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Civilization 3 Cheats

Civilization 3

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Huynh The Duy Nguyen

First you save your game with name: multi. Then you load this game. And you can
see all map. And if you want you can right-click and change enemy's product.

Submitted by: Kristian

To get a very hi score without doing anything, go to the place you installed Civ 3
and find "highscores.cv3" and open it in notepad. Then type the info you need in 
this order:

[Your Name],[Civ(0-16)],[Your Score},{Victory Type(1-8)],

Cheat Codes:
100,000 gold and PW:
Start a new game and enter Leemur as a leader name. 

Unlimited gold:
Note: This only works in versions earlier than v1.16f. Use a text editor to edit the
"script.slc" file in the "\ctp_data\default\gamedata" folder. 

Add the following lines to the file. 

trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when (IsHumanPlayer(g.player) &&

Hints - Research:
Submitted by: rickHH

* When your research has 1 turn left go into the domestic adviser and start lowering
  research untill the 1 turn turns into 2 turns then set it back up to 1 turn. In 
  the middle to late states of the game I can lower my research bar by 30 to 60 
  percent and still be able to complete the research in 1 turn while also getting a
  lot of cash during that turn, as much as 500 to 800 cash for 1 turn for me in the
  middle to late stages of the game.

* Also with the Research bar when you first start a research some seem to have a 
  minimum requirement of turns. even if you could get them done sooner i've noticed
  several take like 4 turns or 6 turns... so if you have the research set up very 
  high, at the start of the program go into the adviser and start lowering the 
  research bar untill your turn to complete changes then you have found the optimum
  setting for research for that advance. doing this gets the most out of research 
  while giveing you the most cash back. Although If your expences are running high 
  this doesn't help that much if you want to keep your account balance in the black.

Edit mode:
Open the "civ3mod" file. This will open the game's editor, but you will be able to 
edit units, technologies, civilizations unique powers,their stances, rare resources'
show up , time of usage, effects on tiles, and much more.

When I got the game I started playing at Diety Level [thinking that since I am so good
at Civ2, I should be fine in Civ3]. Ah, to my suprise while I had maybe 3 cities the 
computer players [16 of 'em] had 10+. I do not know how they get their settlers so fast. 
Anyways I shamefully went down to Regent difficulty.  Now that I have played a couple 
of games [never actually finished one, just restarted a couple of times once I started
beating the computer...] I can say a few things:

1.Expansion is the KEY to winning the game or dominating the game 
2.It is very wise to BUY technologies from the computer, or offer your extra resources
  for the 20 turn period. This will get you cought up with the technology tree, i.e. 
  lets say I go for monarchy right away, this means I will neglect 'the wheel' and 
  'horseback riding' and I would buy these then. 
3.Always have a 'MODERN' army ready to defend/attack.

1.It is quite alright for you to have 1 of each type of resource, that is all you need.
  The more you have the better since you can use these for trading [luxury ones being
  most valuable, I found] 

2.Do not stress if you have no strategic resources in the beginning, you can still build
  basic def/att units. You can always trade for strategic resources or even better you
  can make surgical strikes to capture these strategic resources.

1.I found that Horsemen are the best unit in the beginning. Mobility is very important
  and the fact that a Horsemen will retreat out of combat allows you to save it [i.e. 
  retreat with it to town and rest it to full health]. 
  In short: Horsemen are the most efficient unit at start.
  Example: I had a fight with the Germans who had Iron [i did not] and built 10+ 
  swordsmen. I defeated them with my horsemen. Then ended up conquering most of their
  cities. They bought peace surrending 3 of their cities on the barganing 
  table :] 

2.Concentrate your attacks just like the computer.

3.Computer has usually 2 defenders in town if Despotism, 3 if Monarchy, 2 for Republic/
  Democracy and 3 for Communism. Why? For despotism/monarchy/communism this is the number
  of units that help with happiness of the city, more than this is cost.

1. Always have attacking units in your border cities. The computer attacks in a bunch
   of stacked units. Having attacking units in your town allows you to destroy a few 
   before they strike at you and the sweetness of it is that since the units are stacked
   up your attacking unit does not leave town. So a good def/att stats are good (like 
   the Roman Legion, or Babylonian Bowman, or later on the Musketmen) 

2. All your border cities less than 7 must have Walls and at least 3 spearmen/pikemen.

Strategy for attacking:
1. Surgical and well thought out strikes are most damaging to your opponent. Best is
   to conquer or raze towns which have thier Strategic Resources or to pillage ROADS
   leading to the Strategic Resources. This will hamper their ability to produce units
   that require that resource. 

