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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Cheats

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted  by: David K.

Use a text editor to edit the "config.cfg" file in the "players" directory in the game 
folder. Add the following line to the end of the file: 

seta thereisacow "1337"

You can now further modify the file by binding any of the following cheat codes to an 
unused key. For example, adding the following line will bind the God mode cheat to the
"O" key: 

bind o "god"

Save the "config.cfg" file, then Right Click it, select "Properties", and set it to 
"Read Only". Begin game play, then start a new level by either using the "Mission 
Selection" option or starting a new game. Then, press the corresponding key during
game play to activate the corresponding cheat function. There is no confirmation 
that a cheat code has been activated. 

Effect                Bind key command
Toggle God Mode      - god
Ignored by enemies   - notarget
No Clipping mode     - noclip
Ammunition           - give ammo
Map select           - devmap [map name]
10% game speed       - timescale 0.1
30% game speed       - timescale 0.3
50% game speed       - timescale 0.5
Normal game speed    - timescale 1

Map names:
Use one of the following entries with the devmap bind key command. 

Map                               Code
SSDD                            - trainer
Team Player                     - roadkill
Cliffhanger                     - cliffhanger
No Russian                      - airport
Takedown                        - favela
Wolverines                      - invasion
The Hornet's Nest               - favela_escape
Exodus                          - arcadia
The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday - oilrig
The Gulag                       - gulag
Of Their Own Accord             - dcburning
Contingency                     - contingency
Second Sun                      - dcemp
Whiskey Hotel                   - dc_whitehouse
Loose Ends                      - estate
The Enemy Of My Enemy           - boneyard
Just Like Old Times             - af_caves
Endgame                         - af_chase

Tactical Nuke:
In multiplayer, get a 25 kill streak and you'll gain access to a nuclear bomb, 
the Tactical Nuke. This kills everyone in the game. Everyone. The streak ends 

Museum bonus level:
When you have completed the game, go to the single player missions. Select the
bottom new mission, called "Museum". When you start the level, the best thing 
is to study the layout. Get two weapons and top off the ammo with the crates 
supplied. Go to the desks by the entrance to the rooms. Note: There are three
rooms, one of which nothing happens. On the desks there is a red bell that is
labeled "Don't Press". Once you press this button, the entire museum comes to
life in one room area at a time. About thirty people (all characters from the 
game) will try to kill you. Choose a difficulty at the start. You will hear a 
sound once that wave is done. There are two waves of kills needed to complete 
it. Do not shoot anyone prior to using the bell, as it will not count.

Killstreak Rewards:
You can unlock the following rewards by meeting the Killstreak requirements below:

* 3 - UAV (Reveals enemies on minimap)
* 4 - Care Package (ammo / killstreak air drop -- can be collected by anyone)
* 4 - Counter UAV (disable enemy maps)
* 5 - Sentry Gun (airdropped)
* 5 - Predator (directed missile)
* 6 - Precision Airstrike (choose a location to bomb)
* 7 - Harrier Strike (choose a location to bomb and defend with a Harrier)
* 7 - Attack Helicopter (helicopter backup)
* 8 - Emergency Airdrop (four ammo / killstreak air drops -- can be collected by anyone)
* 9 - Pave Low (armored helicopter backup)
* 11 - Chopper Gunner (operate a helicopter gun)
* 11 - AC130 (operate a plane gun)
* 15 - EMP (disable enemy electronics)
* 25 - Nuclear Strike (kills all members of both teams)

The following weapons and equipment can be unlocked by attaining the (multiplayer) 
levels below:

-=Assault Rifles=-
* FAMAS - Lvl. 1
* M4A1 Carbine - Lvl. 4
* SCAR-H - Lvl. 8
* TAR-21 - Lvl. 20
* FAL - Lvl. 28
* M16A4 - Lvl. 40
* ACR - Lvl. 48
* F2000 - Lvl. 60
* AK-47 - Lvl. 70
* M14 EBR - Campaign Only
* G3 - Campaign Only

-=Submachine Guns=-
* UMP .45 - Lvl. 1
* MP5k - Lvl. 4
* Vector - Lvl. 12
* P90 - Lvl. 24
* Mini Uzi - Lvl. 44

-=Light Machine Guns=-
* L86 LSW - Lvl. 1
* RPD - Lvl. 4
* MG4 - Lvl. 16
* AUG HBAR - Lvl. 32
* M240 - Lvl. 52

