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World War 2 Gi Cheats

World War 2 Gi

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Nate

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes.

Result               Code
God mode           - ww2god 
All Items          - ww2blood  
Level skip         - ww2level  
Display frame rate - ww2rate  
Full map           - ww2showmap  
No clipping mode   - ww2clip  
Debug mode         - ww2debug  
Mad cow mode       - ww2matt  
God mode           - ww2ryan 

* Save your game often. Because it's very easy to die in this
title, and you never know what tricks you'll come up against, 
make a habit of saving every time you clear a region of enemies.

* Master the left/right strafe move. Using a mouse to turn and
keys to move forward/backward and strafe left/right works very 
well. The AI gunners seem to have a problem hitting you if you 
zigzag back and forth. 

* Enter any new corridor or room with caution--always assume 
there is an enemy there. If you're entering a dark hallway,
shoot first and ask questions later. You'll often hear the 
sounds of a falling German trooper in the dark. 

* Watch out for mines. They come in blue and green variations 
and can be very hard to see on the ground. Use a grenade to 
trigger the mines in any areas that you need to cross.
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