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Wild Wild West The Steel Assassin Cheats

Wild Wild West - The Steel Assassin

Cheat Codes:
Quickly press [F2] [F11] [F2] [F11] during game play. Then, type any of the
following codes followed by [F3] to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect                                Code
1000 hit points for West and Gordon - zeus
Full health                         - heal
Bandages                            - bandaid
Colt .45                            - addcolt
Rifle                               - addrifle
Electrogun                          - addzap

* Be sure to check slain bad guys for much-needed items such as bandages, ammo,
  and other handy objects. 

* Keep an eye on how much ammo you have remaining in your current weapon, and 
  always reload before you leave one scene and enter another.

* Remember to use all the gadgets aboard the Wanderer. If you leave the 
  train for West's second mission without checking out the info Gordon
  has assembled on the Bull, for instance, you might not be able to 
  solve a crucial puzzle.

Chess board puzzle solution:
Refer to the board as a battleship board. 

Then, click on the horse symbol

All weapons:
Type kill them all during game play.

Broken Hope - guys in office:
Once you've entered the office, you quickly realize that the two guys in there
will eat your lunch if you don't act fast. Better than shooting it out with 
them is to fool them into leaving. They believe that at noon something bad will
happen. There's a clock in the room with you.		

Best weapons:
Among the best weapons are the electricity gun and the gas gun. The disc gun is
cool and can be useful at a distance. Ignore the six-barrel shotgun. The rifle 
and pistol are your workhorses.

Try walking inside the henhouse in the back yard of Surratt's Tavern.

Broken Hope - guy on the roof:
When you escape from jail in Broken Hope, you can get quite a long way without
firing your weapon. Your main problem at first is the guy on the roof. Find a 
way out of the Sherriff's Office so that he can't see you, then find a way to 
cross the street without him recognizing you (hint: he is well above you, so 
all he'll see is the top of your head.) Then you can find a back way into the
saloon and use something there to neutralize him.
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