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Wizard & Warriors Cheats

Wizard & Warriors

Unlimited Gold: 
Here's an easy way to make money, and all it takes is a little bit of 
your time. Create as many characters in The inn as you can, add Them
to your party with one of your regular party members, and delete the
newly created characters. Your party regular will receive all of their
starting gold: 200 gold pieces per character.

Get Lots of Gold:
Create a bunch of characters and add each to the party. Take the money
from them and delete them from the party.  Repeat as needed.

* Keep an eye on party balance. An Oomphaz is strong, but very slow. 
  Maybe a Gourk or a Dwarf would be a better warrior option. On the 
  Wizard front, a Whiska might be a stouter companion than a Pixie 

* The game doesn't feature a Reroll button for character creation, but
  you can still opt for better stats. Just be sure to back completely
  out of the process to do it. 

* When negotiating the difficult leaps and climbing portions of the 
  game, it's best to use the keyboard. It'll give you the precision 
  you need. 

Get Lots of Gold.
Okay, get six characters, got to town, pool gold to any player except
the first one. Leave town. Go back into town, Go directly to the inn,
pool gold to the first player, remove all characters but the first 
player, then add all players back to the party and pool gold again, 
your money should double, this will continue to add the same amount of
cash until you do something other than this trick, if you go somewhere
or buy something you have to start over again. But as long as you remain
in the inn and continue to remove characters and add them back, it will 

Unlimited hit points:
Get access to fourth level Vine magic, and learn the spell Toughen. Leave
the town and cast it on the desired character. Cast it as many times as 
you have the Mana to do so. Next, re-enter the town. Note that the Toughen
symbol on the character's portrait is gone, yet the extra hit points remain.
Leave the town again. You will have full Mana, and can repeat the trick 
again until you get 999 HP, even with a Warlock or Wizard.

Extra Guild rewards:
Complete a quest for the desired Guild. Return to the Guild to get your reward.
Quickly and repeatedly click on the character that completed the quest followed 
by any other character in your party. Keep alternating between both characters. 
If done correctly, the Guildmaster will award your character with extra Guild 
advancements, gold, and experience for the same quest this way. 
Note: Do not leave the Guild until the Guildmaster has completed speaking. 

Unlimited gold:
1. You can create up to 18 characters at the beginning, and each will start with 
200 gold. Make those characters and add them to your party. Then, take their 
money and delete the characters. If you have the time and patience, you can 
get as much gold as needed.

2. Go to Ishad N' ha and go to the pawn shop. Induct your rouge into the Thieves 
Guild, then accept the Dragon Arrow quest. Find Torin (in the Shire) and give 
him the arrow. Then, go back to the pawn shop and collect 1000 experience for 
completing the quest. After this is done. go back to where Torin was and steal 
from him until you get the Dragon Arrow. Go to the pawn shop and sell the arrow 
for 1600 gold. You will be able to buy it back for only 200 gold. Repeat this 
as many times as needed.

3. Create two characters in the inn. Put them both into your party. Then, exit 
the inn, and give as much gold as you would like to the second character in your 
party. Re-enter the inn, and remove only the second character (the one with the 
gold.) Then, add them again to your party. Have your first character (that was 
not removed from the party) pool all of the gold. Once again, remove the second 
character from your party. Add the second character again, and have the first 
member of the party pool the gold again. Repeat this as needed. 

Each time you add, pool, and remove the second character, your first character 
should receive as much gold every time as you had originally given your second 
character outside the inn. For example, while outside the Inn, you give the 
second character 1,000 gold pieces. Once you re-enter the inn, and remove the 
character then add him/her back into the party and pool your gold, you should 
receive 1,000 gold every time. Note: You must give the gold to your second 
character outside the inn, then re-enter, or you may lose all of the gold on 
the removed characters. You can also leave town, then pool the gold to a 
character, save the game (just to be safe to ensure to prevent any loss of gold), 
then return to the inn. Then, do the remove, add, pool, remove parts of the trick.

4. Join the Fighter's Guild, buy a magic arrow or bolt. then sell it. The cost 
of buying magic arrows and bolts is much cheaper then the prize you sell it for. 
This gap gets even greater when joining the Dojo and buying a magic arrow there. 
You can buy for 250 gold and sell for over 1000 gold.

Running under Windows XP:
To run the on Windows XP, install the full installation. Once installed, browse
to its folder, and right click on the "townavi" folder. Choose "Properties" and 
uncheck the "Read Only" button. Then, open it up. You will need a program called 
Virtualdub, or a program which saves .AVI files uncompressed. Start Virtualdub 
and open up the first .AVI file, which should be "townhub1". Then, select "File" 
and choose "Save As Old". Replace the one in the folder. Do the same for the 
remaining .AVI files. Remember to save each one to their original names as 
listed in the "townavi" folder. Note: uncompressing those .AVI files will add 
an extra 200 MB in the installation folder. Make sure you have enough space 
before uncompressing them. Once finished, click on "wiz& warriors.exe" to play 
the game. Note: Due to the release of the game, and thus Windows XP, the game's 
codecs for the .AVI files are outdated for Windows XP to understand. 
Uncompressing them will allow you to play the game once again.

Infinite Money:
When you are in the town inn and create a party, you can pool gold to one of 
the characters who will then have 1,200 gold pieces. It is important that you
do not take this "Pooled Gold" character out of the party. It should always 
say "Out on Adventure" for that character. When you re-add the newly created
characters to the party, you will discover that they all have 200 gold pieces
again! Pool Gold on the same character that you pooled gold on before -- 
another 1,000 gold pieces. Remove them, then re-add them and Pool Gold. +1000!
Repeat until you are swimming in money.
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