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Dangerous Dave In The Haunted Mansion Cheats

Dangerous Dave - In The Haunted Mansion

Cheat Codes:
Enter one of the following codes.

Effect                  Code 	
[F12] + G             - God mode.
[F12] + F             - 1600 free points, repeat ten times for bonus life.
[F12] + W, then <1-8> - Level select.

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:  Vaibhav Mehra 

To play the different levels of this game without completing any previous
level. First go to the program's installed folder ,there just rename the
 Level01.dd2 to any other name and then rename any other level you wanna
play to Level01.dd2

Example: - If you want to play Level 8, just rename the Level08.dd2 to
Level01.dd2 and start the game.

Now the game will be started in Level 8.

Shoot through Walls:
Submitted by: Zlazz

Stand Dave facing a wall and jump up. As he comes down activate his gun and it 
will just poke through the wall to allow one shot into the next room. Great for 
blasting away waiting enemies. Keep repeating to get more shots. Provided there's 
a wall in the way, most of those blasted slimes can be dealt with easily.
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