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Blair Witch Volume 3 Elly Kedward Cheats

Blair Witch Volume 3 - Elly Kedward

Cheat Codes:
Hit [F10] and enter the following cheats:

Code              Result
godgames        - God Mode.
giveall         - All Weapons.
IWORKFORGOD     - God Mode.
BIGHEAD         - Big Head Mode.
GIBNPLENTY      - Gratuitous Dismemberment.
T2000           - Terminator Skin.
GIVEMEFAITH     - Restore Health.
NOD3D           - Invisibility.
HELLFREEZEOVER  - Freeze Enemies.
MEDIUMRARE      - Get Crossbow.
GOODTIMESMAN    - Get Dynamite.
BURNYOURASSOFF  - Get Flamethrower.
SMILEYNOMORE    - Get Elephant Gun.
SUNOFGOD        - Get Charge Radiance Emitter.
RECHARGE        - Restore Flashlight Battery.
ICANSEE         - Night Vision Goggles.
WWBEWARE        - Get Silver Bullets.
VAMPBEWARE      - Get Lith Bullets.
DEMONBEWARE     - Get Mercy Bullets.
ISUCK           - Easy Difficulty.
IRULE           - Hard Difficulty.
COMBATISSCARY   - Easy Combat.
INSTANTCRASH    - Crash The Game.
THUNDERSTORM    - Create Storm (Even Inside).
SNOWSTORM       - Snowflakes Fall.
FLAMEONASTICK   - Flaming Ammo.

Switch between firearms and spells as you kill the seemingly endless supply
of undead that attack you in the woods. This ensures you won't run low on 
either mana or bullets. 

Find a spot in the woods where the undead keep popping up and kill 'em one by 
one, then walk over the remains to retrieve vials that boost your health or mana.
You'll also find that 18th-century zombies frequently drop pouches of bullets 
after being sent back to the world of the dead handy, eh? 

After blasting a stick-figure "twana monster," grab the blue crystal that drops
to the ground to prevent its resurrection.
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