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Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008 Cheats

Worldwide Soccer Manager 2008

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: boneK

Real players:
Due to licensing some National Teams don't have proper players (Germany for example)
To get rid of this go to: 
"C://Program Files//Sports Interactive//Football Manager 2008//data//db//800//lnc//all" 
once there copy the file entitled "fake.lnc" (You may wish to put it in a safe place 
as backup if needed) then delete the file "fake.lnc" and when you start a new game 
the countries effected will have the proper squad.

All this file does it put a "mask" on the national teams effected and once you remove 
it will get rid of the mask.

Easy wins:
Create a custom player and add them to your opponents team. Select "Quick Tactics". 
Set all of your opponent's players to attack. Place an arrow from the goalkeeper to 
the striker. You should win easily.

Recommended players:
Search for a team called Poli 21. They have lots of excellent players who are very 
cheap, and they score quite a few goals. Also, try the following players.

Kevin Doyle (Reading) 
Robbie Keane (Tottenham) 
Kasper Schemichael (Man City) 
Elano (Man City)

Great players for low league teams:
when starting a new season as a BSP league team, you can get great players good enough
to play in league one.all you have to do is go to player search, customise the search
putting the age at. at most 28 then select nationality then choose france the you will
find people at between 22 to 28 who play for french lower league teams and you can sign
them for free without compensation. when offering contract offer 100 pounds more than 
they ask so you can beat competition from other clubs. When choosing leagues you have 
to choose only the first french league not Lower.

April Fools:
If your computer's clock is at April 1st and the in-game clock is at April 1st (i.e. 
2009/2010 season at April 1st), then you will receive a message stating your board is 
willing to offer you $500 million in transfer funds and a new season. When accepted, 
it's revealed to be a little April Fools joke from Sports Interactive.

Good Striker:
To get a good striker as man utd loan out FRAZIER CAMPBELL to WALSALL for a season or 2 
when i did this he was scoring in every game and gettin player of the month frequently 
aswell. when he comes back he should be a good player to keep hold of. message me with 
what you think about this tip thanks.

Championship Tactic:
Submitted by: Cheatsbook
Here is a good tactic for Hull City, i was 24th in the Championship and with this tactic 
i got 8th in my first season.


-Have the Am with arrows going to Dmc.
-Have the 2 cm going to the Amc.
-Have the Side mids going up like the Cm's.

Attacking Instructions:
-Play Attacking
-Have Lots Of Freedom
-Have Short Passing
-Time Waste Often

Just do what it says there it dosent matter how attacking you need to go. 
Hope this Helps people who are struggling in the Championship.

Money Earner:
A nice way to earn some money for your very poor lower league club.
Arrange fixtures for the reserve and youth teams against other high profile reserve and youth 
teams. For some reason a friendly against Barcelona B brings in the same amount of money as a 
friendly against Barcelona A would and if you use your Reserve team the opposition will not 
request a feee for their participation.
This was especially useful in the Blue Square South with Bognor Regis. Neither the reserves 
nor the youth teams played in a league and were therefore free to play friendlies all season. 
I tried to organise friendly leagues as these bring in the most money and always invited the 
reserve or youth teams of the clubs that appeared on the 'major clubs' pages. Within a season 
I had a bank balance of 4'000'000 and started the next season with a transfer budget of 
1.2 million.

Fan Days:
Although you do not choose when you get a fan day it can benifit you a lot.
What it is used for is smaller club who want to expand their support. They will let people
come in and watch a game of football for free therefore hoping they will enjoy it and pay to 
come back and see the team again. Make sure you put up a good performance and an entertaining
match or they will not want to come back and it would end up being a waste of time.

Easy money:
Use the following trick to make money as well as develop players. First, put a player on the
Transfer List that CPU's teams are interested in. When they make an offer, reduce it to 0, 
then put a buy back clause of 1,000. Scroll down and enter a clause "After League Appearance
- 1" then increase that to the amount that they offered. Once the player makes his debut for
the team, you will get the money and can then buy him back for 1,000. Note: This is especially
useful for youth players, as it allows you to earn money from them while being able to get 
them when they develop for almost nothing and also saves the wages.

Recommended players:
Search for a team called Poli 21. They have lots of excellent players who are very cheap, 
and they score quite a few goals. 

Recommended players:
Try the following players.

Alan O'brien (good winger left) 
Alexandre Pato (well known but still a wonderkid) 
Alonso (CM) 
Andrea Luci (expensive to get but worth it) 
Andres Guardado (Mexican left winger, needs season to settle) 
Andy Carroll (Newcastle) 
Branamir Kostadinov 
C. Ronaldo (RM) 
Chris Hogg (good center half) 
Christian Nazarith 
Cristian Zapata (Strong defender, has a tendency to do a Titus Bramble every so often) 
Daniel Alves (RB) 
David Murphy (quality left back) 
del Horno (LB) 
Elano (Man City) 
Emilio Nsue (Malloroca) 
Essien (CM) 
Ever Banega (next big thing of Argie football) 
Evra (LB) 
Fabregas (CM) 
Fillip Morais (amazing attacking right, left, or center) 
Henri Saivet (wonderkid like Pato, fast) 
Hiquain (CM) 
Igor Akinfeev (keeper but have to spend money to get him) 
Javi Matinez (wonderkid but not that rated as should be) 
Joao Moutinho (good for first season if you create a team. Then sell him to a villa, etc.) 
Jonathan De Guzman (versatile midfielder) 
Kasper Schemichael (Man City) 
Kevin Doyle (Reading) 
Lewis Stevenson (good left back or left center midfield) 
Maatiaz Fernadez (plays for Chile, rotation attacking mid) 
Malouda (LM) 
Matthew Spiranovic 
Merouanne Zemamma (great midfielder) 
Modric (CM) 
Petr Cech (GK) 
Rafeal Sobis (ST) 
Ricardo Montolivo (creative midfielder) 
Rio Fierdinand (CB) 
Robbie Keane (Tottenham) 
Robin van Persie (LM) 
Rooney (ST) 
Sergio Aguero (pacey striker, usually hits net, bit of an Anelka sometimes) 
Steven Fletcher (quality striker scored 35 goals in 45 games) 
Tevez (ST) 
Vidic (CB) 
Villa (ST) 
Yaya Toure (CM)

Easy wins:
Fire your old assistant manager and get the best one possible. Do this by going to "Search"
on the tree menu then click "Staff". Make a plan on where you want to come in the season and
in the next three seasons. Decide who you are going to release and your main transfer targets
for that season. Try ti get the teams morale up and work on that.
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