-=Sniper Rifles=-
* CheyTac Intervention - Lvl. 1
* Barrett .50 Cal (AKA M107) - Lvl. 4
* WA2000 - Lvl. 36
* M21 EBR - Lvl. 56
* Dragunov - Campaign Only

-=Secondary Weapons=-
* PP-2000 - Machine Pistols Lvl. 1
* Glock 18 - Lvl. 22
* M93 Raffica - Lvl. 38
* TMP - Lvl. 58

* SPAS-12 - Lvl. 1
* AA-12 - Lvl. 12
* Striker - Lvl. 34
* Ranger - Lvl. 42
* M1014 - Lvl. 54
* Winchester 1887 - Lvl. 67
* W1200 - Campaign Only

* USP .45 - Handguns Lvl. 1
* .44 Magnum aka Colt Anaconda - Lvl. 26
* M9 - Lvl. 46
* Desert Eagle - Lvl. 62
* M1911 - Campaign Only

* AT4-HS - Lvl. 1
* Thumper x2 aka M79 grenade launcher - Lvl. 14
* Stinger - Lvl. 30
* Javelin - Lvl. 50
* RPG-7 x2 - Lvl. 65

* Frag Grenade - Lvl. 1
* Semtex - Lvl. 1
* Throwing Knife - Lvl. 7
* Tactical Insertion - Lvl. 11
* Blast Shield - Lvl. 19
* Claymores - Lvl. 31
* C4 - Lvl. 43
* Knife
* Ice Picks
* Smoke grenade
* Stun grenade

* Red Dot Sight
* EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight
* MARS Sight
* ACOG Sight (and various telescopic sights that are specific to certain guns)
* Thermal Scope
* Suppressor
* Grenade Launcher
* Heartbeat Sensor
* Shotgun
* Extended Magazine
* Full Metal Jacket ammunition (replacement for Deep Impact)
* Sniper Scope (will not take up an attachment slot, just like in Call of Duty 4)
* Akimbo
* Rapid Fire (replacement for Double Tap)
* Foregrip
* Tactical Knife

Museum Stage:
Complete the campaign on any difficulty to unlock the museum. In each of the exhibit
halls with character models, pressing the red button (which helpfully displays "Do 
NOT Press ...") will immediately bring the characters to life and they will 
immediately attempt to kill you.

Endgame": Nazi trucks:
Select Campaign mode and play "Endgame" in Act 3. After exiting the caves during 
the speedboat chase, notice the village on the hills to the left coast. You can find
a Nazi truck from Call Of Duty 2 behind a low wall near a pontoon and another one 
farther down at a jetty. Note: You will lose Shepherd by stopping to find the trucks. 

"Estate": Infinity Ward Gamestation:
Select Multi-player mode and the "Estate" map. Search the home theater to find an 
Infinity Ward Gamestation 5 game console. 

"High Rise": Sniper position:
Look from the center of the map at the cranes, then to the left side of the map. Go 
that side's back left corner. You will see broken scaffolding. Sprint from before the
ledge and jump to the left outside yellow railing. Note: The railing is vertical. 
This is a hidden ladder. Climb up this railing/ladder to the top of the scaffolding. 
Walk to the right of the scaffolding along the ledge of the building. You will eventually
reach another scaffolding. Climb onto this scaffolding. Walk to the top. Look towards 
the building and climb onto the higher ledge. Follow that ledge going left. Keep going
forward and you will reach the roof. This is a great sniper position. You may want to 
bring a Tactical Insertion because other players may discover you on your way to the 
top, or while you are up there, and lob grenades.

"The Hornet's Nest": Infinity Ward teddy bear:
Select Campaign mode and play "The Hornet's Nest" in Act 2. Go to the market and look 
for a soccer ball on a table to the left. Walk a short distance ahead to find a television
set. Break its screen to find an Infinity Ward teddy bear inside.

Riot shield defense:
While the riot shield is equipped to one of your classes, you can have defense from the 
back when you are holding your secondary weapon; thus, being able to switch the direction
of defense with your riot shield. This is useful in narrow corridors and stairwells.

Intel locations:
Search the indicated locations to find all 45 Intel laptops:

-=Act I: S.S.D.D.=-
1.The Intel is under the watch tower, straight across from the entrance to the obstacle 

-=Act I: Team Player=-
2.The Intel is in a classroom. Someone will announce "I think I saw one go in that classroom",
  and your team will go in. It is on the right wall as you enter, on a desk by the barrels.
3.As you exit the school, it is on a crate directly outside, next to a taxi.

