw the weapon and they
will die instantly.

Killing large groups of zombies:
When you encounter large groups of zombies or have ran and have a lot of them
following, use the following trick to deal with them. Look for a nearby vehicle
and sprint to it. Jump on top of it and crouch on the hood. While there you can
still hit the zombies. Note: Do not do this on the roof of the vehicle; you will
not be able to hit them, and they can still hit you rarely. 
Note: Use the analog style of fighting to do more decapitations and swing your 
weapon faster.

Easy money:
Use the following trick if you want to modify, repair, or create a weapon but are short 
on money. If the craft table is inside of a store, search the cash register. Occasionally
you can find a couple hundred dollars.

Easy money:
Reach the City and have already discovered the Church and the Warehouse. Go to 
the Warehouse and obtain the hammer and baseball bat. Fast travel to the Church
and sell them for about $400. Return to the Warehouse and repeat the process as
many times as desired.

Easy experience:
Reach Ope's Cave in Act 3, then use the "Duplicate Weapons" glitch to copy your 
most valuable weapon. Sell the weapons to a vendor to get a lot of money, then 
buy Oleander from a vendor if it is available. Taking as much Oleander as you 
can buy, fast travel back to Ope's Cave and turn it in to the tribesman that give
you the Continuous Event "Dreamtime". Each time you turn in five Oleander Blossoms,
you will receive $1 and 1,000 experience points. Repeat this as many times as 

Easy champagne:
In the Slums there is an abandoned building at the bottom of the map. Once cleared
out, you will be able to quick travel to there. In the back of the building are 
two rooms. Each has a fridge that may contain a bottle of champagne. 
If not, quick travel to another area then quick travel back as many times as 

League Of Legends reference:
Shortly after the Lifeguard Tower (Exodus) is completed, there is a quest giver
in a bungalow to the left of the main road named Annie. She initiates the quest
by saying "Have you seen my bear?" and asks you to retrieve the teddy bear for 
her. In League Of Legends, there is a champion also named Annie. In that game, 
Annie's catchphrase is "Have you seen my bear Tibbers?"

Lost reference:
Do the quest to clear out the Lifeguard Tower at the start of the game. Clear 
the garage of the few zombies there. Go inside and you will hear a radio broadcast
of an Oceanic Flight in an emergency descent to an island due to engine failure.

Pimp My Ride reference:
Do the quest near the end of the Resort level, where you take the big truck to 
the mechanic to turn it into a homemade tank or fortress. While talking to him,
just before you have to defend the shop while he does his work, he will say that
he is going to "Pimp your ride".

Item Duplication (Pre-Patch):
To do this glitch, you need an item that can be thrown. First equip the item. 
Then, throw the weapon but at the same time hold down the drop button and your 
character will throw the weapon and then quickly drop a copy of the weapon. Keep
doing this, and you can sell the duplicated items for easy money or give copies 
of your weapons to other players online.

Easy Molotov cocktails:
After you complete Act 3, enter the hotel, and go down the hallways until you 
reach the lounge with tables and chairs. There will be approximately 10 bottles
of alcohol on the bar that you can pick up. These bottles of alcohol will respawn
once you exit the hotel and re-enter the hotel, traveling the same way you went. 
Collect as many bottles of alcohol as desired, then go to Harland, and trade the 
bottles of alcohol for Molotov cocktails. You will get one Molotov cocktail for 
every three bottles of alcohol. Repeat this as many times as desired. A Molotov 
cocktail can kill most zombies in a single area instantly. 

Drowning zombies:
When zombies are chasing you, simply run into the water, then kick them so they 
drown to get easy XP instead of trying to melee them.
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