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Atomic Bomberman Cheats

Atomic Bomberman

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by:Dj Simo

Abort Losing Round:
Immediately press [F10] if your character is destroyed to keep the round from being
counted out.

Campaign Mode Select:
Submitted by:Dj Simo

At the player selection screen press C, C, C, C, C

At the main menu, hold [CTRL] and press E six times. A level editor options screen will
appear. In the directory where the game is installed, go to the data folder. Open the 
sound folder. In it are picture of one of the creators as well as secret themes.

Bonus graphics:
Enter the "data/sound" directory of the game to find hidden graphics of the game's 

Bonus themes:
Enter the "data/theme" directory of the game to find Windows 95 theme files for the game.

Hidden Pictures and Themes:
Go to the data folder and open the sound folder. In it you should find hidden pictures of 
Kurt, one of the creators. In the theme folder you will find different themes for your PC.

Custom Game/Messages:
Open the Interplay directory and under data/res, find the file "valuset.res", open it with 
word pad, or a text program. With this file you can edit the game. For message changing, 
just open the Interplay folder and find the file "messages", again, open it with a text 
Note: Always make a back-up of your game when editing files.
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