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Chasm Cheats


Cheat Codes:
When playing press "Backspace" then type any of these codes.

Code                     Effect
CHOJIN                 - God mode.
ARMOR                  - Full Armor.
KILL                   - Kill all monsters.
AMMO                   - Full ammo.
KEYS                   - Get all keys.
INVISIBLE              - Invisible.
WEAPON                 - All weapons.
FULLMAP                - Reveal entire map.
Go #                   - Warp to any level.
depth                  - Toggle horizon distance.
reanimate              - All monsters respawn.
reverse                - Reverse left and right sound channel.
nick                   - Show current name in multi-player mode.
nick [new name]        - Select new name in multi-player mode.
killp [player number]  - Kill player in multi-player mode.
shadows [number]       - Set upper shadow limit.
respawn [seconds]      - Set respawn time.
kick [player number]   - Disconnect player in multi-player mode.

More Cheat Codes 
These codes must be entered after the "chasm" command at the dos prompt.

Code           Effect
-nosound       Turns off the game sound
-warp #        Warp to level #
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