-=Act I: Cliffhanger=-
4.Directly in front of you when Soap tells you to go ahead alone is a guard tower. Go up the
  ladder to find the Intel on the catwalk.
5.When you are about to enter the building with Soap, go to the previous building in the alley
  where the Jet is inside the hanger. Break out the window to find the Intel inside.
6.During the snowmobile sequence, when you are approximately 1850m from the finish, stop. Look
  for a small wooden fence surrounding some trees in the middle of the path in front of you, 
  and a small wooden building up a hill to the right. The Intel is on the ground inside the 
  fenced area with trees. Just run over the Intel to pick it up.

-=Act I: Takedown=-
7.Using the map, go towards the south-west corner when you enter the favela. You should find 
  a motorcycle leaning against a building. In front of it, there is a building with an angled
  wall and a large window in the wall. Go through the door to the right of that window to find
  the Intel inside.
8.When you go through the alley and see the building with the ladder on the wall, go up it 
  and through the door. The Intel is on a table inside.
9.Directly across from the previous Intel is a building with a small set of wooden stairs. 
  There are a few guys inside you have to kill. The Intel is inside the building on a night
  stand next to the bed.
10.Towards the end of the chase, off an alley, go in the building on the right side of the 
   path. Go downstairs to find the Intel between two beds.

-=Act II: Wolverines!=-
11.The Intel is on the counter in the gas station after you go through the alley.
12.The Intel is inside CRB Financial (across from Nate's Restaurant), near the front door, 
   under a sign labeled "Online Banking".
13.The Intel is on a table inside Taco To Go. Enter the building through the blown up corner.
14.The Intel is inside a dumpster (in a small brick enclosure) on the east side of Burger 
   Town. It is visible from the Burger Town roof ladder.

-=Act II: The Hornet's Nest=-
15.Near the beginning, after you move forward from the first building, go inside the house to
   the right of where Soap stops in the road (there is a blue car in the garage). Go past the
   blue car and into the kitchen to find the Intel on the table.
16.After clearing the small lot (has a bunch of appliances and cars), instead of going right 
   up the stairs between buildings, go left around the three-story house (floors are colored 
   red, yellow, red), and look in the little hut attached to its side to find the Intel on 
   some barrels.
17.As you move up the sloped street, there is a blue car on the right side of the street. In 
   the building on that side is the Intel up on the second floor on the table.
18.When you enter the last open lot and are supposed to go up on the roof, turn to the right,
   and look in the window behind the goal fence to find the Intel inside a window.

-=Act II: Exodus=-
19.In the apartment office, near where the enemies are first repelling in from a chopper. It 
   has red walls and blue curtains inside. The Intel is on the desk.
20.In the right-side building of the structure that forms an arch over the road (has toll 
   booths), on a desk directly to the right as you enter.
21.After you cross the bridge, go into the second house on the right side of the street. 
   Enter from the front door, then go to your right and up the stairs. The Intel is on a 
   yellow couch above those stairs.

-=Act II: The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday=-
22.In the room before you go back outside (shortly after breaching), the Intel is on one of 
   the metal racks against the wall.
23.After executing "Plan B", in the room Soap goes into on the right, the Intel is on a metal 
   rack inside the door.
24.After clearing outside, when the team starts going up the stairs, enter the room to the 
   right (you were probably in this building before when you were told to take cover), and 
   look under the stairs on some wooden palettes to find the Intel.

-=Act II: The Gulag=-
25.As your team moves towards the arch with the red light, go to the stone stairs before it,
   and look inside the room on the far wall to find the Intel on some filing cabinets.
26.The Intel is on a desk behind the large wall of monitors you encounter on your way through.
27.After you get the riot shield and leave the room where you got it, turn left, and go down 
   the hallway. In the first open cell on the right-side wall is the Intel on a desk.
28.Once you find the person you have been looking for, turn to your left to find the Intel on 
   the desk.

Act II: Of Their Own Accord
29.Inside the elevator that keeps trying to close (in the hallway after you enter the building),
   the Intel is to the right of the body sitting inside.
30.In the room with a balcony (out on the balcony is a missile launcher), go to your left as 
   you enter the room, and enter the door straight ahead (near the portrait of Franklin Pierce)
   to find the Intel on a table down a small hallway.

-=Act III: Contingency=-
31.When you reach the three-man patrol standing near the fence, kill them, and go over to where
   they were. The Intel is about ten feet south on a crate.
32.The building labeled "33" along the angled south-west fence contains the Intel on a metal 
   desk inside the northern door.
33.Just north of building "33", locate the stairs leading to a helipad (has blue lights on the
   corners) to find the Intel in the north-west corner.

