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Call of Juarez Cheats

Call of Juarez

Cheat Codes:
Update by: DarkSavin
Submitted by: conner54

Start game as usual, open up the console with ~ key (toggle) and enter the desired 
command(s) below (CaSe SeNsItIvE!): 

Code                        Result
Cheat.God(1)              - God Mode ON 
Cheat.God(0)              - God Mode Off
Cheat.GiveAmmo()          - Add Ammo 
Cheat.Heal()              - Full Health Player 
Cheat.MagicAmmo(1)        - Magic Ammo ON 
Cheat.MagicAmmo(0)        - Magic Ammo Off 
Cheat.GiveRifle()         - Get Rifle 
Cheat.GiveDynamite()      - Get Dynamite
Cheat.Jump()              - To jump very high 

Multi-player mode codes:
Press Y or U to display the chat window while playing on a multi-player server,
then enter one of the following codes.

Code                Result
/Nick [nickname]  - Changes nickname
/PlayerList       - List all players
/KillMe           - Suicide
/Exit             - Exit game

Very Hard mode:
Collect 30 Wanted Posters. 

Extra missions:
Successfully complete Story mode. 

Secret weapon:
In the episode which you are Ray chasing the train that Billy jumped on, there is a 
secret weapon to be found. They are called Prime Rangers, and are two powerful and 
equally beautiful pistols which do not rust or wear during the level. In order to 
find these weapons, you must search the train cars as you pass them by. If you look
carefully, you will find them. There is a chest hidden behind a stack of boxes on 
one of these cars. If you jump over the stack and open the chest, you will see the
two long beautiful pistols underneath you. Pick them up and shoot up all the cattle
rustlers and hombres as desired.

Disable Intro:
1. Create and edit the shortcut to the game executable, adding and extra parameter
   so it looks like this: 
   intall path ... \Call of Juarez\coj.exe -debugconf=DebugConf.scr 
2. In your CoJ game folder, find the "DebugConf.scr" file and open it in Notepad. 
3. Add the following two lines to the end of the file, then save it: 
4. Boot the game as usual and enjoy!

Wanted Poster locations:
-=Episode I=-
1. Adrian Sikora: Inside the chest in the major fixer upper to the right as you enter
   Jones' farm. 
2. Jakub Klarowicz: On the step of the wagon going to the driver's seat as you first
   enter Hope (the side it is on faces the street). 
3. Lukasz Adzinski: Inside the chest in Suzy's room at the Saloon.
4. Pawei Marchewka: Top right drawer of the dresser in the first room of Crazy Frank's

-=Episode II=-
No wanted posters. 

-=Episode III=-
5. Kacper Michalski: In the outhouse on the back right corner of the empty lot as you 
   enter Hope from the church. 
6. Pawel Blaszczak: Inside a chest in the room you have to go through immediately before
   the room with the Sheriff's wife. 
7. Rafal Zerych: It is on the floor of the barn inside a chest (the barn where you need 
   to stack the boxes on the platform in order to cross it) directly underneath where 
   you enter after you escape the burning jail. 

-=Episode IV=-
8. Adrian Ciszewski: Inside the chest on the right side under a tree at the first of the
   two camps that are together. 
9. Grzegorz Swistowski: Inside the chest next to the last set of double tents before 
   the horses. 
10. Sebastian Helios: Inside the wooden crate after you drop down across the tracks 
    from the mine entrance. 

-=Episode V=-
11. Jan Borkowski: Inside the chest at the first room in the mine. 
12. Adam Jastrzebski: At the second fork, take the left path which almost immediately 
    dead-ends with the poster on the wall. 
13. Pawel Kopinski: You will get to a tunnel that will split into a Y. On the left path
    you should see some sacks leaning up against the wall before you enter the room; 
    the poster is in a wooden crate in that room. 
14. Maciej Jamrozik: After you get back outside by the train tracks, it is inside a 
    chest in the shed. 

-=Episode VI=-
15. Slawek Latos: Inside the chest on the right in the first train car you can enter. 
16. Lukasz Muszynski: Inside the chest in the second train car you can enter. 
17. Marek Pszczolkowski: Inside the chest behind the first seat on the right in the 
    fourth train car in area with the water tower. 
18. Maciej Klokowski: Inside the crate on the far left on top of the hill where you 
    shoot the wood blocking the door. 

-=Episode VII=-
19. Przemek Marmul: Inside the middle drawer of the dresser in the first bedroom at 
    the top of the stairs at the farm where you get a horse. 
20. Mateusz Manes: Inside the wooden trunk in-between two rocks at the burning wagon; 
    the lowest corner of the wagon points directly at the trunk. 
21. Haris Orkin: On top of the hill under the arch; it is next to the ammunition and 
22. Michal Nowak: Inside the wooden chest beside the fireplace in the house for the 
    hiredhands; after you exit the barn and jump the fence, it is in the house you 
    land behind. 
23. Marcin Zygadlo: Top right drawer of the desk in the office room of the house 
    under the clock. 

-=Episode VIII=-
24. Marcin Piaskiewicz: Inside the top right drawer of the dresser in Molly's room. 
25. Piotr Prokop: After the corn field next to the horse and two guys on the ground; 
    one of the hardest to find. 

-=Episode IX=-
26. Przemek Kawecki: Inside the chest in the tent right at the beginning. 
27. Pawel Zawondy: Inside the cave on the mountain where the rattle snake is on the 
28. Jakub Sikora: At the beginning of the second tunnel, it is left on the edge of 
    the cliff. 

-=Episode X=-
29. Marcin Sobanski: Inside the top right drawer in the cabin under the clock in the 
    first house. 
30. Rafal Stasiak: On the gun rack in the front room of the last house. 

-=Episode XI=-
31. Maciej Stelmaszczyk: Back left corner of the graveyard inside the little fence 
    with a cross. 
32. Slawek Strumecki: Inside the wooden chest on the left side of the main room in 
    the church. 

-=Episode XII=-
33. Piotr Sztepiuk: After the ledge were the guys are talking, jump down to your left
    in the middle of the bones. 
34. Pawel Selinger: Inside a chest on an island in the middle of the water. 

-=Episode XIII=-
35. Adam Tutaj: Second barrel on the right as you leave the mine part and enter the 
    man made stone area. 

-=Episode XIV=-
36. Waldek Kaminski: Inside a chest in the next to the last room on the right along
    the perimeter as you face the front of the house. 
37. Wojtek Pszczolkowski: After you descend the first set of stairs inside Juarez's,
    there will be a series of rooms on the left; the poster is in the last room inside
    a wooden chest. 
38. Konrad Zagorowicz: After the cutscene with Manson, enter the left room and then 
    left again into the dead-end hallway; the poster is inside the chest. It is 
    easiest to grab it after you defeat Manson. 

-=Episode XV=-
39. Andrzej Zacharewicz: As soon as you climb the wall into the fort and after the
    cutscene, drop down and head right; it is inside a chest in one of the rooms 
    that run around the wall perimeter. 
40. Piotr Wojtas: After you fight Juarez in the duel, go to the basement; it is inside a 
    chest in the very first room to your left.
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