2. If you are bent on conquest: keep the pressure up and do not falter.

Unlimited Gold:
First make a backup copy of the file script.slc, which is located in 
ctp_datadefaultgamedata. Then open up the original with any text editor and add the 
following lines: trigger 'DOR_T_Give_Gold' when 
[IsHumanPlayer[g.player] && [

Hint- Easy gold:
Submitted by: TeleDu

When trading with the computer, ask for 11111111 (as many one's as possible) gold per 
turn and in exchange offer him anything (even 1 gold or your territory map). You can 
also ask for technologies and gold when offering the same lump sum - 1 gold. With the
money you get you can buy buildings (when your civilization is republic or democracy)
or even all the computer's cities. After the 20 turns, though, your money dissappears,
but you can always ask for more.

Hint - Easy gold:
Submitted by: Martin

After you have played for a while, and you have met other civs, start comunication with
them and ask for 1 gold *for 20 turns)and you give them 18 gold(lump sum)when the other
civs will get richer ask for more money (ex:10 gold per turn and you give them 180 gold
lump sum, you can even ask for more money.It's very nice for your future especially 
becouse now you will get more money each turn and you can give more money to research
and that's it. 

File this under "strange experiences.":
Submitted by: jeff

I was playing a random game of civ 3 recently. I was reviewing my diplomacy options by
clicking on my advisor. He'd give advice like: "the Persian's might go for some of our
saltpeter" or "the Aztecs fear our Calvary" or somesuch. I cycled through all his 
responces once or twice and then he spit out this gem: 
"Greece (the nation i was playing) will always win because Japan is stupid." 
Has anybody ever run into anything like that before?

Faster units:
Find out how to learn steam power. You need the resource iron in your city and 
all your other cities. You can now build railroad tracks which do not take any 
movement points.

Trade for everything:
If you are at war with another nation, to trade for everything they have, type 
in as many 9s as you can in the money received per turn. They will willingly 
trade anything they have for one of your territory maps (or anything else.)

How to conquer another Civ around 250 AD!:
Choose a Tiny-Small Pangea, and play as the Persians. Now put 100% Scientific 
Funding ASAP. Don't worry, nothing bad will happen. You should have Iron Working
by about 1000 BC, and, if you have a ready source of Iron, Immortals by 750 BC. 
Now, between things like temples and aqueducts, make walls, spearmen, and Immortals.
A TON of Immortals. You should have found the other Civ LONG ago. Now, ATTACK! 
Aim for the capital first. That one always has more spearmen (or Impi, in my case).
Once you take the capital, all the other cities will be easier to take.
NOTE: This will NOT workIf you choose Greece as your enemy. The Greek Hoplites 
have 3 Defence, so you should aim for Greece by the time you have Cavalry. If 
you dare, you can attack with knights, but you'll lose 3 Knights to 1 Hoplite.

Build Wonders Faster:
Normally the game would not allow the player to speed up the building of Wonders 
through hurry methods such as pay citizens and force labour. But it is possible 
to get around this by first selecting a building option (preferably one with a 
high production cost), speed up that project using a hurry method, then switch 
to the Wonder of your choice. Notice that the production shields brought from 
before the switching is still in place.

Free units and city improvements:
While in the map editor, after you finish placing everything desired, activate the 
customize rules menu in the scenario bar. Then in the rules bar, select "Edit Rules".
Then, click on the "Government tab" and click "All Units Free" at the bottom left of
the window. This makes it so that all units cost nothing to maintain. Then, unselect
the "Requires Maintenance" box and all city improvements are now free to maintain. 
You can now spend money on other things, and it works on all the governments. It 
turns any government into the fundamentalism government of Civilization 2.

Prevent city capture:
Get a worker to fortify himself in a city or town that you do not want to be captured 
in a war. They, have it be fortified, and it has to be a worker. When an enemy attacks
the city, it will do so, but will hurt itself. Note: The enemy will probably retreat 
in battle. Note: If you have a unit that can attack others instead of a worker, the 
opponent will die, but your person will usually be only slightly damaged. 
Note: Catapults, ships, airplane, etc. that attack with a bombardment will not be 

Best Strategy for Invading Other Countries:
First, you build a city nearby an enemy country you think you can defeat. Have workers
completely surround the city with fortresses and then put 2 of your best defensive 
units (pikeman, spearman, musketman etc.) in each fortress, and 3 in the city. Then 
you declare war. They will waste all their offense trying to take the city. Unless you
are way behind in technology, they won't even be able to wound your guys because of the
fortresses. While defending it, have every other city keep building you best offensive 
unit (like cavalry, tank, modern armor etc.). I suggest you should make about 15. After
 their offense is spent, invade their cities like crazy without having to worry about 
offensive units intercepting you.