-=Act III: Whiskey Hotel=-
34.When you are told to go left to the building, inside that building after the next door has 
   been opened, the Intel is in the hallway on a couch to the left.
35.After you go up the first stairs towards the roof, the Intel is to your right on a desk. 
   This should be about the time when the you see the flares get lit.

-=Act III: Loose Ends=-
36.Before entering the house, go behind it, and locate the small boat hanger along the shore. 
   The Intel is on a crate outside of it.
37.In the locked room on the top floor of the house, the Intel is on a desk in front of the 
38.In the nearest locked room in the basement, go into the arms room to the left. The Intel 
   is straight across from the wall of weapons on a crate.

-=Act III: The Enemy of My Enemy=-
39.The Intel is immediately to your right when you begin the mission, in the front of the 
40.After you slide out of the plane hull and move across the street and up the hill, look for 
   the plane pointing towards the road. The Intel is inside, near the cockpit.

-=Act III: Just Like Old Times=-
41.As you enter the tunnels, go left as instructed. After the patrol passes, kill the guard 
   standing at the monitor, and go straight across to find the Intel on a crate just to the 
   right of the cave entrance.
42.The Intel is to the left on a desk right before you go outside from the tunnels.
43.After going across the ridge, the Intel is in an alcove, on a crate.
44.The Intel is on the desk with soda cans after you breach the room, near where your ally is
   working on the computer.

-=Act III: Endgame=-
45.The Intel is at the beginning of the mission, before you board the vehicle.

"O Cristo Redentor" Spec Ops mission: Easy completion:
Follow this pattern to easily complete the "O Cristo Redentor" Special Ops mission under the 
Hardened or Veteran difficulty setting. For every ten defeated militia, two dogs will attack 
you. Typically one will appear from the high ground behind the fence, and another from the west.
For every ten defeated men, run to the white truck near your starting point. Jumping on top of
this truck will trigger the dogs to freeze wherever they stand. Lure them by standing on the 
ground. When you hear their barking get near, leap onto the truck when they are in the vicinity.
Now that they are frozen, you can pick them off wherever they stand.

Sniper camouflage:
Complete the Ghillie In The Mist challenge with the following results to unlock the corresponding
Ghillie camouflage suits for Sniper classes. 

Arctic camo : 50 one-shot kills with sniper rifles. 
Urban camo  : 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles. 
Desert camo : 200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles. 

Using teammates:
You will almost always have several allied team members on your side throughout the game. The 
teammates that are invincible are Dunn, Ghost, Foley, Makarov, MacTavish, and Price. Always 
let them lead the way during battle. While your other teammates can die, they will usually be
replaced by reinforcements. Although it is slower, it is much safer to let your teammates lead
the way, especially when you are low on health and need to heal.

Spec Ops Juggernaut message:
Play multi-player Spec Ops mode. Go to a level where a Juggernaut can be found. Have yourself
or as partner walk up to him and get into last stand (bleed out). Look at the Juggernaut's 
crotch area to see the message "Get sum!".

Make a trap:
First, go online and set your killstreaks to one or more of the following: Care Package, Sentry 
Gun, or an Emergency Airdrop. Then, go into a session and get the killstreak. Once done, get 
into a good hiding spot. Throw your red smoke grenade (killstreak) somewhere where you will be 
able to see it. Then, wait for an enemy to attempt to steal your killstreak but miserably fail.
Alternately, if you have unlocked claymores, you can throw your red smoke grenade (killstreak) 
and set a claymore by it. It is a good way to get a lot of points.

Chicken out prestige:
Once you have ranked past 70, go into the prestige where it tell you what you will gain and 
lose. However, do not actually prestige. Once on the information screen, select "Continue" and
it brings you to a screen with "There's no going back..." Press [Back] and chicken sounds effects
will be played, as if Activison is making fun of you.

Various game references:
* Go to any Private, Ranked or Split-screen match on the Estate map. Pick up a Sniper (or any 
telescopic sight weapon) class, and when the game begins, go inside the estate (the largest 
house in the center of the area). Look in the rack under the LCD television in the main hall.
There should be a Gamestation 5 console (reference to the PlayStation) with several games named
"Italian Plumber Princess Rescue" (a reference to the Mario games) and "Deer Hunter 17" 
(a reference to the large quantity of Deer Hunter games).

* Also in the estate, go to the basement via the stairs in the kitchen. Look at the posters in 
the wall around the pool table. There should be one with the name "Massey Effect" (a reference
to Mass Effect) and in the same poster, there should be the description "Chaos Theory was just
the beginning" (a reference to Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, which story is considered the start
of the subsequent Splinter Cell games' stories).

