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Clive Barkers Undying Cheats

Clive Barker's Undying

Cheat Codes:
Update by: ranjith ravindran
Submitted by: nightraider

Cheat mode:
Press [Tab] to open chat window, then type any of the following codes:

Effect                            Code
God mode                        - eh
Unlimited health                - satan
All weapons and spells          - addall
Spawn donkey joke               - assall
Toggle extra light              - becomelight [0 or 1]
Set game speed                  - slomo [1-5]
Set health to 999(1)            - set aeons.patrick health 999
Set mana to 999                 - set aeons.patrick mana 999
Toggle unlimited mana           - infinitemana [0 or 1]
Enemies do not attack           - invisible [0 or 1]
Level select                    - start [map name]
Toggle third person view        - behindview [0 or 1]
Set jump height; default is 250 - setjumpz [0-2000]
Flight mode                     - flight
Increase selected spell's level - ampattspell
Invisible weapon                - renderweapon
Show stealth factor             - showstealth
Display event triggers          - showall
Display frame rate              - showfps
Spawn indicated item            - bring [item name]
Spawn indicated weapon          - giveme [weapon name]
Set ground speed                - setgroundspeed [number]
No clipping mode                - astral
Disable no clipping mode        - walk
Decrease current spell level    - deampattspell
Patrick has maximum ammo        - woo
Restore mana to maximum         - pie

1. Note: Your health must be less than 100 to proceed past the Boss battles. 

Problem Fighting Bosses with Cheat Codes:
If the game detects you have a health over 100, 
the Boss Creatures will not attack. Since you 
must exploit weaknesses during their attack, 
you will be unable to proceed. Use the health 
cheat to set your health back to 100 before 
confronting bosses. 

Map Names:
Using these map cheats, you can jump to any level 
within the game. The "CU_nn" maps are cutscenes, 
and "playground" and "SmokeTest" are test levels. 
Enter these cheats the same way as other codes. 

