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Cute Knight Kingdom Cheats

Cute Knight Kingdom

Hints and Tips:
Submitted by: SK

Want to know how to get all the different endings in Cute Knight Kingdom? 
What about cooking and crafting tips? Check out these tips and tricks for 
Cute Knight Kingdom, graciously provided to Gamezebo by Hanako Games.

WARNING: There's a lot of great information here, but a lot of spoilers as well.


Skill  Ingredients                        Result
5      Eggs, Flour, Sugar               - Cake
5      Milk, Chocolate                  - Chocolate Milk
10     Eggs, Flour, Sugar, Spices       - Gingerbread
10     Tomato, Greens                   - Salad
15     Eggs, Flour, Sugar, Chocolate    - Brownie
15     Mushroom, Greens                 - Mushroom Salad
30     Eggs, Milk, Cheese               - Omelet
45     Milk, Potato                     - Mashed Potatoes
45     Cheese, Potato                   - Twice-Baked Potatoes
50     Eggs, Flour, Milk, Mushroom      - Mushroom Souffle
60     Fish, Cheese, Potato             - Fish Pie
60     Meat, Potato                     - Steak and Potato
75     Fish, Spices, Tomato             - Fish Stew
80     Fish, Eggs, Flour, Potato        - Fish & Chips
80     Milk, Cheese, Potato             - Potatoes Au Gratin
90     Meat, Tomato, Spices             - Barbecue
90     Tomato, Potato, Mushroom, Greens - Vegetable Stew
105    Sugar, Spices, Wine              - Mulled Wine
120    Meat, Mushroom, Wine             - Beef Burgundy
140    Eggs, Milk, Sugar, Spices, Wine  - Eggnog
150    Cheese, Wine                     - Fondue
150    Spices, Meat, Nuts               - Chilli Beef Cashew
170    Mushroom, Nuts                   - Mushroom Nut Pate
185    Chocolate, Spices                - Hot Chocolates
200    Chocolate, Nuts                  - Nutty Truffles
210    Chocolate, Wine                  - Liqueur Chocolates
220    Chocolate, Mushroom              - Chocolate Mushrooms

Leather + Leather = Leather Armor (30)
Iron + Iron = Chainmail (90)
Leather Armor + Iron = Padded Chain (90)
Chainmail + Leather = Padded Chain (20)
Iron + Charcoal = Steel (30)
Steel + Steel = Platemail (100)
Silk + Gold = Witch's Cape (50)
Witch's Cape + Leather Armor = Mystic Leather (10)
Witch's Cape + Leather = Mystic Leather (90)
Padded Chain + Golden Symbol = Isolation Armor (125)
Leather + Fur = Wild Leather (40)
Wool + Cotton = Artist's Smock (20)
Cotton + Lace = Party Dress (30)
Cotton + Cotton = Apron Dress (25)
Silk + Lace = Dancer's Dress (175)
Silk + Steel = Corset Dress (110)
Leather + Steel = Armored Corset (190)
Platemail + Bone = Grim Plate (225)
Platemail + Steel = Tank Suit (200)
Sword + Gold = Officer's Sword (60)
Wood + Iron = Spear (10)
Wood + Steel = Axe (30)
Wood + Rock = Hammer (50)
Wood + Axe = Halberd (40)
Wood + Star Shell = Star Wand (20)
Wood + Charcoal = Charcoal Pencil (40)
Wood + Wood = Wooden Staff (24)
Wood + Ruby = Red Wand (100)
Wood + Sapphire = Blue Wand (100)
Wood + Emerald = Green Wand (100)
Wood + Amber = Yellow Wand (100)
Wood + Nut = Nut Wand (100)
Wood + Diamond = White Wand (100)
Wood + Obsidian = Black Wand (100)
Wood + Amethyst = Purple Wand (100)
Wood + Pearl = Pink Wand (100)
Flowers + Lace = Bouquet (20)
Cotton + Leather = Boxing Glove (100)
Boxing Glove + Iron = Gauntlets (150)
Staff + Steel = Morning Star (75)
Gold + Star Shell = Golden Symbol (40)
Gold + Lace = Wedding Veil (65)
Gold + Ruby = Amulet of Strength (115)
Gold + Sapphire = Amulet of Wisdom (115)
Gold + Emerald = Amulet of Creation (115)
Gold + Amethyst = Amulet of Luck (50)
Gold + Amber = Amulet of Comfort (100)
Gold + Diamond = Amulet of Sharpness (125)
Gold + Pearl = Amulet of Innocence (70)
Gold + Obsidian = Arrowhead Necklace (150)
Gold + Bone = Amulet of Fear (95)
Steel + Diamond = Armored Collar (225)
Gold + Gold = Gold Ring (25)
Steel + Pearl = Hatpin (175)
Steel + Gold = Eclipse Brooch (100)
Sapphire + Steel = Cufflinks (160)
Gold + Greens = Laurel Wreath (50)
Sword + Red Wand = Flametongue (175)
Sword + Blue Wand = Snow Sword (175)
Sword + Green Wand = Earthsplitter (175)
Sword + Yellow Wand = Lightning Steel (175)
Sword + Nut Wand = Vine Sword (175)
Sword + White Wand = Dazzling Blade (175)
Sword + Black Wand = Blade of Terror (175)
Sword + Purple Wand = Heart's Strength (175)
Sword + Pink Wand = Sword of Faith (175)