Raising prestige:
When playing online, the first time before you prestige is basically pointless. Any progress you
made with any primary, secondary, or any other weapon or kill streak will be reset. However, 
after you prestige the first time, the kills and headshots you get with your primary and secondary
weapons, except the riot shield, will be saved via the Master and Veteran challenges under each 
gun. After you prestige once, you will also get the Prestige challenges, which is a separate set
of challenges like Basic Training, most of which will remain if you prestige again. 
This tip will help not wasting hours maxing out a gun the first time to get nothing and only to 
learn that you have to do it again.

Transformers reference:
There is a Challenge listed under "Finishing Moves" named "Transformer", where a player must get
a Game Winning Killcam with a Pave Low. This challenge is a reference to the helicopter 
Transformer "Blackout" in the first segment of the Transformers (2007) movie.

Custom class slots:
Reach the indicated Prestige level to unlock the corresponding Custom class slot. 

Six total custom class slots   - First Prestige.
Seven total custom class slots - Third Prestige.
Eight total custom class slots - Fifth Prestige.
Nine total custom class slots  - Seventh Prestige.
Ten total custom class slots   - Ninth Prestige.

The big red button:
In the Museum epilogue mission, there is a red button on the information desk which is 
labelled "Do NOT press". Press it, and the exhibits will come to life and try to kill 
each other, as well as you.

Easy Unnecessary Roughness achievement or trophy:
In the "No Russians" level, when you kill the SWAT with the riot shields just pick one up 
and kill anyone else you find alive.

Multiplayer Perks:
Perk Name         Perk Ability
Marathon        - Unlimited Sprint.
Sleight of Hand - Faster Reloads.
Scavenger       - Resupply from dead enemies.
One Man Army    - Change classes at anytime at the loss of a secondary weapon.
Stopping Power  - Increase Bullet Damage Against Enemy Players.
Lightweight     - Move Quicker.
Hardline        - Killstreaks require 1 less kill.
Cold Blooded    - Undetectable by UAV’s, air support, sentry guns and thermal vision.
Danger Close    - Increased explosive weapon damage.
Commando        - Increased melee distance.
Steady Aim      - Increased hip-fire accuracy.
Scrambler       - Jams enemy radar near you.
Ninja           - Invisible to heartbeat sensors.
SitRep          - Detect enemy explosives and tactical insertions.
Last Stand      - Fall to the ground and use your secondary weapon until you bleed out.
Bling           - Two primary weapon attachments.

Extra Custom Class Slot:
Reach level 70 in multiplayer and enter Prestige Mode to unlock an additional custom class
slot for a total of six.

Complete the Ghillie in the Mist challenge to unlock different camos (ghillie suits) for use
with your sniper classes:

Artic camo  - Get 50 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.
Urban camo  - Get 100 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.
Desert camo - Get 200 one-shot kills with sniper rifles.

Complete No "Russian" on Veteran Without Playing It:
Beat No Russian on any difficulty and select it a second time. Choose Veteran this time and,
when the level starts, choose to skip it. The level will be marked as complete.

Reviving yourself:
During multi-player games and spec. Ops missions, you can revive yourself by holding F if 
you have been wounded badly and are about to bleed out. It does not always happen, but is 
worth a try. The glitch also sometimes will give you a new weapon when you get revived.

Shepherd comments in "Endgame" mission:
At the end of the final mission when you are supposed to kill Shepherd with the knife, 
after the helicopter crashes, stand next to him, but do not kill him. After some time, he
will begin to say things such as "You know killing me won't change anything" or "You're a
good warrior", trying to persuade you not to kill him. When you must follow Shepherd and 
attempt to stab him while dazed, do not go near him while he lays against the car. He will
say one sentence at a time, slowly, and his final sentence will be "But you were never 
willing to do what must be done" or something similar. Note: If you get too close to 
Shepherd, he will knock you against the car. If you are too far away, he will cut the
speech short.

Hidden challenges:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding challenge. 
These challenges will not show in the barracks. 

