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WpnFire Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: royston
Submitted by: RM

Enter one of the following cheat codes at the starting menu. 

Code              Result
ownitup         - Invincibility 
rockedinface    - Unlimited ammunition
runforrestrun   - Super fast Speed Firepower all wpns in Adventure Mode
firepower       - All weapons in Adventure mode
pwnagesince1337 - Double damage for sniper rifle
savemejebus     - Slip around everywhere

Submitted by: Marshall

On the cheat code screen, type 'savemejebus' and you'll slip 
around EVERYWHERE!!!

Easy Knite Slayr mode:
Run all the way to the right (enabling the runforrestrun code 
is recommended). Keep running and you will not go anywhere but
the Knites cannot hit you. While still running, shoot at them.
Remember to run to the right.
Once you get to the next stage, repeat the process.
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