-=Romance Endings=-

Go to the fort and talk with 'Al' until he tells you he wants to paint someone. (You'll 
have to leave and re-enter the fort a few times.) Talk with Helena and work as a hunter 
until you get the option to ask her to model. Tell her it's because she's strong, then 
talk to Al.

Now build up your skills until the Midsummer Festival. You will need Artistry, Strength, 
Attack, and Defense - but keep your sin low.

Attend the festival; it doesn't matter what you do there, but you should encounter Al. 
Then you can go back to the fort and talk to both Als (may need to leave and re-enter).

Continue building your stats. When your Artistry reaches 100, you can offer to trade 
paintings with Al. He gives you a chance to change your outfit. Before you come back to 
talk to him, you need to make sure that your Strength, Attack, and Defense add up to at 
least 220. You also need to have low sin.

If your stats aren't good enough, he says he couldn't get your smile right. If you're too 
sinful, he paints you as a dangerous warrior. Otherwise, he paints you with a crown and 
then asks to court you.

Go to the desert and work as a scribe / talk to the mystic / take astronomy classes until 
you meet Taran, learn his name, and find out why he came to the kingdom. After this he 
will appear at the desert oasis as a regular character so you can speak to him.

Raise your Luck and Charm, and go to the dance contest at the Midsummer Festival. This 
unlocks a new chat option for Taran, and he will ask you to dance with him. If your Luck 
and Charm together are at least 120, he will be impressed with your grace and skill.

After that, once you have turned 20, he will propose.

Adventure in the Water dungeon (to the south, filled with goblins) until you find and rescue 
Mossam. He will now appear at the beach resort for you to talk to. Go fishing a few times 
and you'll unlock a conversation about eating fish. Raise your Cooking skill until you can 
prepare something made with fish (Fish Pie is easiest). Bring it to him.

Now you need to find a book. You can get one from Tirtha, the mystic in the desert, by 
working for him for a while. If you've already done that sidequest and gotten rid of the 
book, you can go back and ask him for another now. Give the book to Mossam.

Wait a while, then return to the beach. Mossam will give you a present, a pink shell necklace. 
Wear it and wait until you turn 21, and your fairy godmother will turn up.

Go adventuring a lot, and return to the Inn in the capital city regularly to talk to the 
innkeeper. Defeating the bosses of the various dungeons will give you stories to tell him. 
Also work at the inn a lot as a waitress and/or bouncer, once that job is unlocked. Eventually, 
once you have turned 20, he will propose.

Work for Cole on the frontier and chat with him. After some flirting, he'll challenge you to 
arm wrestle. You need to get your Strength to 100 in order for the match to be a draw. Then 
he gives you a present, an item which is hard to identify. You will need to raise your Crafting 
over 200 to be able to see what it is. (If you're already wearing it, remove it so that you can 
look at it properly, then put it back on.)

Wear the identified collar and talk to Cole, and he will propose.

Avoid adventuring when looking for this ending! You need low XP.

First, spend some time with Betty, the forager. Work for her and chat with her. Also work for 
Helena the huntress and chat with her. You need to find out what happened to Betty's leg. 
Then interact with 'Al' to get the painting quest, and work for Helena enough to talk to 
her about it. When asked, say that she's beautiful.

Work for Cole once, and then Helena will comment about his flirtatiousness.

Do the recipe cards sidequest, which requires working for and studying with Michanda and S
ekh in your home village until Sekh tells you about the cards, then talking to the thief, 
then to John, then to Helena and so on.

Work for Deborah at the dance resort (you'll need Charm and Luck of at least 30 each) until 
you encounter Helena and talk about your job. If you've done all this, you should unlock a 
chat option back at the frontier to talk about how she feels about men.

If you've spent enough time with Betty, you'll get a chat option for her to suggest you and 
Helena get together. After that, when you talk to Helena, you have the option to ask her 
out on a date.

-=True Origin Endings=-

-=Star Princess=-
Lose a battle, so that you wake up at home afterwards. Talk to the priest in the capital 
city about this.

