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Dead Frontier Cheats

Dead Frontier

Web Browser Game Hints:
Submitted by: RM

West Foxton:
* Go to west Foxton.
* Stand in the very middle of the intersection.
* No zombie can attack you like there is an invisible wall
* As soon as you leave they can attack you again.

Winning in the gambling den:
To almost always win in the gambling den, before you place your bet get ready to press 
[Print Screen]. After the cards flip over, Press [Print Screen]. Open a graphics editing
program and paste the Screenshot there. If you still remember where the queen is, cut 
that card out of the photo and create a new photo that is just that one card. Once you 
have completed those steps, compare the picture of the card to the other cards until it
look exactly like the begging card.

Easy looting:
Start off at south moorhurst loot everything as u pass, kill any zombies u see. go east
till u see the first turn. take it and start going north looting and killing everything.
go till the music changes and the purple zombies come out. head east after north wallton
into ravenwall. Start looting. do this if ur level is below 15 only.

Free 5.5 rifle ammo and .32 handgun ammo walkthrough:
Go to the login screen and instead of loging in create a person and name them and give an 
email *FAKE EMAILS WORK!!!* Then when all that is done make them a farmer for the 5.5 rifle
ammo. once u made the person go to your profile, Click edit buddies. once there add your 
main person as a buddy then click their profile and trade with them add all of the stuff 
you want them to have for free. 

This can be repeated over and over again as long as you exit the internet before doing it 

Gambling den:
Hey guys. im back with my newly discovered secret in the gambling den. When you see the 
queen start in the middle, it should go either left or right. It should be on the side it
goes to. and if its on the side, it should either be in the middle if it moves one space.
and the other side if 2.

Gambling Den Correction:
The new gambling den cheat that if the queen is in the middle the way it
goes first left or right is wrong because the first person that posted it, 
said it works as many times as you want! Wrong! It only works once a day 
per computer so do it carefuly. Also if you are a roblox fan and need some
cheats for it add me as your friend and ask for some! Oh almost forgot the
cheat is:If the queen is in the middle play and witch ever way the queen 
goes first is were it will be at the end for example if it goes right first
that is were it will be at the end. But, this is a code so to get the code 
send a low lvl weapon better than a pen knife while you have all your money
to bloodvein to get the code to the gambling den secret not a lie. 
Because i have been trained to be able to do this but, it costed me money.

Easy loot:
When below level 15, start at South Moorhurst. Loot everything as you pass, 
and kill any zombies you find. Move east until you see the first turn. Take 
it and begin going north, looting and killing everything. Continue until the
music changes and the purple zombies appear. Then, move east after North Wallton
nto Ravenwall and start looting. Note do this if ur level is below 15 only. 

Free ammunition:
Use the following trick to get free 5.5 rifle and .32 handgun ammuntion. Go 
to the login screen and create a fake user. Name them and give a fake email 
address. Then, go to your profile, Click "Edit Buddies" and add your main 
character as a buddy. Then, click their profile and trade with them. Add all
of the items you want them to have for free. This can be repeated as long as
you exit the internet before doing it again.

Easy Money:
Submitted by: nood1234

To get loads of money make fake accounts (fake e-mails work cos I tried foake e-mail) 
and make them all lawyer, lawyers start with 100 cash, then private sell a cheap item 
for 100 cash to them (if you want the item back just private sell it back to ur main 
account for 0 cash) and soon u should hav loads of money.
P.S. Quit the browser every time u make an account and trade from urr main account.

Submitted by: james

This is a correction for easy exp:in order for the zombies to appear on the corner 
inside the fence you need to be in a group of 3 to 5 people.

easy exp without dying:
Submitted by: james

outside nayastas outhold go to the corner near the guard with the rifle and look at the 
fence near the corner if you go near it zombies will appear (the number depends on the 
zombies current aggro) and shoot at them they will be killed and you get lots of exp 
without dying (to get the most exp do this during an outpost attack.

Walk on car glich:
Submitted by: chicken2012

Go to Nastya's outpost during a raid go to the north end of the part of outpost that is 
barricaded in walk between the guards here's a diagram of where you should be(/=car 
.=you \=box) /.\
walk towards the car you will notice screen shaking just keep on when camera shifts upward 
just keep going and then you are on car zombies cannot hurt you so this is a very effective 
cheat just make sure you don't run out.

Unlimited Storage Space:
Submitted by: Usefear4living

When in game there is a storage area for leaving items behind at the base when you are 
overencumbered in items. This vault at first gives you five lockers, each of which can hold 
1 item. You can use these but, to buy more is rather expensive. A way for more storage is to 
create another profile and add it to your 'buddies' list. Once you are back to your original 
"main" profile, you can view the second accounts profile through the buddies list and then 
once on the profile at the bottom of the box click the word trade. Here you can enter any 
and all items for a private trade that will never be completed therefore storing the items 
and not having to waste money on storage.

How to get money quick easy:
Okay so first of all you will have to make multiple accounts. And yes i am fully aware of the 
pop up you get that says you cannot register multiple accounts here's a way to get around it..
Okay for some people this will work make an account if you get the pop up then click X and try
again if for some reason it doesn't work then this is what you do If you are using google chrome
hit the shift ctrl and n buttins at the same time and an in private browsing window will pop up 
use that every time you create an account and send stuff over to your main click the X and open 
another and start the process over if you don't have google chrome then just open an in private 
browsing window look it up cuz i don't know how to use other in private windows.

1.Make an account WARNING MAKE A FARMER ONE! The reason is he starts with 5.5. rifle bullets 
  which cost about 4k each full pack.
2.Now strip your new character down and scrap what you can't sell or ignore the pistol and macini
  rifle quicker it all depends if you want an extra 150.
3.Add your main account to buddies.
4.Send the stuff over.
5.Scrap the stuff in the yard its faster in my opinion don't scrap the ammo or the millet cook 
  the millet cheap then selll it for 75 sell the beer to your new account to take all the money
  only if you chose to scrap the pistol and rifle and sell it back and done.
6.Okay so after you do this a couple times the 5.5 ammo will fill up and be full sell it for 4k 
  and the extra stuff you scraped will get you a good couple of thousand dollars plus the millet
  would be another maybe 1k.
7.Just enjoy it it's *** awesome it works ENJOY!
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