* Never Forget: Get hurt by an enemy, survive and backstab the same enemy. 3,500 
  experience pts. 
* The Loner: Get a 10 killstreak with no killstreak rewards selected. 2,500 experience pts. 
* Infected: Get knifed by an enemy wearing this title. 1,000 experience points. 
* Living Dead: Survive in Final Stand long enough to get back up. 1,000 experience points. 
* Click, Click, Boom: Kill an enemy with C4 while you are in Last Stand (not Final Stand). 
  5,000 experience points. 
* STD: Transmission Complete (Knife an enemy wearing this title). 5,000 experience points. 
* The Numb: Take enough damage that would normally kill you with Painkill active. 
  0 experience points. 
* ...With A Vengeance: Avenge a fallen teammate. 0 experience points. 
* Martyrdoh!: Kill an enemy who is priming a grenade. 0 experience points. 
* Ninja: Defuse a bomb right after it is planted while the planter is still alive. 
  2,000 experience points. 
* Sidekick: Get three kills with your secondary weapon in one life. 1,000 experience points. 
* Renaissance Man: Get three kills with three different weapons in one life. 1,000 
  experience pts.
* Radiation Sickness: Get nuked by the enemy. 1,000 experience points. 
* 6fears7: Select killstreak rewards requiring 7, 8, and 9 kills and earn them all.
* Hard to Kill: Get 2 kills while in Last Stand or Final Stand. 500 experience points.
* The Avenger: Avenge the death of 3 teammates in one life. Unknown experience points.
* Point Guard: Most assists in a game. Unknown experience points.
* Martyr: Get a kill with Martyrdom grenade. 1,000 experience points.
* All Rounder: Complete all other challenges. Unknown experience points.
* The Edge: I, II, III: Get the Game-Winning Killcam 5, 10, and 20 times. 
  1,000 experience points, 5,000 experience points, 10,000 experience points.
* Hijacker: I, II, III: Steal 10, 50, and 200, enemy crates. 1,000 experience points, 
  3,000 experience points, 5,000 experience points.

Rust: Invincible pipe:
At one end of the map is a short length pipe sticking out. If you climb in it, you cannot
be killed by kill streak explosions (for example, air strikes, Predator missiles, AC-130,
etc.). The only time it can kill you is if it goes directly into the pipe. 

Hidden face on sniper lens cover:
Enter multi-player mode and hold any sniper rifle with its primary scope. Start running in
any direction, as long as the sunlight shines on the back of it. You will see a green 
frowning face with its tongue sticking out, like the one you can receive in your accolades.

Bailout: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare reference and 8-bit Captain Price:
Start a Private match and find the indoor arcade with the tilted televisions and staircase.
Locate the bathrooms across from the vending machines and look off to the right. You will 
see an arcade game labeled "Modern Warfare" (a reference to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare).
If you look to the bottom of the machine you will see an 8-bit version of Captain Price 
that is styled the same way as Mario (from Super Mario Brothers). The differences include
Captain Price's distinguished muttonchops, hat, and clothes.

Easy Cold Blooded Pro perk:
Create the following class:
Primary weapon: Any light machine gun (except AUG HBAR) with extended magazine attachment. 
Secondary weapon: A launcher (not the Thumper or RPG7x2) that can heavily damage a Pavelow. 
Equipment: Tactical insertion. 
Special grenade: Your choice. 
Perk 1: Scavenger. 
Perk 2: Cold blooded. 
Perk 3:Your choice. 
Death Streak: Your choice. 

After you make this class, host a private match or a split-screen match. Make sure that
your friend has a class with Hardline, and the Pavelow as one of their Killstreak rewards.
Allow your friend to kill you enough times until they have their Pavelow. When their 
Pavelow is out, use your rocket launcher to hit it. If it is not destroyed the first time,
use your Scavenger perk to get more rockets. Immediately after the Pavelow starts to spin 
out of control, take out your light machine gun and rapidly shoot at it. Each bullet that
hits the spinning Pavelow will count a toward Cold Blooded Pro. By doing this, you can 
easily earn Cold Blooded Pro within a five minute match. 

Unlimited claymores:
Put on the Scavenger perk and use claymores. You can put one down and when it kills
someone you can scavenge his body for another. You can also scavenge when you already
have one down, get another, and place it somewhere else. You can only carry one at a 
time but you can put down as many as desired. It works best to hold up in a room. Every
time someone comes through it goes claymore, scavenge, set, and repeat.

Unlimited grenades:
When using the One Man Army perk, equip a grenade launcher to one of your guns. After 
you run out of grenade, use One Man Army, select the class you were just using, and you 
will have two more grenades for the tube. Also, everything else will refill. 
Repeat this as many times as desired.

Submitted by: jonathan roman

How to do the elevator is easy you crouch or prone depending on what kind of elevator it 
is keep moving left until you find a spot were you cant stand and keep moving in and out.

