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Warzone 2100 Cheats

Warzone 2100

Cheat Codes:
Press t, type one of the following codes and hit [Enter] during

NOTE: requires 1.01 beta patch (available at

Result                                       Code 
Toggle mission timer                       - time toggle  
Kill all enemy units on map                - get off my land  
1000 extra power                           - show me the power  
Unlimited power                            - whale fin  
Mission skip                               - hallo mein schatz  
All active research completed              - work harder  
All units twice as powerful                - double up  
View frame rate and graphics engine data   - timedemo 
Kill selected units                        - kill selected  
Toggle between snow, rain, and clear skies - john kettley 
Easy difficulty level                      - easy  
Normal difficulty level                    - normal  
Hard difficulty level                      - hard  
View game compilation date                 - version  
Display programmer message                 - carol vorderman  
Units almost indestructible                - biffer baker  
Stronger units                             - sparkle green  
Toggles screen shaking when unit explodes  - shakey 
Display game speed                         - how fast  
Unknown                                    - mouseflip 
Unknown                                    - demo mode 

WarZone 2100 -HeX-Cheat-

1. Go to the savegame directory of wherever you installed Warzone 2100.

Here you'll see your savegame file "divided" into to small files.

2. For the savegame you want to change, choose the file with the ".gam" 
   extension. example, "game1.gam"

3. Using a hex editor, change hex values 52, 53, and 54 to FF. 
   Don't forget to save your changes!

4. Viola! You should now have well over 16,000,000 power! 
   You'll probably only need to do this once in the game! 
   I've done it once to start a new game, and have thus far 
   encountered no problems--well, except that the computer won't 
   let me build any more units! This combined with the 
   "" cheat creates an almost unstoppable force! 

Warzone 2100 - GameTips -

Tip 1
The scenarios are filled with lots of base assaults and very nested 
defenses. As soon as you get the chance, create an artillery group 
slaved to a sensor vehicle and use it to bombard static defenses. Have
an antitank group close at hand to protect your artillery when the AI 
charges out to kill the artillery group. 

Tip 2
Defending against assaults is the other big scenario challenge. When 
you establish your new base area at the beginning of each of the three
campaigns, start building up defenses slowly around your main base, 
around oil wells, and at natural choke points. Build when you have 
the extra resources lying around and keep doing so, because you will
need the added units eventually. 

Tip 3
Learn how to use the dreaded clock timer to your advantage. Stop just
short of the scenario victory condition and let your resources pile up
as the clock runs down. You can also use the time to build up your 
forces and defenses. Just don't wait too long and blow the mission.

Getting Rank & Fuel in Level One:
In the PC version of Warzone, mission one has no timer so you can lets
the game build up oil over night. But even better-you can have your guys
build up rank. The second and third base will constantly send out troops
if you stay near it and do not destroy the factory, power generator or 
oil derrik. By constantly rotating my troops I know have 10 specials, 1
hero, 30 Elites and a few veterans.

Double Wall:
For a sturdy and effective defense follow these instructions:

1. Build a line of bunkers (not moaters).
2. Build a hardcrete wall just behind the bunkers
    (you could put in hard points they don't hurt!).
3. Put a line of guard towers behind the wall.
4. Build another hardcrete wall behind the towers.
5. Build mortar pits 2 spaces behind the wall.

Note: For a surprise put cyborgs in-between the 2 walls (but leave the
towers) this works cause when the enemy breaks through the wall they 
come pouring out discouraging further attack.

Say Hello to Artillary:
Build ripple rocket enplacements grondshakers ect at a safe postion 
outside the enemy base (with a few hardpoints and AA sites just incase) 

Base/SA Missile Attacking:
When attacking a base that has SA missiles, don't just go in right away
with a VTOL squad - no matter how many you use. You might get away with
it, but it will claim enourmous resources for rebuilding the lost units.
Usually you could not see all the SA missile bunkers, so you would know 
what you started when it's too late.