start Aeons
start Catacombs_Cisterns
start Catacombs_Cliffs
start Catacombs_Entrance
start Catacombs_Exit
start Catacombs_Exit_After
start Catacombs_LairOfLizbeth
start Catacombs_LairOfLizbethPostCU
start Catacombs_LowerLevel
start Catacombs_SaintsHall
start Catacombs_Tunnels
start Catacombs_WellRoom
start Catacombs_WindChamber
start CU_01
start CU_02
start CU_03
start CU_04
start CU_05
start CU_06
start CU_07
start CU_08
start CU_09
start CU_10
start CU_11
start CU_12
start CU_13
start Entry
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arch
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Arena
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_ArenaBattle
start EternalAutumn_FinalFight_Ruins
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Airie_Interior
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Bridge
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chase
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Chieftain
start EternalAutumn_Ravines_Forest
start EternalAutumn_Transition
start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Lower
start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Dwellings_Upper
start EternalAutumn_Waterfall_Gauntlet
start Grounds_Cottage
start grounds_dock_night
start Grounds_Lighthouse
start Grounds_Mausoleum_Approach
start Grounds_Mausoleum_Entrance
start Grounds_Mausoleum_Tunnels
start Grounds_OldCemetery
start Manor_CentralLower
start Manor_CentralLower_After
start Manor_CentralLower_night
start Manor_CentralLower_storm
start Manor_CentralUpper
start Manor_CentralUpper_After
start Manor_CentralUpper_PostOneiros
start Manor_CentralUpper_storm
start Manor_Chapel
start Manor_Chapel_night
start Manor_Crypt
start Manor_EastWingLower
start Manor_EastWingLower_After
start Manor_EastWingLower_night
start Manor_EastWingUpper
start Manor_EastWingUpper_After
start Manor_EastWingUpper_night
start Manor_EntranceHall
start Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch
start Manor_EntranceHall_Intro
start Manor_EntranceHall_Night
start Manor_EntranceHall_night_ReturnfromCove
start Manor_EntranceHall_Storm
start Manor_EntranceHall_ToKitch
start Manor_FrontGate
start Manor_FrontGate_night
start Manor_FrontGate_Night_Return
start Manor_Gardens
start Manor_Gardens_night
start Manor_Gardens_storm
start Manor_GreatHall_night
start Manor_GreatHall_Storm
start Manor_InnerCourtyard
start Manor_InnerCourtyard_Storm
start Manor_NorthWingLower
start Manor_NorthWingLower_After
start Manor_NorthWingLower_night
start Manor_NorthWingLower_storm
start Manor_NorthWingUpper
start Manor_NorthWingUpper_night
start Manor_NorthWingUpper_PostOneiros
start Manor_NorthWingUpper_storm
start Manor_PatricksRoom
start Manor_TowerRun_night
start Manor_TowerRun_storm
start Manor_WestWing
start Manor_WestWing_Hall1
start Manor_WestWing_Night
start Manor_WidowsWatch_storm
start Monastery_Past_Church
start Monastery_Past_Exterior
start Monastery_Past_Interior
start Monastery_Past_LivingQuarters
start Monastery_Present_Church
start Monastery_Present_Cove
start Monastery_Present_Entrance
start Monastery_Present_InnerSanctum
start Monastery_Present_Tunnels
start Oneiros_Amphitheater
start Oneiros_City1
start Oneiros_City2
start Oneiros_HowlingWell
start Oneiros_Intro
start Oneiros_Oracle
start Oneiros_RetreatBath
start Oneiros_RetreatExterior
start Oneiros_RetreatSecondFloor
start Oneiros_RetreatStudio
start Oneiros_ZigguratInterior
start Oneiros_ZigguratLower
start Oneiros_ZigguratUpper
start PiratesCove_Barracks
start PiratesCove_Exterior
start PiratesCove_Pier
start PiratesCove_Pool
start PiratesCove_TreasureRoom
start playground
start SmokeTest
start StandingStones_FirstVisit
start StandingStones_KingFight
start start

Jump Higher:
If you want to jump higer type "setjumpz #" where # is a number
(example: setjumpz 900). Put more than 2000 and you will jump 2 fast
and you will rest on the floor... normal jump is in range of 200-300.

Easter Eggs:
Shooting Gallery:
- Begin the game, walk into the house, and get the short tour
  from the maid.
- Afterwards, walk to the end of the hall, towards the door near
  which there lies a health pack.
- Shoot the two square panels near the top of the door.
- The door should open, and inside you'll be treated to a 10 level
  mini-shooting gallery. It's pretty hard (not much time to play
  balance easter eggs)

Miniature Theater:
- Hit Tab
- Enter "Open Manor_EntranceHall_FromKitch"
- Head towards the paintings on your left
- Jump and try to reach the top of the two outermost paintings.
  They will become slightly recessed and you will hear a click
  when you're successful.
- Watch the show!

Giant Sheep:
- Hit Tab
- Enter "Open Monastery_Present_Cove"
- Play through the level until you have jumped into the ruined
  building (from the barn)
- Head to the upper level of this building
- Look for a plank that is extended towards the farm (this is 
  where some howlers were jumping around when you first got 
  into the building)
- Jump up and down at the end of the plank a few times, and you'll see
  our version of the staypuft marshmallow man...

Disco of Death:
- Hit Tab
- Enter "Open Oneiros_HowlingWell"
- Fly up to the big building. Walk in, and down the stairs. Look for a
  square button on the wall (near the big purple magic field  thingy).
  Uh, push it.
- Go back outside. Fly up onto the roof of the building and scrye.
  Look for a small purple haze, and fly towards it.
- Getchur groove on...

Patrick Strikes Out:
- Hit Tab
- Enter "Open Manor_Entranchall_night_ReturnFromCove"
- Walk through the first set of doors, and hang a left. A 
  maid will come out. After you've talked to her, follow her 
  and hang around for a bit. Perhaps she's not doing anything 
  later tonight.. besides exercising, that is.