Wasteland: Easy kills:
Go to Wasteland on a online multi-player game with a Sniper class set up. The Pavelow,
an air strike of any kind, and sentry gun is recommended, along with the thermal scope
and tac. insertions. Go to the area where the house is next to the graveyard. Do not 
go in the house. On the opposite side of the house away from the graveyard is a white
wall with a mounted machine gun. Crouch behind the wall and move around until you can
just barely see over it. Watch the area around the house. Enemies will frequently run
by. Pick them off as they do. You can get enough kills for kill streaks, then let 
them do the rest.

Estate: Enter the ceiling:
In multi-player mode, get on the railings on the top of the stairs. Back up as much as
you can, then sprint then jump in the northwest corner and you will be in the ceiling.

Breach And Clear: Easy Veteran completion:
Try to have two players for this trick. Before breaching the wall, grab a Striker and
an AA-12. Once you breach, run to one of the sides with the AA-12. Keep running and do
not stop killing enemies with one shot. Once you get to the part with the Riot shields,
switch to the Striker. Run towards the shielders while firing. Almost every time when 
you use two players, one person will get to the hole and the other will either get to 
the exit or go to bleed out. If you bleed out, crawl past the enemies. You cannot die 
and have about two minutes to drop to the bottom.

Defeating Juggernauts:
The most difficult way to do this is to unload on them with your frags, stuns, and 
ammunition, but even then they do not always die. There is an easier way if you have 
a Thumper. Try to hit them in the head with it. This strategy is still difficult, but
you can conserve ammunition. If you cannot seem to hit them with the Thumper, an even
easier way is with a sniper rifle. About three to four shots in the head will take care
of him. Almost every Special Op with a Juggernaut also has a sniper rifle.

Easy online tactical nuke or high kill-streak:
This trick requires lots of practice. It is difficult, but us easier than running around
trying to get kills. First, make sure you have two classes available. 

-=Class 1=-
Primary         : gun of your choice, and have the grenade launcher attachment.
Secondary       : One-man Army. 
Equipment       : Claymore. 
Special grenade : Your choice (Stun recommended). 
Perk 1          : One-man Army. 
Perk 2          : Danger Close. 
Perk 3          : Your choice. 

Set up Class 2 the same as Class 1, but with C4. Note: If you are trying to get a nuke,
it is recommended that you use the kill-streaks Harrier strike, AC-130 (or chopper gunner)
and Tactical Nuke. Join a match (Domination recommended) with your Class 1 selected. Find 
a room with one entrance close to a flag. As soon as you enter, plant a claymore hidden 
by the door or ladder. After that, switch to your Class 2 and plant C4 on the claymore. 
Then, use the grenade launcher to get kills out the windows, while getting to cover if 
some tries to hit you with a grenade or rocket launcher. If you run out of grenades for
your launcher, use One-man Army to switch to Class 1 to get more. If notice that you get
a kill from your claymore and C4, replant them. Very rarely will you only get a hit marker
because of Danger Close and you are using two explosives.

Terminal: Easy kills:
Enter the plane, either going up the raft-like object or from the hallway inside the
building. Go to the front, where the pilot would normally sit. Crouch in the left corner
against the wall so no one can kill you through the windshield. If someone else comes in
the front without noticing you, knife them. Otherwise, just shoot the people you see in 
the hallway coming to the plane. Never look through the doorway. If you do and there is 
someone there, they will shoot you and most likely you will not have enough time to react.

SOCOM reference:
In the "The Only Easy Day Was..... Yesterday" mission, when on the oil rig you will see
a TF-141 person named Jester holding an scoped M14 EBR. This is a reference to the 
original SOCOM, where one of the missions was to re-capture an oil rig held by terrorist
who planned to blow it up. Jester was the squad's Marksmen in SOCOM, hence TF-141's Jester
having a rifle.

Highrise: Get on roof:
Spawn on the side with the big "KREIGLER" letters. Go to the other side of the "KREIGLER"
letters. You will see a hanging window washer container. Jump off the map towards the 
container, and land on it as if it wa ladder. Wait for a moment and make sure your 
character is attached to the container. Move up (as if climbing a ladder), then walk on
the scaffolding to the other side of the building. Jump into that container, then onto 
the roof. You have now successfully made it to the roof. It is best to have a tactical 
insertion when playing in multi-player mode.

