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Chocolatier Decadence by Design Cheats

Chocolatier - Decadence by Design

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

* Try to write down the recipes that you create on your own, so that you don't make
the same recipe twice. Use the most expensive products to make it, because your 
creations will be asked for more than ones created in the game, and you'll be able
to earn a lot of money.

Factories and Locations:
Each factory will start out producing the products listed in the spoilers below. You
can change the factories to produce other products for a price. You just need to 
click on the "Change Recipe" button and select the product you want to make. You will
be prompted to pay the money to have the factory outfitted with the new equipment. 
For example, it costs $1,000,000 to change the factory in Zurich from bars to exotics.

Here is a list of each factory location and what it originally produces.

Zurich         – Chocolate Bars
Cape Town      – Coffee
Tokyo          – Infusions
San Francisco  – Truffles
Toronto        – Coffee Blends
Wellington     – Exotics

Locations with No Shops to Buy Products:
Be careful when traveling, especially at the beginning of the game. Travel expenses 
cost money and steadily increase for a good while. There are some locations you must
travel to in order to purchase ingredients, test recipes, etc. that do not have a 
shop available to buy your inventory. Be sure you have enough money to make the trip
back out of the location because you won’t be able to earn anything while you’re there.
If you get stuck there, the game is over. Here is a list of these locations.

-Gobi Desert
-Falkland Islands
-Las Vegas

Locations of Your Shops:

Chocolate Bar Gun loading:
Submitted by: A.D. Anderson

* When all five trays are filled with ingredients, the machine instantly "Shazams" the 
ingredients, clears all the trays. This is a good strategy because the game sends 
ingredients out of order, but it always sends them in batches of five -- the correct 
proportion to fill all five trays (until you miss or send one to the recycler).

* When all the trays are filled and cleared, there is a two to four second delay before
the game tallys the increase in your production total. Right before filling the last 
tray, intentionally miss a few and then fire the final one to complete the set. The 
trays "Shazam" but before it tallys them, fire several rapid misses to make eight 
mis-fires, ending production.

* Click "Try again." When you begin attempting to fill trays again, the completed set
from the previous session begins to tally. By doing this, five extra production cases
can be obtained.
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