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Xeno Assault 2 Cheats

Xeno Assault 2

Submitted by. David K

Use the super beam:
Fire only when needed to keep your super beam charged up. Use the
super beam to wipe out hordes of enemies at once.

Keep moving:
The more you move, the less concentrated the enemy shots will be
at any one spot making them easier to dodge.

Star Beam 2000:
This weapon travels through all enemies in a straight line, damaing
them equally. When firing try to hit groups that extend quite far
upwards, and shoot in short bursts (full version only).

Photon Wave Laser:
This weapon travels through enemies, doing very high damage. However
it has a very limited number of shots, make sure you have lined up 
perfectly for your shot before firing (full version only).

When collecting this you are completely immune to harm. Why not make 
full use of this protection and ram your enemies, they'll die real 

How to beat final boss:
This boss is very large, has huge firepower and can withstand a large
number of hits from even your very best weapons. The only way to have 
hope of surviving this foe is to save up the maximum amount of one of
the better special weapons. Star Beam 2000 is probably the best. 
Destroy the turrets immediately, don't worry about the main parts very
much. Once the turrets are gone you will find the boss much easier to
handle (full version only).
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