S.S.D.D.: Easy "Three star" rank in the pit:
There is a way to complete "The Pit" in Spec Ops or Campaign mode to get "three star" 
or "Veteran" recommendations. When starting, replace the M4A1 with the ACR Holographic.
The holographic allows more precise accuracy, which takes off seconds of your actual 
time in the campaign. Switch the Desert Eagle pistol with the M9. If you run out of 
your automatic rifle ammo during the run, the M9 has more ammo to shoot before reloading.
Start the mission. During the run, never stop moving, even when you aim down your sights.
When shooting the cardboard enemy, only use one shot so you do not have to switch to your
pistol. When you keep moving at all times, it saves you a maximum of 5.7 seconds. When 
campaigning, accuracy saves. 3.2 seconds. Not switching to your pistol saves 0.7 seconds.
This added together, without shooting civilians, can also result in completing "The Pit" 
in under 30 seconds.

War Driving: Easy completion:
There is a way to get easy kills in "War Driving" on Special Ops. Instead of starting
the laptop intel transfers in the closest house on the left, begin in the second closest
house. This is the closest house on the right where the one sentry gun is found. First, 
put the sentry gun on the right side of the house where it is not in the doorway of the
enemies. For weapons, get a Striker with or without RDS and the SCAR-H with RDS that 
you begin with. Set up claymores near the doorway and have the Honey Badger (your armored
vehicle) attack the house. Stay prone behind the counter where you can only see the garage
way in and start the transfer. The sentry gun should take out 90% to 100% of the enemies 
that come through the front door. Use your SCAR to take out the ones near the driveway. 
If a flash bang goes off, switch to the Striker and keep shooting until the white 
disappears. Its bullets spread out BBs like a shotgun. Repeat until you do the transfer.
Refill your ammo at the drop off, then go to the house across the street with the sentry 
gun. Have the Honey Badger attack the house, set up claymores, then start the transfer.
After you start the transfer, quickly run up the stairs and get prone. Move back so 
that you can only shoot those who go up the stairs. They will eventually disrupt the
transfer. Go from prone to crouched and use the SCAR for enemies you can see in the 
house without moving. Then, stand up and repeat. Switch to the Striker and kill any 
leftover enemies in the house and resume the transfer manually. If the sentry gun 
survived, take it or go to the last house where there are two sentry guns. Place them
near but not completely in the two doorways and get prone close behind the desk where
the laptop is found. This the hardest house. Select the side which you think has more
people coming through, and use your SCAR as you are prone. Use your flashbangs. You 
can restock on grenades and flashbangs when you refill your ammo at a drop. When an 
enemy flashbang comes through, use the Striker and hope you shoot the correct doorway.

Playing dead:
Equip the following in online/multi-player mode: Sniper rifle (requires the suit this 
provides), any secondary weapon, throwing knives, stun grenades, Perk 1: Marathon, Perk 
2: Cold Blooded Pro, and Perk 3: Ninja Pro. Find a high traffic area and lay down. After
doing so, repeatedly switch between weapons. This will make the enemy think that you have
been shot or blown up. Because of the perks you equipped, they cannot see a name above 
your head or see you on the map. Wait for them to pass, then get up and kill them. 
Then, lay down and do it again.

Safe Shooting Spot in Museum:
You have to go to the middle room, where there are all the vehicles. Once you are in 
that room, go straight ahead, up to the f-16 airplane. Go behind the plane and crouch 
or go all down, just behind the little buildings under the plane, you will see through
the one that is all on the right side ( if you turned around and look at the front door).
Enemies can't shoot you if you are behind the small house, but you can shoot them, so 
it's an easy way to finish the museum mission.

Easy earning 3 STARS in SPECIAL OPS under VETERAN diff.:
Submitted by: McCtavish

you might feel difficult playing VETERAN difficulty. but there is a technique in each & 
every sepcial op.

there is a ammunition stock at the begining from where you start to the right.& there is 
a HEART BEAT SENSOR shotgun straight ahead on a chair outside the window from where you 
begin.see the enemies location through it & throw grenades to thier location.when your 
grenades get empty refill from this way you can kill 3 to 4 enemies at a 
time without engaging them.
there is a special method in throwing grenades. hold G for 2 to 3 secs & then release.
this gives enemies no time to react. as soon as the grenade gets near them it explodes.
holding G for 5secs or longer , you die.

swap your shotgun with the striker before you breach.thereare two sectors as you get in 
through the breached hole.charge kill every one on your level with striker. dont remain 
stationary,be motile even when you are reloadling striker.dont proceed to second sector 
without taking the ones in the will be having only one flash grenade under 
veteran diff.this is what takes you home .in the second sector throw this FLASH grenade 
behind the cupboard shaft which is infront of you.behind this there will be enemies with 
riot shields.dont kill them . stun them with your frag gren. & run to the end with glory. 
if any one is in your way use meelee.
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