Go to the desert and talk to the astronomer / take classes until she tells you about seeing 
a falling star. (Requires Magic 20, Dream 100)

Talk to the innkeeper in the capital city about this and he tells you about a silver angel. 
Talk to the priest about his story. Go to the place the innkeeper described (overworld near 
village) to receive the Feather. Talk to the astronomer about this. Go back to the capital 
city and sing in the choir until you can chat with the priest again about angels. He sends 
you to talk to your mother. After that, talk to the astronomer and take astronomy classes 
until something happens.

Lose a battle, so that you wake up at home afterwards. Talk to the priest in the capital 
city about this. Then go back out and fight battles so that you have at least 100 XP. Talk 
to Gordy in your home village until he decides not to be mean to you anymore.

Go to the desert and work as a scribe / talk to the mystic until you find out that he's a 
healer. Go to the fort and work as a forager / chat with Betty and Helena until you find 
out what happened to Betty's leg and learn the Charge symbol. Then chat with Betty until 
you offer her magical healing and she turns it down.

Talk to 'Al' at the fort until you find out that he wants to paint Helena. Talk with and 
work for Helena until you can tell her about the painting. Tell her it's because she's strong.

At this point there are two choices, helping Elsa or helping Armand. In either case, you 
will need to attend a Midsummer Festival at some point to advance Al's plotline.

To help Armand, work at the museum and chat with him until he shows you a painting. Then 
go to the beach. Chat with Morris the fisherman, then chat with Jenny and offer to buy her 
goods until she tells you about her parents in the city. Chat with Morris again. Now go 
back and forth between Morris and Armand until you hear that they're both set in their ways. 
Win the dance competition and talk to Armand while holding the prize coupon. You'll have 
an option to give it to him. Then talk to Morris to receive a gift.

To help Elsa, go back to the desert and continue working as a scribe and talking to Tirtha. 
Eventually you'll meet a young girl who needs to be healed because she hated her old self. 
If your dream is over 100, you'll be able to give her the confidence to accept herself. 
She'll leave a gift for you with Tirtha.

After you have seen Al at the festival, talk to them at the fort until you agree that 
everyone has worries.

In the desert, talk to the astronomer / take classes until she tells you about seeing a 
falling star. (Requires Magic 20, Dream 100) 

Go back to your home village and talk to the farmer about the falling star (he's evasive). 
Then talk to Gordy about it. Then talk to the farmer again, and now you'll get the real 
story. Talk to Gordy again to realise something about your past. Now talk to your mother 
about the night she found you, then the astronomer.

Now, if your Dream is over 100 and your Sin is under 50, take Astronomy classes until you 
reach the final ending. If you miss a requirement, you will get Star Princess instead.

-=Fighting Endings=-

To get this ending, you have to defeat the boss of the desert dungeon, the demon-spider. 
Build up your fighting skills as necessary. You'll probably want to find some defense 
against poison in order to survive the fight.

Fight the demon-spider and lose.

Get this ending by scoring highly at the archery contest of the Midsummer Festival. 
You will need a very good Attack skill and at least a little bit of Taming to keep 
your horse under control.

-=Other Event Endings=-
-=Prime Minister=-
Go to the fort and talk with 'Al' until he tells you he wants to paint someone. (You'll 
have to leave and re-enter the fort a few times.) Talk with Helena and work as a hunter 
until you get the option to ask her to model. Tell her it's because she's strong, then 
talk to Al.

Now build up your skills until the Midsummer Festival. You will need a high Mind - but 
keep your sin low.

Attend the festival; it doesn't matter what you do there, but you should encounter Al. 
Then you can go back to the fort and talk to both Als (may need to leave and re-enter).

After you've talked to Alanna separately, take Drama classes until you meet her, then 
chat with her again at the frontier.

Keep raising your Mind, and once it's past 150 you can suggest to Alanna that she appoint 
a Prime Minister in order to control the kingdom.

-=Snake Oil=-
This ending revolves around Jenny, the pink-haired girl who sells health products at 
the beach. Buy each special potion she offers, collecting the ingredients as necessary. 
You'll usually have to wait a month between doses. Eventually she'll offer you a job.

-=Royal Chef=-
Get this ending by scoring highly at the cooking contest of the Midsummer Festival. 
Your score depends on what dish you make and how good your Cooking skill is. If you get 
your skill up high enough to make some sort of candy (chocolate + nuts is one) you'll p
robably win.

Work as a salesgirl and talk to Liling a lot. She'll eventually explain that she wants 
to leave the business. Earn 5000 gold and you can buy her business and take over.

Work as a salesgirl several times, then speak to the ragged character who occasionally 
appears in the city and ask for a job in order to become a thief. Work as a thief but don't 
raise your Luck too quickly, because you need to get caught a few times in order to have 
dialog, and that won't happen if your Luck is really high. Talk to Robin and steal things 
until Robin talks about wanting to do a big heist.

