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Conflict Vietnam Cheats

Conflict - Vietnam

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54

Hold [Left Shift] and type "agentorange" to unlock the cheat menu.

Bad Moon mission:
When reach the part where there are two bunkers, hold your squad before you reach the field.
Then, take one man and move him behind one of the first boulders. Do this to the rest of the
squad then move up. Next, throw smoke grenades so they cannot see you. While the smoke is 
still there, throw bombs into both of the bunkers. More VC soldiers will enter the bunkers;
hurry and move up to the right to the next battle.

The Sacred Statue mission: Keep H'done out of danger:
Leave all squad members where they are when you begin the mission. Just take one member
and go to the gate and talk to H'done so that she will lead the way into the jungle. 
When she says "Try to keep up the path leads this way!", she will stop and a message 
will appear telling you to rally your squad with H'done before she continues. Ignore 
the message and keep following the path until you reach the first booby trap on the 
path. Tell you squad to fall in. H'done will still not continue when the other squadmates
arrive. Then, just continue with the mission as usual, and do not go back to retrieve H'
done. When you reach the temple gate, H'done will suddenly appear behind you as if she 
followed you the whole way. She will unlock the gate and you will not have to protect 
her any longer. If you get lost in the jungle without H'done, go to the objectives menu
and use the map to find your way.

Recommended squad equipment setup:
Ragman: Any type of submachine gun, any machine gun (backup machine gun for Hoss),
or rocket launcher (for Hoss to use if you need to take out a tank because he 
cannot hold a rocket launcher and a machine gun at the same time), or a shotgun. 
Junior: Any sniper rifle, M79 grenade launcher, pistol. 
Hoss: Any machine gun, a submachine gun or an assault rifle (backup weapon), pistol.
Cherry/Doc: Any assault rifle or submachine gun, any machine gun (backup machine 
gun for Hoss) or a rocket launcher (for Hoss). 

1st Air Cav mission:
At the beginning of the level, get all the ammunition in the weapons room (to your
left at the very start). Then, move on to the Major. When he tells you to go to the
bunkers, take Ragman and the Doc and crouch down next to the Major. Then, take 
Junior and put him in the first bunker to your right and up the stairs. Then, take
Hoss and put him in the next bunker down. Whenever someone dies, the Doc will heal

Air Cav mission: Use mortar launcher:
After you hold off the first attack from the Viet Cong, your next objective instructs
you to go back to the starting point of the mission to defend another attack from the
VCs. When you reach the open area where your squad started, look to the left. 
You should see a mortar launcher ready to use. Have Ragman and either Doc or Hoss use
it. It requires two people to use (one fires and the other aims). Start shooting 
towards the openings that VCs come from and start firing. You may not seem to hit 
anything, but should notice that less VCs come from the entrances once you start 
firing. Keep this up until the mission ends or the mortar gets destroyed. 
Note: The mortar does not have unlimited ammunition; use it wisely.

Air Cav mission:
After you kill all the NVA around the southern perimeter, follow the major to the
northern perimeter and defend. Do not stay around the major; artillery will fall 
around your position and kill you. Instead, you will see the Vietnamese coming 
from three paths. Go in those paths and kill all the Vietnamese, then just keep
running around the area killing them. The artillery will not hit you. Also watch
out for Vietnamese with RPG-7v; they will fire and kill your squad.

1st Air Cav mission:
After you get off the helicopter, you will start as Ragman. Face left and go into
the bunker. After stocking up on ammunition and weapons, walk to the comms bunker.
You will hear a man speaking on a radio. Go around the bunker, and there will be 
a black soldier. Talk to him and follow the orders he gives you. After you help 
Major Wallace, you will have to defend the northern perimeter. The NVA will be 
overrunning the base and attack through three different paths connected by one 
path that runs behind the other three. There will be mortar fire falling around
Major Wallace. Do not worry; he cannot die. Run up one of the three paths and kill
any Viet Cong that you see. Move around a lot, as there will be Viet Cong soldiers
with rocket-launchers running around.

Destroy 1st tank in The Citadel:
Submitted by: samriddha

In the last level The Citadel, when the mission begins you will find a T-34 tank 
blocking your road. It starts to fire immediately. Turn round, call your squad 
immediately and run to the multiple cannoned tank. Embark the tank and go reverse.
Don't go forward or you will be blown up. Disembark the tank and select any character.
Collect all the smoke grenades from the others and order the others to embark the tank.
Check who's the driver and the cannon operator. Select the character with all the smoke
grenades and lie down. Move forward while crouching down. The tank won't be able to see
you. Take out the smoke grenades and kneel up. The tank will start to turn it's cannon 
towards you. Throw all the smoke grenades at the tank. Throwing the smoke grenades 
ensures that the tank won't move forward or fire at you. Immediately switch to the 
driver of your own tank and move forward. Being the driver you can also operate the 
cannon. Halt the soldiers inside the tank.Point the cannon pointer over the enemy tank
and start firing. The enemy tank will be destroyed.
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