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Clue Cheats


The only character in each mystery who tells a lie is the murderer. For 
instance, if Miss Scarlet says she's never touched the candlestick, but 
her fingerprints are all over it, then she's lying and therefore is the 

Use the map often, because it's very easy to get lost in the virtual 
mansion. The map is located in the notebook at the bottom right corner 
of the screen.

The perfect way to nail the murderer is to know his or her alibi and then
check it against the alibis of other suspects. For instance, if Miss 
Peacock says she was in the conservatory with Miss Scarlet, but Miss 
Scarlet says she as in the kitchen with Colonel Mustard, ask Colonel 
Mustard for his alibi. All alibis can be confirmed or denied by at least
one other suspect. 
Again, the liar is the murderer.

3rd Card:
Submitted by: Tatum

Ok, so say you have the 6 cards "knife, ball room, Mr.White, Professor Plum, 
rope, and candlestick."So, you have all of those checked off on your card!
So,now the tip/trick. Say another player says: "I accuse Mr. White, in the 
ball room, with the revolver!"
So, the other player then says they can prove them wrong. Now, because you 
have both the mr. White card and the ball room card, you now know the other
player has the revolver card! TADA!!!! Even though this coincidence doesn't
happen often, it does help!!!
Also: make sure YOU have the card!!! Because if the other player showed it 
to you, they might have showed the player who accused? Make sense.
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