That Spare Time:
Don't ever finish your mission with a lot of spare time. Instead, use 
the spare time to research artifacts and to fortilify you base.

VTOL Strike:
The Warzone 2100 manual does a good job of informing you that VTOL 
aircraft can strike at anything. Its high speed also makes it ideal
for reconaissance purposes, but here's a use that is not mentioned 
and easy to overlook: Recovering artifacts via VTOL from enemy bases.
This is simple to do, and can be done while placing only one unit at 
risk! It is especially easy if all of the AA defenses have been 
eradicated and you want to recover artifacts before taking down the 
anti-tank defenses.

Mobile Defenses:
Build a few vehicles with the heavy weapons you would use as ground 
installations, they are mobile and cheaper than the structures. They
have limited use though so dont replace your base with vehicles. they
do a good job of defence until you have something better than machene

Destroy Long Range Defenses:
When you have tech level 3... With VTOL, destroy long range defenses in
enemy base (mortar, bombard, howitzer...), start destroying energy 
generator to stop oil production for a while. In this time, prepare 
a cyborg transport, 4 laser cyborg, 4 scourge cyborg and 2 repair 
cyborg. Send the transport and cyborgs near the enemy base (behind 
is better) and start destruction... For easier use create two groups
with cyborgs: 1 with laser, the second with scourge.

Debug mode:
Start the game with the -[render mode] -[resolution] -imacheatingscallywagger
command line parameter (for example, -fullscreen -1024x768 
-imacheatingscallywagger). Then, press [Shift] + ? during game play. 
The message "Debug mode enabled" will confirm correct code entry. 
Press one of the following keys to activate the debug function.

Result                                           Key	
All research, weapons, structures, etc.         - A
Remove scroll limits                            - J
Kill selected unit                              - K
List all commands                               - M
Give templates to player                        - N
Toggle visibility                               - V
Lower tile height                               - W
Demo mode                                       - Y
End mission; no effect in Skirmish mode         - [Ctrl] + B
Show unit info                                  - [Ctrl] + E
"God mode" like sat uplink; may not always work - [Ctrl] + G
Recalculate lighting                            - [Ctrl] + I
Toggle fog                                      - [Ctrl] + J
Toggle mist                                     - [Ctrl] + K
Toggle fog color                                - [Ctrl] + L
Add mission-keep or end mission                 - [Ctrl] + M
New player game power (4000)                    - [Ctrl] + N
Debug screen                                    - [Ctrl] + O
Unlimited power                                 - [Ctrl] + P
Toggle weather                                  - [Ctrl] + Q
Complete current research                       - [Ctrl] + X
View frame rate                                 - [Ctrl] + Y

Submitted by: deepak

In the first mission there is no timer,so increase the game speed by 
pressing cltr+(+) till 20 so yur power will incerase rapidly.
when it gets high enough make factories.. etc and units. After thet let
the power increase till yur desired level. And then go to the next level.

Submitted by: Kuky

Start game with parameter "--cheat",while in game press shift+backspace and use next 
ctrl+o = debug menu
ctrl+g = god mode
other ombinations with ctrl are less important but you can try them,also you can press 
just button without ctrl but then effect is diffrent.

How to complete game without units:
Submitted by: KukY

Units are boring.After some time they stop working and always get stuck and drive into walls.
Here is how to get rid of units and complete game with only structures.

1.Start game in debug mode.
2.Turn God mode on.
3.Press ctrl+O.
4.Click on Struc.
5.At enemy bases place defensive structures.
  I recommend plasma cannons and gauss cannons.
  plasma cannons can shoot on veeery long distances but they can't shoot if target is too close 
  so place plasma cannons at your base and sensor towers at enemy bases and plasma will go to 
  enemy bases and destroy it.But be careful because enemy will destroy sensor towers in a second 
  so place about 20 of them.
6.when evreything is destroyed place unit on your enemy base to pick-up artifacts.
7.You could done this with get off my land cheat but it is more interesting this way.
8.If you click on Feats instead of Struct you could place even oil resources.
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