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Zaxxon Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

To kill the robot at the end of every second level, fly at 2 1/2
units (in other words, with two blocks of your altimeter filled 
in and one at halfway). Shoot 6 shots at the robot's missile, and
you will kill it quickly. If you miss, either dodge the missile, 
or keep firing and you can still blow up the missile. However, you
get less points for hitting the missile while it's in the air. 
Flying at an altitude of 1 1/2 will allow you to hit ground targets
while making their shots go harmlessly under you. 

Shoot airplanes on the ground: it will reduce the number you need 
to kill in the space scene. If you shoot all the airplanes in space
you will get a bonus. On the levels in outer space, start up the 
highest point on the upper left and start shooting immediately. You
should be able to hit the satellite right away. If you miss, keep 
moving to the left and keep firing. This works for the second 
satellite also. This is important in later levels because it is 
possible to run out of fuel in space: if you hit the satellite, 
you will get some back. 

There are only two levels that repeat. The first air fortress level
never gets much harder: use the same pattern for it. On the other 
levels, only the gaps become narrower. Always keep firing! This way
you can see if you will make it through the gaps, and you can adjust
your height as needed. On the outer space levels, you can tell if 
you're at the same height as the enemy planes by watching the color
of their canopies. If the canopy turns white, you're at the same 
altitude. This makes it much easier to grab the 1,000 point bonus
for destroying 20 enemy planes, as well as to avoid their shots. 
On later levels you will lose fuel quickly. Make sure you hit as
many fuel tanks as possible. If you run out of fuel you will lose
a ship.
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