Go to the Midsummer Festival and enter the dance contest (it doesnt matter if you win). 
Now you can talk to Robin about an idea for a heist, but you'll have to wait another 
year before you can pull it off. In the meantime, raise your Luck, because you'll need it 
to be at least 100 later. Earn gold and buy a party dress from Sekh. When the next festival 
comes around, give the dress to Robin.

In month 8 (Leaves), go back to your home village and Robin will have sent you a package. 
Sell the jewels if necessary to earn enough money, then go to the beach and take a vacation. 
You will meet Robin here, and if your Luck is good, you'll get the ending.

-=Skill-Based Endings (at age 21)=-
Collect every spell symbol in the game, and raise your Mind and Magic. Minimum requirements 
are 50 Mind, 50 Magic, 100 Dream.

This ending can only be reached if you are a strong fighter for good, with a high XP 
(500 minimum, more is better), high Dream (100 minimum), and very little sin. (You can 
scrape by with 5 sin, as long as you didn't get that sin by murdering someone.) 
Good scores in Attack and Magic will also help. It's a good idea to learn to Spook 
monsters if you want to be a Paladin.

-=Guard (Mercenary)=-
Take fighting class a lot and build up your skills. You're likely to get this ending 
if you're a fighter and don't have enough points for the other endings, because the 
requirements for Guard are lower. You should have at least a small amount of sin in 
order to enjoy fighting for pay. Minimum requirements are 50 Attack, 50 Stamina, 50 
Strength, but Defense will also help.

To get this ending, study Magic and Drama. You need at least 200 points in Magic and 
Artistry combined, as well as 100 Dream.

-=Singing Star=-
This ending requires taking drama class and singing in the choir. You need at least 200 
points in Artistry and Charm combined, as well as 100 Dream.

Take dance class and work as an entertainer at the beach resort. Focus on building 
up your Luck over other skills. Minimum requirements are 100 Luck, 100 Dream.

Work for both Michanda and Sekh, and build up your skills in Cooking, Taming, and 
Charm. Avoid XP and Sin, and try not to let your Dream get too high (100 is good). 
Minimum requirements are 50 Taming, 50 Cooking,

Work as a scribe and a museum guide, and build up your Mind. Minimum requirements are 
75 Mind, 75 Dream.

Work as a scribe and spend time at the church. (If you get the thief event while waitressing 
at the Inn, ignore the thief, then go and talk to the bishop to unlock donation options.) 
Build up your Mind and Taming. Don't fight anything, keep your Sin and XP at 0. Minimum 
requirements are 100 Mind, 100 Dream.

Do all the jobs that involve finding stuff - foraging, fishing, mining, truffling, 
fighting monsters. Foraging is the most important, so focus on that. Minimum requirements 
are 75 Luck, 50 Stamina, and 75 Dream.

Do all the jobs that involve being out in the woods - foraging, hunting (optional), 
logging, truffling. Fighting some monster or raising Taming could help. Minimum 
requirements are 100 Stamina, 100 Dream.

Do every job at least once. Take every class at least once. Fight some monsters so that 
you have at least a little XP. Then work as a salesgirl and get your dream over 100.

Work as a blacksmith while building up your Mind, Magic, and Crafting. Minimum requirements 
are 100 Crafting, 100 Mind, 50 Magic, and 100 Dream.            

Work as a babysitter while building up your Artistry, Crafting, and Taming. Keep your Sin 
low. Minimum requirements are 50 Crafting, 50 Taming, 100 Dream.

Work for Sekh while building up Artistry, Crafting, and Charm. Minimum requirements are 75 
Charm, 75 Crafting, 75 Artistry.

Get your sin really high by doing a lot of different kinds of sins, then purify your sins 
at the solstice festival. After that, hang out at the church a lot (talk to the bishop, sing 
in choir, donate if you've unlocked the option.

You can get this ending if you've spent a lot of time being a thief and have high skills in 
Magic, Mind, and Luck. Minimum requirements are 50 Luck, 50 Magic, 75 Mind, 100 Dream, 10 
thief-related sin.

Spend a lot of time working as a thief and get your sin up high (you'll have to find some 
other sinful things to do as well). Working as an entertainer might also help. The minimum 
requirement is 25 Sin.

Get your sin up high while also having good XP and either strong Attack or strong Magic. 
Strength is also useful. Minimum requirements are 65 Sin, 100 Dream, and either 75 Attack 
or 75 Magic.

End the game with a lot of money, at least 1000 Gold.

This is the default ending if you can't reach any other ending. To get here quickly, 
run out of Dream and end the game very early.
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