Saving mana:
Use the following trick to not waste Mana to the frenetic Scythe attack. Select 
the Scythe as your main weapon, then attack. When you are in the middle of the 
attack, press [Action] (or the key that activates the weapon special). The 
Scythe will sound as if a frenetic attack was made. This will not waste your 
Mana, and will restore your health as normal.

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the bring code. Note: When summoning 
spells, they will not be visible in front of you. You will need to walk 
directly forward in order to "pick them up".


amplifier (increase selected spells level by 1) 
arcanewhorls (scroll that improves the mana regain rate) 
ethertrap (temporarily trap spirits) 
health (spawn Health Pack) 
lantern (spawn lantern that gives off light equivalent to a flashlight) 
manawell (increase your manapool; maximum of 200) 

mindshatter (normally unavailable in the game) 
ward (normally unavailable in the game) 

monto (flying heads that first appears on Aaron's paint room) 
trsantiwitch (girls that casts shield to protect themselves) 
sleed (snake-like creatures that make a lot of noise and bite) 
bethany (may crash game) 
lizbeth (immortal, may crash game)

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the giveme code. The corresponding weapon
will be summoned directly into your character's inventory.


Magic and Weapons:
The spells are that you acquire are just as vital to winning the game as
the weapons. 

Scrye: It serves 2 purposes. It lets you see images hidden from normal eyes and
lets you see around dark areas. It has no attack uses. 

Ectoplasm: Great for short range attacks. Especially effective on magical creatures
like Howlers, Scarrows and Monto'Shonoi. Worthless over longer distances. 

Dispel: Useful for dispelling the Mind Shatter spell cast by the Sil Lith bird 
creatures. Make sure to use the spell on the creature that cast the spell before 
you kill it. 

Invoke: Useful for killing Trsanti Warrior by causing them to commit suicide. It
also can also resurrect most human-like creatures to fight by your side. Useful 
if you find yourself in a melee with several creatures. No effect on Trsanti Witches. 

Haste: Useful for jumping over long distances and dodging the faster creatures. 
Almost necessary when battling Aaron. 

Shield: Limited use. It can prove helpful when facing against a distant foe. 

Skull Storm : Throw some amplifiers in to this spell and you've got devastation. 
Attack is fast and deadly against most magical creatures. Not as useful against 
humanoid creatures. Most effective against distant foes like the Verago. 

Lightning: By itself, Its not especially useful and takes a lot of manna to use. 
Aiming is not accurate. If employed with Spear Gun, will cause a measure of 

Flight: Necessary for some parts of the game. Useful for finding hidden goodies. 

Gel'ziabar Stone: Can force enemies off cliff edges. Will amply any spell by an 
additional point. Useful if you are being swamped by incoming monsters. 

Tibetan War Cannon : Will slow down most melee attackers. A full blast will knock
out a Jile in one shot. 

Scythe: At full use, will suck health from enemies and send it to you. When used, 
will suck up your manna and leave you vulnerable as it processes life force. 

Weapons and Monsters:
The game requires a little strategy to get around the monsters. Picking the 
right weapon will be important to winning. 

Revolver: Good for long range attacks. Effective against humans and howlers. 
Ineffectual against scarrows and skeletons. 

Shotgun: Has minor impact on Howlers and humans. Phosphor Shells create fire 
damage that will eventually kill. Enemy will have time to attack while you reload. 

Ice Cannon: Slows down most creatures. If used in conjunction with Mana Attack, 
its' effective against scarrows, humans, and howlers. 

Scythe: If aimed properly, will take most creatures out. If you behead a skeleton, 
it will still rise again to attack you. 

Another Tip: Guns only work on howlers if you wait for them to raise in to attack 
stance and shoot them in the head.
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