Reveal Map:
To reveal the entire map of the world, save your game with a word containing "multi"
like "multiplayer". After the save, load the game again from that save position to see
the whole map.

Founding Your First City:
When you first begin a game of Civ3, build the first city exactly where your Settler
stands. Even moving one space will put you behind your opponents. If you are on a 
really bad space, such as Tundra or Desert, you should just restart the game.

Efficient Trading:
When another tribe ask you to trade something with them, they will often try and cheat
you. Instead of accepting straight away, propose a counter offer. Once the counter 
offer screen comes up, click the items they are offering so that the 'What will you
give me for this' option comes up, then click that. Now they will offer a list of 
things that (very often) weren't there in the initial trade.

Submitted by: Monkey Nuts

If you want to win at Civ III...and I don't mean win, I mean dominate the enemy, here 
is what you do. 1st, build as many temples as you can, yes, i said temples, after you've 
done that, take your pikeman and advance him to infantry after you've done that download 
of picture of pamela anderson and show it to the enemy. He will then be on his knees and 
you can take his cities at will.

Effective Workforce:
As soon as game starts, do not start technologies like warrior code etc. Instead build
your first city, build four scouts (three if you already have one) and let them explore.
In the mean time try to get to monarchy. The scouts will get you most of technologies 
for free. As soon as you reach industrial age, first go for replaceable parts. This 
increases your worker efficiency to build rails and all other tasks.

Cleaning up your army:
Submitted by: Boby

When reached advances of industry era, You can build powerful units such as tanks,
destroyers (my love!), battleship,infantry... so why keep those ancient or middle 
aged weak units? A warrior costs as much as a tank,means one gold per turn. So each 
time have built a tank,disband a warrior,swordman,immortal and so on. Also each time 
built a battleship, disband one of those foolish frigates or pathetic ironclads and 
save gold.

Submitted by: Nick

This is not an ingame cheat what you do is go to the start menu and go 2 the civilization 
3 file open up the edit file create your own world put all the reasorces on an island cover 
it with goody huts and railroad tracks then put 1 player starting position on the same 
island save the world go to the game click on load scinerio and keep on doing that until 
you start ontop of railroad tracks then save that 1 as multi and you are set all of the 
huts send you into the next area.

Get and keep lots of money:
Submitted by: Boby

In the game, go diplomacy with a neighbor, offer them a resource which they haven't, and 
ask them 200000... (as many zeros can typed) per turn, so they accept! Now you can ask 
them any other things (cities,techs,resources) but try to leave a few city them, so they 
can pay you so many gold each turn. A few turn later you have some hundred millions gold, 
command one of your units to pillage road on the resource you are giving to them, so the 
trade will be canceled, they won't give any gold per turn but you can safely keep so many 

Easy gold:
* Offer a trade to another civilization (a technology or resource they do not have) for 
  an exorbitant amount of money. For example, coal for 2 followed by as many zeros as can 
  fit. Do this once per turn.

* To do this trick, you must be at war with two people. When you can propose peace to 
  either opponent, refuse two times to the peace treaty. Then ask, "We would like to 
  propose a deal,". Ask for everything they have including lump sum, then ask for 9,999,999 
  gold per turn. You will own the cities and the maps to their civilization and the items 
  you asked for. You will not get their fortified units in their cities, and the capitol 
  city. Also, you will lose all of your money at the end of the turn, then regain it the 
  next turn.

Unlimited resourses (like oil):
Submitted by: Steve

Normaly after using a strategic resource, this dissapair after a while. ( like oil)
This little tricky you can use, just place a worker and a offensive unit on the 
resourse, now give as many vilages the order to build offensive units, 
then give your offencive unit the order to clear the road to the resource.
The funny thing is, you can still build your units, (even not connected to a resource.) - 
with 1 resource of oil I make thise way around 500-750 units ( tanks, naval units...)

Getting rich fast:
To get rich fast, try to research technologies as fast as possible and before everyone
else researches them. Then, sell the technologies to the other civilizations. When the
trade screen pops up, offer the technology but don't ask for anything yet. Then ask 
them what they are willing to offer for the technology. Finally, accept the trade and
you get almost all of their money!
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