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Zany Golf Cheats

Zany Golf

Cheat Codes:
To get to the secret level, make it to the last level (energy). 
There is a mouse hole where two eyes appear occasionally. When 
the eyes turn red, putt the ball into the hole to warp to the 
secret level, 'Mystery'.  

To get unlimited strokes:
S100 FFFF 8A 84 F4 59 3C 01 F5

MOV AL, [SI+ZZZZ]               Write down ZZZZ
CMP 01


MOV [SI+ZZZZ],AL                ZZZZ is obtained from above

This provides unlimited strokes WITHOUT affecting total scoring. 
Therefore, if you do hit the ball 49 times on the energy hole, 
it shows up on your score card.
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